Themed Mini Hand Sanitizer Bottles With Candy Themes

Traveling is coming back to us! We get to enjoy the fresh air hit a few shops along the way. Even though we are starting to get our lives back to the new normal, we have to be as safe as possible moving forward. We cannot forget the things we learned along the way.

Over the past year and a half things that we already knew about are the things that are literally saving our lives. Hand washing and hand sanitizer when the water isn't available is the best way to control germs and keep us all healthy. We keep hand sanitizer with us everywhere we go. I have some in the glove box, in my purse, in all the kid's backpacks, on the shelf by the door, you name it, it has hand sanitizer available for everyone that wants to use it. Better to be safe than sorry! 

We just got to work with Flex Beauty Labs Themed Hand Sanitizer. These are the cutest 1 FL Oz travel-size flip-cap bottle with limited-edition silicone holders. They are offered in a 5 pack for $14.99. You can refill the bottles or replace them when they are empty. These are perfect for any and every outing and the prints are great to fit anyone's style. 

They sent me 7 different styles of bottles to share with all of you. Check out the varieties below that I received. There are more combinations on Amazon. 

  • Dark Green Air Heads with a red balloon and the brand logo
  • Lime Green Warheads with the brand name and face logo
  • Dark Blue Dippin Dots with the green logo and orange dot
  • Red Icee bottle holder with the Icee cup and logo
  • Red Chupa Chups bottle holder with a yellow and red logo
  • Purple Mike and Ike bottle holder
  • Pink (corral) Smarties brand logo bottle holder
The holders are made of silicone and have an adjustable pull-through tab to make it easy for them to hook right onto anything. It's the strap with balls on it to pull right through so it stays securely and can be removed whenever you want to take it off to refill or replace the hand sanitizer bottle. They are so convenient to have everywhere you go. 

I love all of the prints. These are all familiar to my generation and to my kids. I remember specifically every single one of these brands from my childhood! 

You can find Flex Beauty Labs Themed Hand Sanitizer with the Margaritaville prints in a 5 pack too! 

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