At-Home Microdermabrasion Tool by NuAcquaDerm Review

How to you feel about your skin? It's the biggest organ on your body and does so many amazing things. I tell my kids it's what keeps us water proof. It really makes them laugh when they get a skinned up knee or elbow. Our skin keeps our body safe from germs and microbes ao we need to keep it whole and clean.

That's fun for kids but as adults, we try to go a little further in our skin care. Keeping it whole is definitely a plus but keeping it looking and feeling great is even better. Let's be honest, our peers and ourselves too, see our skin, not our personality, first. I like to present myself as well as I can on a daily basis.

What are some tricks you use to keeping yourself as radiant as possible? I just got the NuAcquaDerm microdermabrasion device. It's the only patented filter free at-home device for the face and body.

Before I received this kit to review I was unclear of what this really does. So, I did a little research. My conclusion, this thing is awesome and I can't believe I HAVE ONE!! Yay!

Microdermabrasion is the process of abrasion and suction. What this device does is, it super cleans the dermis and sucks away all of the dead skin and debris from it leaving a polished look and feel. The combination of abrasion and suction make this whole kit so unique and convenient. There is no mess to clean up! It goes into the cup.

What comes in the box?

  • Waterproof, Cordless, and Rechargeable NuAcquaDerm tool
  • Fine-surface tip for face- #200
  • Course-Surface tip for face #100
  • Course-surface tip for body #75
  • Precision Tip #150
  • AC 100-240 V adapter UL/Universal
  • User Manual
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Working the tool is so simple too. It's rechargeable and has its own stand to sit on so you don't have to worry about it just laying around. It has two speeds so you can get the perfect suction for you and the area of skin you are using it on.

The head doesn't spin or anything like that. It's not a buffing tool. The diamond cut heads do all the work just by being there. The suction gently pulls the skin and I just move it across my skin. It's such a cool feeling! The heads feel like they are taking off any unwanted build up and I feel super clean after. You know that feeling wen you've used a new loofa and your body feels exfoliated? It's like that but a million times better!

As far as convenience, This is so awesome because it doesn't take up much room on the counter at all and it's really easy to travel with. I brought it with us when we went out of town last weekend and I didn't even bring the charger with me. I charged it before we left and it was fine when I got it out. It's a hand held tool so it doesn't take up much room.

The adapter breaks down and there is a really cute heart shape on a stick that props the device up. That is SO HANDY. I wish my other bathroom tools had that convenient of a stand. I would be so much more organized.

This is a once a week treatment so it doesn't take a lot of time and no chemicals are needed with it. Just the NuAcquaDerm tool. The power button is easy to use too. One click turns it on to regular power, the second click goes to high power, the third click is off.

There are a few warnings and precautions with this device so make sure you read all of the warnings before you get started. This is ao cool and I think you'll love is as much as I do.

If you are looking for the at-home convenience of a microdermabrasion tool, this is the one you need. It's clean, compact, and super easy to use!

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I received this product for free to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed throughout this post are mine alone. 

Yookidoo Gymotion® Robo Playland Giveaway!

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Why Has the World Gone So Crazy Over Fidget Spinners?

Why Has the World Gone So Crazy Over Fidget Spinners?

In the blink of an eye, it seems as if the world has gone crazy over fidget spinners. They are the cool new toys of this season and it seems that this one trend is here to stay. The internet has also ruled that fidget spinners are useful for dealing with stress, nervousness, anxiety, and other non-neurotypical conditions.
Made from metal or plastic with a center bearing and three rounded prongs which spin around it, fidget spinners and fidget toys are usually intended for mindless play while taking classes or working.
While there is little scientific evidence that playing with a fidget spinner can actually boost concentration, they seem to work great for people with mild attention disorders or as a device to relieve stress or anxiety.

Brief History of Fidget Spinners
Interestingly, the top of the fidget spinners is one of the oldest toys/artifacts of human civilization. Dating back to 5,500 years or more, these tops have been found in ancient Mesopotamian sites as well as in the tomb of King Tut in Egypt.
According to the inventor of fidget spinners, Catherine Hettinger, the idea for this modern device was conceived after she saw Israeli children throw stones at police officers. She invented fidget spinners as a way of letting children deal with their anxiety and to promote peace – a worthy goal as any.

Popularity Today
According to Google, online searches for fidget spinners began climbing this year around April. Their recent popularity can potentially be linked to the myriad of YouTube videos based on cool fidget spinner tips and tricks. These devices are now being marketed as an easy solution for issues such as anxiety, ADHD and autism, based on the premise that spinning the toy can increase focus and reduce stress.
While opponents of this trend argue that there is no scientific study to back the claim that fidget spinners can actually treat mental health disorders, it has to be noted that there has been no research conducted on the use of this device specifically. Furthermore, many other studies have indicated that fidgeting, in general, can help increase neurotransmitters which promote concentration and focus, just like clicking a pen or tapping your foot repeatedly.
Even if your problem is the opposite of lack of attention, these devices can be used to relax between tasks. For example, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and tired, the fidget spinner can be used to clear your mind and thoughts during a much-needed break. Since it’s extremely repetitive and requires no thought, it can be an effective way to ‘reset’ yourself.
What’s even more interesting about this toy is that it is a potential salve for smartphone addiction. It serves to keep your hands busy so you are not constantly tempted to reach for your phone –a habit which has become almost instinctive over the years.

The Siren Call of Fidget Spinners
It’s clear to see that these new toys have a siren call – you see people fidget spinning out on the roads, inside shopping centers, on school playgrounds, they seem to be everywhere. Once you give in and buy your very own spinner, you will become addicted.
Fidget spinners also look infinitely cooler than plain fidgeting with your belongings and can stop you from making a mess at your workstation or in the house. Remember those split ends you peel, the cardboard coasters you shred or the stuffing in your comfy sofas that you pull out through a small hole? Fidget spinners are guaranteed to stop you from fidgeting pointlessly. As proven by science, they can also increase your concentration levels and allow you to focus on the task at hand.
For instance, if you are worried about a looming deadline, but just can’t seem to concentrate on work, then taking a few minutes out to play with a cool fidget spinner can help you to clear your mind.
Like all good trendy devices, there are also a number of tricks you can learn with fidget spinners. A simple search on the internet is bound to yield numerous fidget spinner hacks and tricks which you can learn to impress your colleagues, friends, and family. Fidget spinner hacks can also become your new party trick and can be a great conversation starter.

The benefits of these devices are numerous. From being useful for children and adults with mild disorders such as ADHD or anxiety, these cool new toys can also help sharpen your focus and increase your concentration. With these, you also know you are in good company – your ancestors and their ancestors before them probably played with similar devices.
Have an irritating boss? A class you aren’t fond of? Stressed out at home? No problem, fidget spinners can be a very handy tool for stopping the build-up of stress and anxiety. They can upon occasion also be used to calm yourself down in stressful situations.

Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Gold Toe, KOVOT and RORAIMA

We all have so many great ideas of what to get dad for Fathers day but what does he really want? I have put together a list of some really cool stuff that is all kid-approved gifts for dads. They have been working hard coming up with great ideas and I have been working hard to pull it together for this list.

So you know Aron has had some serious issues with his feet and taking complete comfort into consideration, the only socks that he wears are Gold Toe (this is not a not a Promo statement LOL- he wears the white tall socks EVERYDAY). They are the only ones that fit like he likes.

Gold Toe offers socks to cover all of the activities in dad's day. Cool looking business casual, work socks, tall socks, short socks, colorful, and even solids. We love Gold Toe for their dependability, support, and flat out comfort. The hug in the right places, don't slouch and stay in place, that's a huge plus. 

We just got an awesome package from them with three different styles that any dad is sure to love. 

We love working with Gold Toe. They have different sizes for men, women, and children. Unbeatable comfort and available at so many local sellers including Target, Kohls, Belk, Macy's and more!

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For the celebrating kind of dad, what about the awesome beer mug!! We love the mugs that are personalized or special occassions. This is definately one of those. KOVOT has some of the coolest gift ideas. 

We have worked with them on special gifts before including the perfect gamer bowl for my daughter and a few more. 

This Beer Mug with bottle opener is the perfect gift! It say Dad all over it literally!! 

This is so cool because there are so many things that we want to say to dad that just doesn't come up in randam conversation. It's like the understood stuff. You're supportive, happy, kind, strong, generous and my favorite, Hero. All of that is on there. 

So what about relaxing? Dad's need to relax right? Fishing and chilling out is a great idea. The kids recently got to go on their first fishing expedition with their Grampy. This idea is for him. 

Light Weight Backpacking Reclining/Lounging Camping Folding Chair by RORAIMA. This is so awesome. It's everything that the outdoorsman needs it has so many awesome features. 

It folds up easy and has its own carrying case which is super cool.  This chair reclines and has a head rest. There are 2 cup holders. and a pouch that is perfect for the stuff he doesn't want to drop in the dirt or river. Wallet, phone, and anything else. 

The setup size is very impressive.   L59" X W22" X H29.92", the weight limit for the chair is 200 lbs. This is just a super cool gift idea that any guy will like outside! 

We received these products for free or a reduced price to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] 

We love hearing from you!!

Happy Father's Day from Amy & Aron and the kiddo's :) 

The Little Kernel Popcorn Review~ What's in your lunchbox?

We love packing lunchboxes. There are so many awesome options to make a lunch amazing. There are sweet, salty, sandwiches and soups. You name it, there is no wrong way to pack a lunch. Well, I may need to correct that, there needs to be a sandwich or some type of protein but any combination will do.

We have gotten to work with some really amazing companies and are putting together a great list of lunch box worthy snacks that will make your kids taste bro's happy :)

The first thing we've got in so far is The Little Kernel popcorn. This is an awesome treat and it's totally lunchbox worthy. They offer 6 great flavors and they are pretty healthy of a snack. Some people like to be really healthy when they snack and other people find it to be a great coincidence that their tasty snack is healthy. No matter how you snack,

⦁    Truffle Sea Salt
⦁    Sweet & Salty
⦁    Pink Himalayan Salt
⦁    White Cheddar
⦁    Butter
⦁    Naked (No Salt Added)

What I love about Little Kernel are the size and flavor. These are smaller kernels and they are easy to manage.

The flavor is very unique, I have always really liked buttery popcorn and add all kinds of different stuff to it to make the perfect snack. The Little Kernel, on the other hand, uses less and it tastes great. They use olive oil instead of butter. The olive oil adds a totally different texture than butter does to a popcorn. It's not soggy, it's still crunchy little popcorn!

If you are looking for a great snack check out The Little Kernel popcorn. You can see them on social media too!

I received this product to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We love hearing from you!!

Neat Parents Reversible Seat Protector

Full Coverage Seat Protection with one easy to use, piece.

We love traveling and spend a lot of time in the car. That being said, we get dirty messy seats and are slim organization on trips. We recently had the opportunity to work wit Neat Parents on a review of their Reversible Car Seat Protector and we love it.

We have reviewed a lot of seat protectors/covers and storage options but never a combo like this or with the features like this. I like all of it so hopefully, I touch all bases.

Reversible Option

The reversible option is amazing. It has all the options on both sides. So using the light side or the dark side, you don't lose any features. With it having both light and dark, it goes with both of our vehicles.

Full Coverage

The whole seat is covered from the head rest down to the bottom of the seat. The cover is wide enough to fit aa car seat or booster right in it. It offers straps to stay in place to avoid slipping. The seat (on both sides) has sides to keep the extras from falling into the floor.


At the bottom of the seat, there is a fold down flap that has two pouches. They are mesh and stretchy so it fits all kinds of stuff and it's right there in reach. Things like a phone, portable charger, headphones, drink, snacks, tablet, coloring supplies, etc.

Adjustable Straps

The straps that hold it in place are adjustable so it transitions easily from vehicle to vehicle. We have different head rests and it fits comfortable in both of them.

Easy Clean-Up

This wipes clean so easy. Our dogs got on it and I just dusted their dirty little paw prints right off.

This is awesome to have in the vehicle everywhere we go.

If you need extra coverage that your little ones or even elderly require this would be a perfect option.

I received this product to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We love hearing from you.

Summer's Here! I See Me Personalized Lunchbox Giveaway

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Make your child feel special every day! Send your little scholar to summer camp, school, daycare, or grandpa and grandma’s house with a special personalized lunch box. Each one is beautifully illustrated and has a small chalkboard inside the lid.

Want to know what I thought of this lunchbox? See My Complete Review HERE

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Riwbox IN5 Foldable Headphones Giveaway

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    Riwbox IN5 Foldable Headphones Giveaway

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