Super Cute Grey and Black Diaper Bag by AeroBaby

The Womb to Walking gift guide is getting more and more impressive by the day. I love all of the companies that have got together with us to show off all of the awesome products. This one is really cool too. The Diaper Bag by AeroBaby / Messenger Style Tote w/ Adjustable Crossbody Shoulder Strap is the perfect all around diaper bag. It's light weight and easy to manage.

It comes with all of the basics to cover daily use like going to the babysitter or day care, shopping, and the park but is also a great size to travel with. There is plenty of room without being too bulky. 

The adjustable strap is so convenient. It has the shoulder pad on it too so even with it all the way full, it won't be too much strain on the shoulder or on the bag. I love it. Something else that is very nice is the stroller straps. This is nice because not all strollers have a basket underneath and this makes for easy reaching for everything. It hooks right over the handles to keep everything conveniently right next to you. 

The pockets on this bag are great for storage and keeping everything organized. Both the front and back have full sided pockets. One side has a full side top to bottom and side to side pocket with a snap closure. The other side has 2 pockets side by side. The inside has, even more, pockets!! 3 elastic-top pouches and one zippered pocket. The sides of the bag have nice deep pockets also. That's perfect for bottles. It has 10 pockets total

The bag comes with a matching changing pad so public restrooms and benches are not so scary. This gives you a nice barrier between the little bundle of joy and the surface. It wipes clean easily so even accidents are prevented! 

This will easily hold all of the baby necessities and more. 

I received this for a reduced price to facilitate this review. If you have any questions for Amy or Aron, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We love hearing from you. 

7 Points to Consider before Selecting the Wedding Venues in Toronto

Finding the perfect wedding venue is no less than a daunting task. Some venues are too expensive, while some doesn’t match your requirements in terms of capacity. Some venues are too far to reach, while some don’t have bookings available for the date that you want.
One needs to be very careful while selecting the venue, because you cannot simply afford to let anything go wrong on the most special day of your life. So, if you are seeking one of the best wedding venues in Toronto, which ideally match your inimitable requisites, then, here are a few vital points to consider.
Location and layout of the Venue

First and foremost, it's vital that you consider the location of the venue as it should be easily accessible to everyone, and if it's not easy to reach, then you would have to figure out that how would you ensure that your guests reach the venue. Also, check the layout of the wedding venue to ensure that it offers apt space and the best layout for all the wedding functions and ceremonies.
Transportation and Parking
It is one of the points which most of us tend to overlook. Ensure that apt parking space is available outside the venue, public transit access is there and also consider the other important transportation consideration.
Creative Use of Google

If you are in a dilemma regarding a wedding venue, you can type in the name of the venue in the google with the word wedding, like “Byron Bay + Wedding”. Then, click on search and then click on “Images” to scroll the pictures taken during different weddings on the same venue to get an idea that how would it look after the decorations, and does it matches your expectations.
Ensure that the capacity of the wedding venue is ideal from the perspective of your guest list. The venue should not be too big or small.
Work out your budget in advance before beginning the hunt for the wedding venue, so that, you can easily eliminate the expensive venues from your list of shortlisted ones. This will help you in arriving at a decision much easily and avoid disappointments later.
Check Out the Local Wedding Blogs

Not just that wedding blogs are an amazing source of information, but they are also very helpful in finding the right venues for the weddings. These blogs have detailed reviews about most of the local wedding venues. Also, most of these blogs feature the most beautiful weddings, so you can easily check these venues in their full glory.
Check The Restrictions
There are some restrictions in the wedding venues, and these restrictions may vary from venue to venue. Thus, before finalizing the wedding venue, ensure that you check what restrictions are there on the venue, and what you cannot do in the wedding.
With these imperative points, you can surely select the right venue for your wedding and make it a memorable experience for your lifetime.

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Womb to Walking [email protected] Health Products

[email protected] Ovulation Test Kit 

This is so awesome. It is everything in one kit. Planning a baby can be some really tough stuff. It can be harder than some people think. There are certain days that are better than others. There are so many things to take into consideration. 

With the [email protected] Ovulation Test Kit, it comes with 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy tests. It's so awesome that this technology is available at home. Without having to go to the doctor every time or keep up with a calendar that may or may not be accurate. 

With these strips, it will be easy to tell when your body is functioning the way you want it to. And the 20 pregnancy strips to know when the magic has happened. 

When my youngest daughter was big enough to start asking questions about babies and where she came from and HOW DOES THE BABY GET OUT OF THERE!! We devised a plan. At the time, my sister was with child and it made it super easy. She was far enough along that her belly button popped out like a little button sitting on her tummy. 

We told Cassie that that was the baby button. When the baby was ready the doctor would push the button and the baby would come out. Satisfied with that answer, she continued with her day. That worked until she was 8 or so. Her cousin told her that she was in the delivery room when her brother was born and that Cass was totally wrong. 

Even though Cassie knew the truth in all of its beautiful confusion, she never confessed to knowing any different. She is 11 now and still talks about the baby button and laughs. 

Unfortunately, cassie has never had the opportunity to really experience having a little brother or sister to come along. The magic of hearing the baby's heartbeat. With our friends planning a baby, Cassie is so excited. She will be able to experience all of the stuff that she couldn't with us. 

We just got them an [email protected] Pocket Fetal Doppler to go along with the [email protected] Ovulation Test Kit

[email protected] Pocket Fetal Doppler

This doppler kit comes with everything they will need to hear that precious baby grow and develop. Being able to hear things like heartbeats, hiccups, and movement. I think this is so amazing.

The handheld monitor comes with its' own cradle to charge it. It comes with all of the wires and even the earbuds. It's everything that they will need. It is really one of the most thoughtful products I can think of to an expecting mommy. 

[email protected] has so many amazing products to help with healthcare at home. I love working with them. 

One that we picked up for Aron is the wrist cuff blood pressure monitor 

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Beat/Pulse Meter Function

 This is exactly what we needed! Aron has high blood pressure and I am not comfortable getting an accurate reading off of our standard manual set. We just got one but I don't understand fully how to read it. I am working on it but, I was just not getting it. This is a precise reading and so much easier than a cuff that pops off his arm every time.

The Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Beat/Pulse Meter Function is awesome.

The push button operation is easy to use. What I like most is he can use it on his own if I am busy and he can save his own measures. This is a 1 person operation where the old one is a two person operation. The case is perfect for travel and storage when not in use. This is so convenient. It's ready to use out of the box there is no calibration, set up, or anything. All I had to do was put in the batteries that it came with and use it. Set the date and done. Just turn it on and use it. I love the way I can record up to 60 measures with easy access.

We reviewed a very cool thermometer 
I received these products for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]/

If you would like to see some of the other awesome baby products in our Womb to Walking Baby Gift Guide please click the button to the right or the link HERE.

We love hearing from you. If you are a company looking to be featured or a reader looking for something specific, please let us know.


Easter Basket Stuffers: Magnaflex by Wowwee

We are so excited about our new relationship with WowWee. They are an amazing family company that has exceptional toys and robots for all ages. I am so excited to be showing you some of them this year. Starting with Magnaflex Bendable, connectable, magnetic strips. You might have seen them on TV. I did and was super impressed!

These Magnaflex kits aren't just your regular run of the mill magnetic building pieces. They are shaped to bring to life all kinds of creations. This means limitless hours of fun for alone time or playing with friends.

The sets are for 3+ aged kids. They can play and learn together. I love watching my daughters play with my nieces and nephews because they are all learning from each other.

An awesome announcement! We're hosting a giveaway with them!! Please check back soon to enter to win your very own set!!

How They Connect...

These pieces have a few different ways to make them work which is really cool to me. It makes them so much more appealing. It's not a single sided - one way- type of thing. The ridges in the sides form a zipper with other pieces. The teeth make a nice hold to secure them into place. The magnets are at the tips and in the center so they can bend into their middle and make all kinds of cool shapes!

Creativity is absolutely endless on this! Hours and hours of imagination. The two sets each came with their own awesome collection of pieces.

The Animal set came with 8 Magnaflex strips, 4 white edge black middle disks, and 2 black edge white middle disks. I perfected the owl right away!
The Rainbow Set comes with 24 Magnaflex strips, 6 white edge black middle disks, and 6 black edge white middle disks.

King of the castle.
 Fit for a Queen

Headband for the Princess

Seriously the possibilities never end!! These sets are more than just toys. These are ways to help kids communicate. That may sound like it's a far stretch but, you should try it.

More than just a play thing.

Today, Cass came home from school not so happy with her spelling test. It happens. She gives it her all but, with her dyslexia, it doesn't always show on paper. Taking into consideration her words are not as advanced as the other kids in her class, if she gets a low grade, she is sad.

We sat down talking and she didn't want to talk about the test. Everything but the test. There was a girl at school that didn't get to buy a book at the book fair so Cass put her book back and got a less expensive book so she could buy her friend one. I love this kid. She is so big hearted.

I pulled out the Magnaflex Rainbow Set and was making stuff mindless creations really just to get her hands busy. Then it happened. She was making flowers and spelled it. FLOWER. For those of you that might not know "Flower" is a 4th-grade word. My little munchkin, who is barely on a 4th-grade level had it on her mind that one of her friends could spell it and so could she, she just couldn't write it on paper without messing up a few times.

Her little hands snapped and bent as she confessed to how bad her heart was broken because she is struggling so hard to be like the other kids, She has more determination, heart, and perseverance than most people I know. I love the tools that the Magnaflex Sets have become to our family.

I received these sets for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about these products or would like to see what else is in our Easter Basket Gift Guide please click HERE.

Dryzle Auto Open Reverse Folding Rain Umbrella Review

What's that old saying about rain? "Some people Feel the rain, others just get wet". What about "April showers bring May flowers"? I think I am one of those people that feel it. I love rainy days unless, I loose wifi, satellite tv, or power :) I love listening to it on the roof, in the summer feeling it on my face and just dancing out in it!

I loved being little and dancing in the rain with my dad and sister. I will never forget the squealing, running, and sliding in the puddles. Being a grown up, I don't get to play in the rain as much as I want. I have to reserve that for special days. 

Being a grown up, I need to have a dependable way to keep myself dry in wet weather. I am here to tell you, there is nothing quite like having am amazing hair day and getting caught out in the rain. A little bit of precipitation and wind can do wonders to a 5-hour hair-do.

The Dryzle Auto Open Reverse Folding Rain Umbrella has so many awesome features. They offer it in a lot of really cool colors and patterns too. Mine is black and purple.

The "C" shaped handle offers a better way of doing things. Because of the wide "C" shape, it can easily slide over my wrist and forearm for easy managing so my hands are available to do what I need. I can carry my phone, purse, groceries, or whatever and it will also stay dry. My daughter can easily carry and manage it while carrying a project for science and keep them both dry!

It has a quick release open button that literally works in a second. I can't believe how fast this opens and how smooth!! The convenience of the "no push" opening, really makes for better usage. When I 'm done, it folds down just as smooth and fast.

There is a nice full coverage. That means I don't have to stand under it alone. It really wide enough to cover two of us at a time. It's 48 inches open. That is a huge space to stay dry under. Since Aron has been in the wheelchair, we have needed something that can keep him dry, I get that kind of coverage with this umbrella.

I can climb into the car and get my head in then close it because it pulls down to close. That also means that the water mess isn't inside the car. The water is inside the umbrella fold instead of being on the exterior. It's wind resistant design keeps me safe from even the toughest of days.

So, I have to share a special something with you, A GIVEAWAY!! I got one- you got one! I love it when companies do this!! Not only do they send me an awesome product but, the let one of my readers win one YAY! The giveaway will run from to 3/25 to 4/8.

 If you get a chance, stop by and show Dryzle some love on Facebook The Dryzle Auto Open Reverse Folding Rain Umbrella is available on Amazon for $21.90, if you have Prime, it's free 2-day shipping too :)

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

We love hearing from you. If you are a company looking to be featured or a reader with a suggestion, please let us know!

Find other awesome Easter Basket Gift Ideas HERE 

Inexpensive Watch For Men on Amazon #aposon

When did we become so digital? I still think a nice watch looks so attractive on a man's arm. I just had the opportunity to work with Apson on a White Men's Leather Analog Quartz Watch. I think this is a very handsome piece.

The adjustable strap makes for easy wearing. The strap has an extra moveable loop so the end of the strap won't poke out or get caught on anything. That is really nice concidering our active lifestyle and his wheelchair. We have to make sure that it wont get hung on it.  

 I love the band too. It's dark so it goes with everything. It really makes a great accent. The bright white face makes for easy reading even in the not so light areas. The hands are thin and easy to see.

Another great perk about the watch is it's waterproof. You can never tell when life's little messes are going to happen. A spill, puddle, or even waking up late and having to take a fast shower

The face is very easy to read. The numerals are spaced out evenly and it keeps time every well. The time adjuster is right next to the three. Just pull it out and twist. Backward and forward it's so easy to adjust. The wind is nice and tight. 

White Men's Leather Analog Quartz Watch is a $29.99 watch but it's on sale right now on Amazon for only $15.99. It's a great deal for $14 off!! It would make a great gift idea for any man!!

I received this for a discount to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

We love hearing from you!!

MP3/MP4 Player and Audio Book Giveaway

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