A Sure Fire Way To Bring The Spark Back- Lolly Vibes

Trying to find fun stuff for couples to do at home can be a tough task sometimes. I am constantly looking for fun stuff to do for us that isn't boring or one-sided. We like different things so finding the common areas can be even more tricky. One thing we like is games. I just got the Lolly Vibes board game for couples. It looks like so much fun!

Have you ever went a full day without kissing your spouse? I mean, not counting good morning, hello/goodbye, or good night but a whole day without the passionate stuff? When I was younger and heard people talking about that, I thought it might be an after 70's thing. That surely, every day is filled with as much passion as the honeymoon. HA! That's funny!! People get tired. After being together awhile, going to bed is actually going to bed, to sleep.

So, why not make special time a little bit more special. If you have issues with distractions or focus, put all of that aside and play a game. I think this game is a great way to bring the spark back. With a game like this, it makes our time unpressured, and it so much fun. Really, when you don't know what to say, read the card. Who knows what may happen...

What is Lolly Vibes?

Lolly Vibes is a fun game for couples. I think it breaks the ice and creates a great way to bring up a conversation and a romantic and fun atmosphere.

What comes in the box

This box comes with the complete game. No batteries are needed. Him, me, a game, done!
  • Plastic Liner for Cards
  • Playing Field
  • 270 cards
  • 10 Mission Cards
  • 20 Bonus Cards
Winning The Game

This is so much fun! In order to win the game, you have to win the cards during gameplay that make your combination on your mission card. 

Playing The Game

The "Playing Field" is super cute. It's a spinner board loaded with symbols. When it's your turn, spin the dial and choose the card that the arrow lands on. Simple right? The added fun comes in the two icons with a dress, yes, those little buggers mean lose an article of clothing. That's where it gets interesting.

When you spin and draw your card, no peeking, hand it to your partner and let him/her read it to you. If you get it right, you get to keep the card. If you don't have the answer, you can skip your turn. Remeber, the first person to build up their mission wins.  

This game seems like it would be fabulously entertaining with a bottle of wine. 

The categories for the questions/tasks are Sensations, Reflections, Relationships, and Competition. For each category of cards, there is a male and female set. There are bonus cards that give you a reward from the other player.

With all of the mentally exhausting things like running a household, a full-time job, dealing with kids and pets, parents health, and everything else that comes into the picture, it's hard to find intimacy sometimes. There is stress, headaches, kids, you name it, ANYTHING can ruin that special moment.

Taking a little bit of time with the one you love and playing a game, can really get the spark, sparked. One of the cards that are in the relationship category has the task of " Kiss me like you want to be kissed".  That can be such a blessing to a relationship. The passion that's in a kiss, that can be a whole game changer.

Another card says Make me breakfast in bed within the next 3 days. This makes time away from the game to continue to grow the love. I love this game!!

I think this a great couples game. This would make an awesome gift idea for friends on their anniversary, or anything really. This is a  couples-themed game for 18+.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly.

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