Lake WinnepeSPOOKah- 4th Family Vacation at Lake Winnie 2018

I love being able to share my family's adventures with you guys. This year for the very first time we got to go to Lake Winnie for the Lake WinnepeSPOOKah event and had an absolute ball. There was such a difference in this year's trip compared to all the others. We have always gone in the summer months, usually July.

Check out our past four visits.

I'm going to start with how much we love Lake Winnie. This has been our family's vacation destination for the past 4 years. I was looking through our old pictures and really, this is the only place we have gone every year. The kids love it so much, so do us grown-ups. It's awesome for the whole family. It's easy to navigate, even for our disabled family members.

As always we were greeted with the smile and went right in. We had to stop for a picture with the gorilla in green glasses.

Aron spotted the first stop where I should Park my broom. HAHAHAHAH  I definitely had to take some pictures with that for proof that it did exist. Private parking for the good witches!!

The Halloween theme over Lake Winnie was so much fun. There were both full of skeletons out on the pond and spooky characters walking around with all the decorations and the lights it was definitely a night to remember. We even got to see a flash mob of dressed up dancers that would pop up throughout the whole park. I love the photo op props all around the amusement park.

This year we got to go with Aron, myself, Cassie and her best friend since school was back in session already. We weren't sure what to expect since we have only gone during the summer months in the past. It was so much fun!! I think I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time!

Another first for us this year where the funnel cakes. They had to have been the best funnel cakes I have ever had. They were tall, green, and could have any topping that I could ever imagine on top. So bummed out we didn't get pictures of the funnel cakes, they were good!! We even got each kid a memorabilia cup with a zombie on top. We count as kids too don't we :).

Every time we go we stop at the carousel cafe for dinner. We all have our favorite snacks too. But this year for Lake WinnepeSPOOKah, there were fall inspired dishes like Brunswick stew (witches brew), apple nachos,  hot chocolate,  roasted corn, and more!

We sat at the picnic tables by the lake and enjoy the lights, the chair lifts, and even the magic show that was live every hour. The magic show uses live audience members to make it that much more entertaining.

Throughout the whole park, there were decorations that made the atmosphere that much better. The graveyard and witches spoooookyyy!!

A new feature to us is The Legend of Wet Winnie sign. It's written so well that the kids let me read it to them, without wandering off. You know it has to be entertaining to keep two teenagers with phones in their hands, occupied with a sign.

We had so much fun this year at Lake Winnie and Lake WinnepeSPOOKah, we definitely want to go back!!

I would like to thank Lake Winnie for inviting us to spend the day with them. We had so much fun! If you would like to check out the Lake Winnie website, it has a listing of all of the rides, height requirements, food, restrictions, and everything else you might want to know while planning your trip.

2018 Lake Winnie Trip (this post) 


Aron on the Carousel

Lake Winnie Love

The girls at the motel

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