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Whole New Experience In Blow Drying Giveaway! 5 Winners (TRV up to $200) Ends 6/10 @HotheadsStylingTools

Deliciously Savvy is hosting a giveaway in which 5 lucky winners will receive any style of hairbrush from Hotheadshairbrush.com! These are fabulous styling tools that everyone needs in their styling tool arsenal! There are 5 winners with a Total Retail Value of up to $200 depending on the style of brush that each of the winners select. Enter today to win one of these for yourself ~ They are awesome!

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5 Lucky Winners Will Receive a Brush of Their Choice from Hotheadshairbrush.com! Depending on each winners brush of choice.... the TRV can be up to $200!

Winners Choose from:
5 Winners Total.... Brush of their choice from above!

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Hammond Unlimited: The Smart Bike on Indiegogo

Have you ever heard of an electric bike-Hammond Unlimited? This is new to me too. I saw this one and I would love to have it! Guess what that means, I'm going to get one!! This is the coolest thing I think I have ever seen as far as bikes go. The just need a little help with the launch!

See how compact it folds up! That's perfect for taking it with on road trips. Our daughter wants to bring her bike with us all the time bet we have nowhere to put it. This one would fit right in the trunk! It's offered in a few colors. Red, Black, Pink, and Yellow.

The Hammond Unlimited is the first fully loaded electric, folding, smart bike with a custom bag. Comes with:

  • X5 GPS Touchscreen bike computer
  • Bluetooth Interphone speakers
  • GPS Tracker 
  • Mini Bike bag/cell phone holder
  • Custom bike bag
There are several levels of support for this program. The  IndieGoGo program they are running right now is open and they would love for you to check it out!

Featured Listing

$1900BONUS (2.2 Inch Smart Watch)For promotional purpose, the first 250 backers of this perk will receive the 2.2-inch smart watch sample (see demonstration video) as a BONUS. This perk also includes everything offered on The Hammond Unlimited perk.Items included:Custom bike bagCell phone holder/mini bagX5 Touchscreen bike computerInterphone Bluetooth speakersand 4 more items

These are the packages that they are offering to get this project off the ground. Let me know what you think. Pretty neat huh!


Thank you
You become a family member. Your name will go in our database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual Holiday cards from us every year, Fill out survey at end of campaign with details
Items included:
Thank You
5% off online store


50 piece bike repair kit
You become a family member. Your name will go in our database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual holiday cards by email every year we are in business. Bicycle repair kit
Items included:
Thank You
5% off online store
Bike repair kit


wi-fi video sunglasses
You become a family member. Your name will go in our database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual holiday cards by email every year we are in business.
Items included:
Thank You
wi-fi video camera sunglasses
5% off online store


U.S. Shipping cost
Use this perk to pay U.S shipping cost for your Hammond electric bike. Your Hammond electric bike and accessories will arrive in 2 boxes. 1 Box will hold the bike and 1 box for all the other items included in the perk. When using this perk, please confirm your color. Thanks
Items included:
U.S shipping fees


International Shipping
Use this perk to pay shipping fee if you are outside the United States. Your Hammond electric bike and accessories will arrive in 2 boxes. 1 box will hold the Hammond electric bike, the other box will hold all accessories included in the perk. Please confirm your color when using this perk. Thanks
Items included:
International shipping


Extra battery/Charger
You become a family member. Your name will go in our database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual holiday cards by email every year we are in business.
Items included:
Thank You
wi-fi video camera sunglasses
5% off online store
Samsung 48v 15ah battery/BC
Ships Worldwide


The Hammond 500
The Hammond 500. A 26.5 inch fully loaded, folding smart bike with a 500 watt rear hub motor. Save 45% from MSRP / $2,320 You become a preferred family member. Your name will go in our database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual holiday cards by email every year we are in business
Items included:
Thank You
wi-fi video camera sunglasses
Custom bike bag
Cell phone holder/mini bag
and 6 more items


The Hammond 1000
The Hammond 1000. A 26.5 inch fully loaded, folding smart bike with a 1000 watt rear hub motor. Save 45% off MSRP/ $2,610. You become a preferred family member. Your name will go in our database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual holiday cards ever year we are in business.
Items included:
Thank You
wi-fi video camera sunglasses
Custom bike bag
Cell phone holder/mini bag
and 6 more items


The Hammond Unlimited
The Hammond Unlimited. A 27.5 inch fully loaded, folding smart bike. Save 45% off MSRP $2,755. The Hammond unlimited comes standard with a 1000 watt motor. Optional rear rack. You become a preferred family member. Your name will go in our database to receive virtual birthday cards and virtual holiday cards every year we are in business.
Items included:
Thank You
wi-fi video camera sunglasses
Custom bike bag
Cell phone holder/mini bag
and 6 more items

Check out these videos and see what all it does. 

50 You! Lingerie and a $50 Preggo Leggings gift card

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Enter for your chance to win a $50 gift card to You! Lingerie and a $50 gift card to Preggo Leggings

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Online Test Prep and Homework/ Tutoring

Do you have high school students? My first daughter is nearing the end of her high school career and getting ready for college is so much more stressful than I thought. I have been so worried about her testing and will she score high enough to get into a good college. A scholarship is very important to us.

I have been searching for online help to help with testing and prep programs. I finally found one! Caddell Prep is an online test prep program that has all of the practice our kids need. It's so crazy we have 4 kids that will be in college within the next 6 years. We have lots of practicing to do.

Caddell Prep offers three services  Online Test Prep, Free Web-Based Homework Assignments for Teachers and Students, and One-on-One Tutoring and Small-Class Test Prep (on Staten Island). I love companies show their clients they really care by going that extra mile. Face to face tutoring is so awesome. We don't live in their face to face service area but it would be amazing if we did.

The tests that Caddell Prep helps with include the following.
  • SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Tests)
  • TACHS (Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools)
  • SAT
  • SAT: Our Review of Math Fundamentals
Those are all so important. We have been pushing her so hard for the past 11 years to go as far as she can and now we are almost to the finish line!

So, what does it cost? That's a big question. Well, that's the simple part. It's only $9 a month for the subscription. What makes it even better is, there are fee parts too.

There are vocabulary flashcards and quizzes.  I like the vocabulary, it helped me bring a broader selection to my writing. This is an amazing idea to help with tutoring. Our youngest daughter is going to start homeschooling this year and it will be a great resource for her studies!!

There is also flew Web-Based math homework. That's so awesome. I have a picture posted below. Click on it and it will bring you to the Online Prep Test website to their free sample math homework. Check it out.

If you are looking for an easy way to help your kids to be the best that they can be and give them the best advantages possible, Online Test Prep is a great way to go. What our kids do in school will directly affect how their whole life goes. Getting into a good college, obtaining a degree, securing a career, all depends on how they were doing in high school.

Breast Feeding Help and Lactation Experts at AmWell #MomsLoveAmwell

My best friend is expecting. Some of you may know that already. She was the inspiration for this years' baby guide, Womb to Walking where we have reviewed some very amazing product reviews related to pregnancy and baby products throughout baby's first year.

One thing I really wanted to cover was breastfeeding and some awesome good information about that. I had the opportunity to work with AmWell (American Well)- an online based doctors office that you can do from the comfort of your cell phone or laptop/computer. It's amazing. I have gone to them before and I love the privacy and convenience of that.

Amwell Lactation Experts are available to make an appointment all the time and some are available for immediate visits which are great. I scheduled my appointment for this morning and was able to ask some really awesome questions and get professional answers. Some of my ideas were myth busted and I think that's awesome.

I was so excited when I was done with the appointment, I called my friend right away to share the news. It wasn't just a share the awesome info I had written down but, the medical professional I talked to emailed me all of the info I would be able to share for future reference.

What I love about the AmWell Lactation Experts being online in the comfort of my home is there are no surprise visits from a stranger with great intentions. That can be traumatizing to a new mom ( I was so embarrassed when one showed up at my house 16 years ago). I was engorged and a woman wrapped my boob in cabbage leaves and tea bags. It was a great adventure and she meant well but, it was embarrassing.

Some really great reasons to use AmWell include:
*Lactation consultants are not available at every hospital this addresses that issue.
*New mothers have so many questions when it comes to breastfeeding their new babies, however, not every mother is able to see a board-certified lactation consultant to help answer those questions before leaving the hospital
*Video allows the consultants to assist with latching, breast pain due to feeding issues, questions about milk supply or going back work
*Allows new mothers at any stage to get answers to their questions and issues usually within 24 hours of request.

  Interview with a lactation expert

Engorged breasts- what to do?

The most important thing to do is express the milk. Even if you have to do it by hand make sure you have something to express it into. Moving the milk so your breasts can continue to produce.

What are the signs of mastitis?

Mastitis is very painful. Some of the signs to watch out for with mastitis are flu symptoms, fever, soreness in the breasts, swelling, hot patches, redness, nipple discharge. Some of the symptoms are just like a plugged duct.

For producing milk, is food necessary to make more milk?

The expert made some great points. Making milk is one of those amazing things that a mother's body does. It really is a magical thing to me. Eat like normal and you will make the milk that the baby needs pretty much. The more milk you move out of your breasts, the more milk your body will make. 

Her example was in third world countries where women are barely able to feed themselves, they still make enough to feed their baby. It's beautiful.

*Myth Buster* Caffeine does not slow milk production. 

Are there foods that should be avoided for baby's sake?

The baby will let you know if there are things that should be avoided. Watch out for poop to change or fussiness. 

One of the best ideas that she said was to keep a food diary. That way you know which foods you have eaten that may not agree with the baby's tummy. Or other things like fussiness, not sleeping and gas are signs to watch out for.

Is it safe for mom to have a few drinks?

If a mom wants to drink a glass or two of wine, how long does she wait to nurse?

The amount of time it takes to get the alcohol through the blood to the milk is quite awhile. The body filters and cleans so by the time the alcohol gets through the body, it's not going to really affect the milk.

Drinking more alters the question.

Do the pump and dump 3 times to be safe?

If you are taking a night to get drunk or have a few more than just a few drinks, then yes pumping and storing it would be better. Pumping and dumping is a No.

The best time to nurse if you will be drinking is when you first start because of the time it takes to get to the milk. If you had more than a few drinks, you can pump the milk and store it. You can add in the non-alcohol breastmilk to dilute it but it's still safe.

What to do about working and breastfeeding?

There are so many obstacles with breastfeeding and working. It's the balance every mom has to make. But it is possible. Not every job makes it easy to breastfeed. In most places, there aren't rooms to go and sit. You may only have a bathroom to pump in and only a few minutes at that.

A manual pump is the best option for these times. You don't have to worry about the setup time or cleaning it every time like an electric pump. If you have a manual pump, you can store it in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator in between pumps and it is perfectly safe. You can disinfect it when you get home after work.

The most important thing is making sure you take the time to pump even if it is only 5 minutes every hour or so. That keeps the milk production going.

Is nursing good for all ages? Is there an age cut off that moms should be aware of?

If you are able to have a baby, you are able to breastfeed as far as age goes. There isn't any age restrictions or cautions. It's pretty cool how that works.

AmWell is a great place to find a reliable IBCLC to help you along the way. No life is perfect and there are questions. Find your answers at AmWell.

Get your breastfeeding questions answered from the comfort of your own home with a live lactation consultant. Visit AmWell to learn more.

Compensation was provided by Amwell via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends.

Hurricane Spin Broom Giveaway

Hurricane Spin Broom Giveaway
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Blogger Opp Starpath Dolls 18.5 Inch Doll Giveaway

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Hurricane Spin Broom Review and Giveaway Announcement

Cleaning up the house is something that no one likes to do. It really is back breaking work sometimes. Especially if you have kids, pets, and a job. It takes a lot of work to keep a whole house tidy. What I have just got to witness... It doesn't have to be that bad!

There are a lot of amazing products on the market to help with the workload and make lite of a big task. I have been working with BulbHead on quite a few campaigns lately I have been so impressed with the cool stuff they come up with. I did a review awhile back on a Hurricane Spin Scrubber so, of course, I was super excited about this one.

Sweeping is one of those things I can't skim. I have the kids in and out all day, leaving trails like Hansel and Gretal all over the house. Believe me, it's not necessary, our home isn't that big. The pets leave me awesome chewed up stuff and pet hair that clings to the corners that are a pain to get up.

When I sweep, I have to make contact with the whole floor in the whole house from corner to corner, all at one time or it will be pointless. The dust and hair will float to the next room and settle so I will have to do it again later if I don't do it all at one time.

You know me, yes. A solution. The Hurricane Spin Broom.

This is a super lightweight sweeper. As far as carrying it goes, I can't tell a difference in the weight of my broom and the weight of the Hurricane Spin Broom. It has a few awesome spinning brushes so I don't have to sweep.

The back and forth motion of a broom have a way to twist me up if I get too into it. With the Hurricane Spin Broom, it is an easy vacuuming motion with basically no impact on my wrist, shoulders, or elbow. It's awesome.

Getting it together from opening the box to fully put together was less than five minutes. The handle comes in 3 sections that screw together. They easily twist right into each other and it's self-explanatory. There are instructions but, I didn't need them. The top piece has a loop, the bottom piece slides into the head, and the middle piece goes in between the ends. Very easy.

This is an awesome user powered broom. There are no batteries to worry about running dead. The pushing motion is what makes the spinners go. This is a one-handed operation instead of the traditional two-handed operation that the traditional broom uses.

There is a bonus "rake" that comes with the broom. This is so cleaning the spinners won't leave a sticky mess on your hands. I love that because I don't like getting a bunch of mess on my hands. I can't get over how easy this is to use.

When the job is all done and it's time to empty the trap, all it takes is the push of the button on the back and empty it. It's a mess-less chore.

One of my favorite parts is there is no bending over to pick up the dirt with the dust pan. Do you know what that means? There is no dirt mark to chase down!

Since Aron has been in his wheelchair, he has been so limited on what he can and can't do as far as house chores. He can't stand or walk so that takes away most of it. With the Hurricane Spin Broom, he can sit in his wheelchair and still help out. Having just that little bit of freedom makes a huge difference in his morale. It makes me happy to see him be able to participate in stuff. It's been 10 weeks since the last surgery so he's been having to sit out a lot.

So would you like to hear another amazing thing about this broom? We get to give one away!! One of my amazing readers will get to have one too! Check back on May 17th through May 31st.

If you would like a broom that makes such a great help and really get the floors clean easily, check out the Hurricane Spin Broom from BulbHead. I received this for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

We love hearing from you!!