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Bear on The Chair Review #bearonthechair

What do you use to get your little munchkins to behave? Do you have an amazing ability to ask your child to behave and it happens? Do you use timeouts, or maybe just melt as your little unruly ruler runs wild? To be completely honest, I have experienced all of that and more with my kids. That's why I love the whole idea of Bear On The Chair.

What the Bear on the Chair is, is a little plush stuffed animal that has faces that stick to its tummy to show feelings. This is where the magic comes in. When the child does good, the bear is happy, when the child is misbehaving or not following through on chores or whatever, the bear is sad. Your little one can behave correctly to change the bear back into a happy bear.

I love this little guy. It's awesome to sit and name the bear with your child so he or she has that connection with it. Say for instance our bear named Fluffy is happy, our child would get a reward or when Fluffy is sad, the child would lose something impactful.

Stuff like this is a great way to set boundaries. Actual tangible boundaries. I know as a parent it's hard to find the right thing to do to coach your child to be a well behaved and balanced human being. Believe me!! I know sometimes kids get frustrated with rules and they want to express their free will, it is a battle at times but, Fluffy will help.

How we did it was set a few basics before presenting the bear. We wanted to make sure we were going in the right direction. Sometimes we will listen to a good argument and adjust our position. Other times we have to stand firm. It's all a part of the best job in the world.

Our basics are, straightened up the room before bedtime or no wifi the next day. We are not slave drivers but, a full toy box is a happy toy box. Dirty laundry has to be in the hamper. School work has to be made with the best attempt. That doesn't mean all A's, it means to give it your best. We think those were good to start with.

Picking out our rewards were simple, Fluffy has a good day, there are an extra 30 minutes of WiFi or picking dinner the next night within reason, we don't eat S'mores for dinner on school nights :)

So now that the ground rules are set, it's time to enforce it. You can go a few different ways about it. Sneaking the face change, and pointing out the difference, letting the child know and you show then the face change to discuss why it is happening, or making your child change the faces.

Whatever method you may use, it should be discussed and attempted to be corrected before bedtime. In my opinion, it's a horrible idea to let a little one go to bed on a negative note. Anyone for that matter but especially not a child.

This little bear can help with so many things. Understanding behavior, understanding feelings, understanding how feelings change other people's feelings and so much more. I think this is a great idea for kids gifts.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. We are also hosting a giveaway for one of our amazing readers to receive their own Bear on the Chair.

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7 Charming Sisters Holiday Gift Guide and Review

We have been working with all kinds of amazing companies for our Holiday Gift Guide this year. I am so excited about all of it! The one in this post is an awesome Jewelry company, 7 Sisters. They have an amazing backstory and so much beautiful high fashion pieces, I would love to go play in their warehouse!! I'm not too old for dress up guys, there is something about jewelry, it gets me.

They have an amazing Gift Guide featuring a great collection from all of the 7 Charming Sisters. There are affordable gifts are in the "Under $10" "Under $20" "Under $30" and "Under $40" price ranges. There is something here for everyone and on every budget. It doesn't matter if you are looking for gifts for mom or your best friends gift, you can find the best holiday gift ideas in the jewelry at 7 Charming Sisters.

They sent out a few pieces for me to review and I absolutely love them.

This is the It Takes Two Bracelet from Paula.

This bracelet is simple and elegant. It's so neat too. I have never had anything quite like it. It has a hinge in the center to open and close it, there isn't a clasp. The front is open and doesn't touch. I love this look. It's the perfect accent piece. Dressing up in your Christmas outfit or Dressing casual, it's a great accent.

Wrist size doesn't really matter either. Because of the clamp style closure, there is nothing to pinch or squeeze.

This is the Midnight Powwow Necklace from Kimberly.

This is so unique. It has 4 beautiful layers to make its statement. The topmost layer is like a choker. All of the layers get longer to the bottom. The second is a cross, the third is a long black crystal styled stone, the last a black tassel.

I would have never thought of all of these layers and charms together, I think thas why it is so beautiful to me. The gold chains go perfectly with the black accents.

7 Charming Sisters offer a free service that helps you get your style. I think that's so cool. Have you ever wanted to get someone something and you weren't sure if you were going to find something they will like? It's called the Sister Quiz. I answered all of the questions, entered my email address to receive a 10% discount, then instantly received my results. I'm a Super Mom!! I was put suggested Mellissa's Collection.

It was correct! I love this collection.

Check out of the sisters at 7 Charming Sisters and see what you like the most.

Life of The Party- Kimmie

All American Girl- Kimberly

Social Butterfly- Donalda

Sexy Nerd- Jessica

The Executive- Paula

Super Mom- Sylvia

Fashionista- Jennifer

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gifts or beautiful stocking stuffers, 7 Charming Sisters, is a great place to look. Use code A&AReivews15 for 15% total purchase excluding currently reduced items.

You can find 7 Charming Sisters on social media:
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I received these products for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about these products, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We love hearing from you!!

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from #CRESUER

When you're hands are busy but you still need to answer your phone or want to listen to music? You find the best device to use for you, right? I just got to work with Cresuer on a review of their awesome earbuds.

They have so many convenient features to be so small. I am more than impressed.

Noise Canceling
Built-in microphone
Super comfortable
Long lasting charge/Playtime

The wireless feature is something I really like. It doesn't get tangled up in hats or other clothing. This time of year, it's always nice to wear a hoodie and a wire just doesn't go with it. A wire bunches and tugs but wireless give you freedom. Freedom of style and of movement.

The Bluetooth connectivity is compatible with Android and iPhone so making my device work with it isn't a problem.

The sweat proof design means it won't slip out even when I am going my hardest.

The noise canceling is awesome for when I am in a crowded area, near traffic, or anywhere that the hustle and bustle is hustle and bustling.

The built-in microphone allows me to answer calls and use my device hands-free. It's so nice to be able to answer calls and send texts with my voice command feature.

It's super comfortable too.

The battery holds a long charge too, 3 hours!! There's no tiny cords that piggy pack off each other. They sit nestled right in their case and charge up so easy. They go right in their case and charge up,  together.

You can find some really cool gift idea on our holiday gift guide. Click the button over to the right or the button below, it will bring you right to it.

These are such cool earbuds. I definitely recommend them as a gift for any of the gift giving occasions. These are very affordable, under $60.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Making Healthier Choices With SodaStream

We have been working on our Holiday Gift Guide and I got to work with one of my "Dream Product Reviews". I try to find the best products for all age groups and categories but this one, it's all me, guys. Soda Stream!! I sang that in my head as I type it to the tune of ~Su-per Man~ So-Da Stream... It's got a beautiful ring to it!!

Ok, why Soda Stream? Well, I'm a soda drinker. I drink way too much of it. After fighting my weight down over 100lbs lost, I fell back into the fizzy caramel-colored pit that is holding me down. I have gained back almost 10lbs this year. I need to kick the habit but I don't want to give up what I love. This is the answer for me.

The prices are very reasonable too. They range from $79.99 to $179.99, there are prices and features to suit everyone.

I got the Source in black. This is so cool!!!

The Source Sparkling Water by Soda Stream cam with the Source machine and one Co2 tank. I also received two flavor mixes, Mango and Raspberry.

It's so easy to use.There is no electricity required. That is something that surprised me. I took everything out of the box and it was simply the machine and the Co2 bottle. I looked all over for a cord but there wasn't one. Then I thought maybe the packing was wrong. I don't have anything that doesn't plug into something. There was no plug, not USB, nothing.

This is so convenient and portable even. There is no excuse for me to keep sucking down all of those empty calories.

There are so many flavors to choose from. From crisp light fruity flavors to the just like soda mixes. I will really be an easy transformation for me. So much of my issue is flavor.

Have you ever really thought about the calories from drinking soda? I had a long talk with my doctor about how to make small changes in my diet to really show a difference. It sounds pretty scary as a whole but 3,500 is equal to a pound of fat. My doc said I need to have a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose one lonely little lb.

After freaking me out and then breaking it down for me, it wasn't so hard to understand. I need to consume or burn 3,500 fewer calories than my regular diet would have. I can do that in just a few days by my beverage choices alone.

A little bit of math to think about...

I have been thinking hard how to get the calories down without torturing myself. It's a lot to think about but, it's totally doable. Check out what I figured, yes, I did do this on paper, I could have used my handy-dandy calculator.

Soda Stream Mango Drops

8oz of Soda Stream Mango Drops =   0 Cal
80 servings per bottle=                        0 Cal
Total Ounces of beverage =             640 oz
640 oz=                                                0 Cal

My Favorite Soda (Dr. Pepper)

20oz Dr. Pepper=                              250 Cal
20oz/640 oz  =                                   32 Bottles
32 Bottles of 20oz Dr. Pepper        8,000 Cal

Those numbers don't lie. I can save myself and my diet over 2lbs of fat in calories per week (at least) by switching to Soda Stream. I love you Dr. Pepper but, I want my hourglass shape back. Maybe we can hang out again when I can see a difference in my hips and waistline again.

There was a time several years back I decided to give up on soda completely. I lost 29lbs in one month. That was also with a few other calorie burning tactics. but that is a lot of weight for the main thing is stopping drinking soda in general.

So, here is it, my new challenge. I want to give up drinking regular soda and pick up healthier living again. I don't expect the same results this time around because at that time I was almost 300lbs and now I am roughly 175lbs. If I can lose 10lbs before spring I will be a happy camper. My ideal weight is 160lbs.

I think this would make a great gift because it is a guilty pleasure with no side effects. We can still enjoy the great tasting drinks with the fizzy feel of soda. All of that with 0 calories. I love it.

It's very realistically priced too. The Source is only $99, that comes with the Co2 tank. A spare tank is around $30. That's awesome. I was checking out SodaStream's website and they have so many different flavors that I can't wait to try.

Keep up with their latest products and best deals online or in stores.

I received this for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Bear On The Chair Giveaway Ends 12/17

The Bear OnThe Chair Giveaway 

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One Bear On The Chair bear with chair.
RV $19.99

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What Happens When You Go to a Dental Check-up

Regular dental checkups by your dentist are one of the most important health maintenance
activities consumers can do for themselves. Your mouth can be a window into your overall
health. Dentists will, of course, check the health of your teeth and gums. They will also check for
various cancers and note other medical issues that should be followed up with your family

The following is a step by step explanation of what occurs when you go for a dental

Greet Your Dentist's Receptionist

The receptionist will confirm your appointment and all of your personal information including
current address and contact information. If you have dental insurance coverage, they will
reconfirm that this information is also still up to date and accurate. Your costs here at the dentist
will be submitted to your insurance company for you in most cases. They will let your dental
hygienist know that you have arrived and are ready to see them.

Next Step – Dental Hygienist

The second person you see during your dental appointment is the dental hygienist. They are
responsible for your regular dental care and supporting the dentist later in the appointment. The
dental hygienist will clean your teeth, check for cavities, the health of your gums, take x-rays
and note the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Review Your History

If you are taking any new medications or have changed the dosage, let your hygienist know.
Also if you have had health changes, need special procedures etc., let them know. These would
include such issues as diabetes, arthritis, pregnancy, heart issues, and any other special
requirements you may have. If you are nervous or anxious let them know your concerns. They
will adapt the care they provide to meet your needs.

Clean Your Teeth

The next step is to clean your teeth and remove any tartar buildup on your teeth and below the
gum line. They will also use floss to remove those last bits of buildup around your teeth. If your gumsare inflamed or you do not floss often, there may be a small amount of blood. Regular
flossing will decrease the buildup of tartar, keep your gums clean and reduce inflammation.

The hygienist will also polish your teeth with a tool that has a spinning head and paste that is
slightly abrasive. Your teeth will be smoother and less plaque will adhere to your teeth.
During both the cleaning and the polishing the hygienist will use a vacuum device to remove
water and saliva from your mouth. You will also be given an opportunity to rinse your mouth with
water when the cleaning is finished.

Teeth Examination

One of the most important steps in the process is to examine your teeth for cavities and gum
inflammation. They will use a metal probe and metal mirror to examine the gums and teeth. The
hygienist will check for swelling of your gums, redness, sores etc. They also look for pockets
below the gum line that could indicate gum disease which should be monitored.

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are taken at irregular intervals as needed by the dentist and coordinated with your
dental health coverage. The image will show your teeth above and below the gum line. The x-ray
is used to determine if additional care is needed.

Examination by Your Dentist

In most cases, you will see your dentist for only a few minutes. Your hygienist will make a verbal
report about the condition of your teeth and gums. The dentist will also complete an
examination. This your opportunity to ask any questions about your oral health that you may

Once you have discussed the results of your examination with your hygienist and the dentist,
the next steps can be determined. In most cases, it will be scheduling the next appointment. In
rare cases, you may need a follow-up appointment to complete additional work. They may make
suggestions for regular brushing and flossing.

A routine visit to the dentist for a checkup on a regular basis along with daily flossing and
brushing after every meal will ensure healthy teeth and gums. Each visit to the dentist will follow
the same process. Always ask any questions you have about each step and of course the
charges for your visit.

Reading Kingdom~ At home reading supplement

Do you ever feel frustrated with your child's schooling? I want to share a little personal story with you. It's how we landed with Reading Kingdom. An online reading program for kids.

Since our daughter was very little we knew there was something different. We didn't know what to do. We started with doctors when she was two. They informed us that there was something going on but they wouldn't be able to diagnose anything until she was of school age. It was going to be a long three years to wait.

We found a preschool program that tested for "at risk" kids. It was a long drive and a shot in the dark but, she was accepted into their program and they found a local preschool that was willing to help. It was nice to hear the raise of the coordinator that our child was tested so early, she had good parents. As a parent, I can't hear that enough.

She was the youngest kid in her class. She was socially developed as a child her age, she was right on target with all of her peers and advanced in some areas. Her dexterity was amazing. She didn't seem like the other kids that were in this program. Then the issues really started to show. My baby couldn't read.

Her ABC's may as well have been circles and stars, it didn't make any sense to her. Letters didn't equal sound at all. We thought there was something wrong with her eyes maybe her ears. At the same time, we had no idea what to think. We were terrified there was something wrong with her brain.

She could talk and communicate well. She had a complete understanding of what verbal communication was. She could express her feelings with no problem. She had a few speech issues but nothing that was too far out of the norm. It didn't help that she lost her hearing briefly when she was 5.

After having her tonsils and adenoids taken out, she could instantly hear again. We were so thankful.
It seemed like the older she got, the more we were able to narrow it down to her reading. We had her eyes checked and she did need corrective lenses. Only to help with reading though, it wasn't a huge correction. It wasn't something that affected her vision completely.

With all of that and all of the specialists, this little girl could still not read or visually identify her letters or numbers. This was one of the most heartbreaking things to deal with. I will never forget the day she came home and said, "Mama, why can't I learn?". It was devastating to us that there was nothing that we could do to help her. Everything we were trying wasn't working and she was trying, she was eager to learn.

When she was 6, we made a cross-country move. When she started school here, she was in first grade. Her new school was not understanding at all of the troubles she had been through treating us like we were overdramatic first timers. On the contrary, we were pro's, she is our 4th kid. But all of this was an adventure that turned into a journey with no known destination in sight.

Our daughter was placed back into a regular kindergarten class. She was a first grader and knew she was a big girl first grader and got sent back to kindergarten instead of being placed in a special reading class. That wasn't so great for her morale but she's a happy kid and adjusted well.

We told her it as a granted wish because she wanted to go back to kindergarten a few times. We didn't tell her our only other option was to put her in with mentally challenged kids.  If we placed her into a special needs program here, she would never receive a diploma. She would receive a certificate of completion, that's it. I really felt like we were badgered into agreeing to that decision.

At the end of that school year we moved to a better school district where she is still attending now. Throughout this time we had her at several doctors to see if we could diagnose why she couldn't read. It wasn't laziness. This girl is eager to please everyone. Constantly trying to do new things so the ambition was there. She wanted to learn to read. She wanted to know where we were going without asking. She loves road signs.

There was one point when my sister was conversing with all of the kids talking about homework. My niece was saying she didn't feel like reading that day, or something to that effect. My daughter asked her why. She said she wished for one day, she could read as good as everyone else. That she would read everything. Again, here I am sitting broken-hearted in tears.

Every single doctor said it was a behavior disorder. She was pegged with all kinds of labels. I feel like she was an easy target because to people that didn't know her story, she seemed like she wasn't trying and couldn't concentrate. When in fact she could, she would just try to detour when she was put on the spot because she was nervous and not getting it.

We finally got introduced to a doctor that we were told he didn't believe in medicating kids unless they truly needed it. That he was able to get to the roots of the problems to treat them. We couldn't wait to meet him. All of this was stressful for a little kid. Constantly being asked questions and the same questions by strangers. So just to ease her mind we wanted to have a doctor that let her be the one to talk. This was an amazing moment. She instantly enjoyed her appointments.

He was there for everything going on too. I couldn't believe the turn around in her. Someone to talk to her like a human instead of just family. Someone that actually listened.

When she was 9 we were able to test her again to see where she was on everything. We wanted a diagnosis to see what exactly is going on if it's treatable, and mostly just a name. Something she can name instead of herself for not being able to get it. I was happy and scared. Finally, an answer. But what if it's an answer that only gives us more questions??

It all went well. We got all of the answers we pretty much knew but we had that amazing piece of paper to back us up and not let us be bullied into any more routines. The one shocker, she is dyslexic. All these years of her struggling to learn, we have an answer!! A reason that our kid can't learn the way everything else does. Something to go on so we know what to do next. Or at least a path to take instead of a brick wall to face.

She was able to get accommodations in her classroom to have her work read to her instead of reading alone and she is doing it. Her grades went from D's and F's to A's and B's.

Fast forward a few years and she is a happy regular 5th grader. She still learns a little different but, she's learning.  Now that she is increasing at a fast rate, we want to help her along to close the gap. To get her reading and writing more on her own. With everything she has been through, she is still one of the most positive people I know.

So, all of that and here we are. I just made her profile with the Reading Kingdom. It's a reading program tailor-made for the student to get them the boost they need. She's in 5th grade but only reading on a 3rd-grade level. With Reading Kingdom, she is going to get caught up in no time.

It was an easy process to set up. I got to pick the program I wanted her to use and the device I wanted to use it on. There are options for touch screen or a mouse.

Once I had it all set up she was able to go right into her testing. The testing is a great idea, in my opinion. That means that she can start at a level that she can comprehend. It is set at her pace. That is exactly what we are looking for. She has to read every day after school as a part of her homework so this fits right into her schedule. And it's fun!!

Reading Kingdom is an awesome program for kids that need a supplement or a curriculum based program.

You can find them on their website and social media.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Dodgeball Activity Board Game from Identity Games Review

What is a gift that is gender neutral gift for anyone 8+? Board games! IdentityGames has transformed the face and hip breaking traditional game of Dodge Ball into a fun, fast-paced board game the whole family will love.

Identity Games is our 2 prize sponsor of our Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway. They have added in Dodgeball Activity Board Game and Elmo Hide & Seek. The giveaway ends 10/6 if you would like to enter to win.

Identity Games also participated in last years Holiday Gift Guide with the game Mouth Guard Challange, That game is a blast and the whole family still loves it! They have other games including Poopyhead, Who's the Dude, Crozzit, Escape Room, and more.

The point of the Dodgeball Activity BoardGgame is to get all of your balls stacked in your catcher before anyone else. The challenge is to do it without getting your players' head knocked off. The first player to fill their slot without losing their head, wins!

The Dodgeball arena has one pitcher in the center of the game. The pitcher turns at random trying to knock your players hear off.

The game is designed for 2-4 players ages 8-88. One of the features I really like about this game is it has two speeds. Slow mode is for beginners and warming up. That is a great idea to completely cut out frustration.

As a parent, I have seen small wars stem from board games and who is cheating. With the game having a warm-up speed and its own pitcher, no players are to blame for the random head chucking. That is a parents dream come true. Thank you Identity Games!!

What comes in the box

  • Dodgeball Arena w/ Players
  • 4 Dodgeball Player Heads
  • 4 Dodgeball Goblets
  • 26 Mini Dodgeballs
  • Ways to Play

Requires 3 AAA batteries- not included.

How to Play

While holding your goblet in one hand, you’ll use the other to put dodgeballs on a stick. Be careful as you place the six red dodgeballs on the stick as the dodgeball player is constantly spinning trying to hit your character. Protect your player by pushing down the lever between each rotation.

How to Win

The first player to place their dodgeballs on their stick without losing their head WINS!

I hope you like the Dodgeball Activity Board Game. If you would like to see the other awesome products in our Holiday Gift Guide please click HERE or in the sidebar under the button. There are two links, one for reviews and one for the sponsor's page. I hope this makes your shopping a little bit easier.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Top Trumps Match Games Review

Games are something awesome to share with the family. When I was a kid, we didn't have digital games yet. Those weren't until my teenage years. Our parents got s board and card games. It was fun and interactive. It made my sisters and me close and we still share a love for games.

One of our Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway sponsors, Top Trumps has both amazing categories in their store. 

The winner will have their choice of games. We received 2 of them for a review to show just how cool they are. 

These are the options to pick from for the giveaway-

DC Comics Top Trumps Match • Ages 4+ • $19.99
Join the DC Comics heroes and villains as they battle to see who can get five in a row and win the Match. With iconic characters like Superman, Batman, and The Joker, there are loads of cubes and loads of characters. This game is great for memory development and comes in a handy all-in-one unit that you can take anywhere - from Gotham City to Metropolis!

Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match • Ages 4+ • $19.99
Does your family like excitable Agnes, adorable Fluffy and Gru’s evil twin brother Dru? Join them all as Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps Match takes kids on a hunt for 5 matched characters in a row! Two players take turns to push through the illustrated cubes. Shout “Match!” when 5 of the same Despicable Me characters line up horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Emotis • Ages 4+ • $19.99
You say emojis and they say emotis. This 2017 Top Trumps Match has loads of your most used emotis from the Monkey to the Pizza. Open the Game Grid and see if you can make a row of 5 perfect matches. Will your BFF spoil your chances and lead to an #epicfail when they flip over their Top Trumps card? It’s great for strategy, memory and recognition and what’s more is it’s fun for the whole family. When play is done, tuck everything away with the all-in-one carry case.

Harry Potter Match • Ages 4+ • $24.99
The world of Harry Potter gets a brand-new game this year with Top Trumps Match! Characters include Hermione, Dumbledore and even Harry himself.  Can you match 5 wizards or witches or will your opponent take the game? With a super design that you can carry with you wherever you go – and no need to use an undetectable extension charm -- it’s the ideal game for every budding wizard and witch! Exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

Super Mario • Ages 4+ • $19.99
This Top Trumps Match has loads of Nintendo cubes and characters. Open the game grid and see if you can make a row of 5 matching Super Mario images. Like all Match games, when play is over, pack up in a pinch with the all-in-one carry case.

The games are on a stand-up board that sits in between two players. 

Top Trumps is holding another giveaway for their Assassins Creed Bundle. You can check it out on their Instagram page Official Top Trumps. I entered:)

I hope you like the Top Trumps Games. If you would like to see the other awesome products in our Holiday Gift Guide please click HERE or in the sidebar under the button. There are two links, one for reviews and one for the sponsor's page. I hope this makes your shopping a little bit easier.  

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] 

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