VIM & VIGR Help Us Celebrate 3,000!! Fashion Socks and a Giveaway!!

I want to start this post by saying thank you to all of my awesome readers. Because of you, we are publishing out 3,000th post on Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews. To celebrate this amazing milestone, we have partnered with  VIM & VIGR for a giveaway and we have a few other surprises coming throughout the month!! Scroll to the bottom for the giveaway!

2 of you (our awesome readers) will be able to choose their favorite pair of socks from the Fall/Winter line! That's a total retail value of $72. Check out the whole selection of their Fall/Winter line.

For those of you, like me that can't wait for the giveaway to end, take 15% off the new line now through September 30th. Use code "15FB4BB7" at check out.

These socks offer mild-moderate compression (15-20 mmHg) - appropriate for all day, everyday wear.

Weaving style and quality into therapeutic threads, our legwear helps people from all walks of life take on their day while looking good and feeling great. - VIM&VIGR 

Have you ever wondered if socks are an accessory or a necessity? I have to say both, Yes to Ac-cess(prize)! I just wrote that as I said it.  I mean, no one wants to have frostbite on their toes but 3/4 of the year, accessories all the way!

Maybe it makes me a weirdo but I always notice peoples socks or lack of. I notice if they match or at least came from the same pack. Yes, you can tell. When I was growing up one of my mom's friends even had to specify if it was a left or right sock. I had no idea that there were a left sock and a right sock in a pair. 

All that being said, have you heard of VIM&VIGR? It's a compression legwear brand that has many awesome colors and styles to choose from. I love the awesome patterns. And don't think because you might have a wider calf that they won't fit. Not true, they have wide sizing too!

People have a tendency to think that just because compression socks are used as a medical treatment that they can only be used as a medical treatment. That's not true. They are great for blood flow and energy but they're perfect for everyday wearing.

Anyone can use compression socks to keep their legs from becoming tired and achy. Believe me, being a waitress is tiresome. My legs get so tired by the end of my shift every day on a regular schedule but even worse when I have to pull a double shift.

Seriously, anyone that is on their feet for long periods of time would benefit from compression socks. Athletes use them to help energize their legs and increase blood flow. Travelers are recommended to use compression socks to help with blood flow. My legs always swell up when we visit the family on a 14-hour ride each way. Not to mention the firming look they give claves. My husband uses compression socks because he has diabetes. There are so many medical and non-medical reasons to use compression socks.

Thank you VIM&VIGR  for celebrating our 3,000 post milestone with us!!

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If you can't wait for the end of the giveaway, check out the Fall/Winter line and get them for 15% Off through October 15th (they love us and extended it!!)

Check out all of the awesome Fall/Winter collection on VIM&VIGR! Browse their social channels to see what their latest releases and deals are!

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