The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Anyone! #Bayer

I'm always on the go. When I'm not running after kids, running kids to band, girl scouts, after school programs, cooking, cleaning and the dreaded folding laundry, I'm at my desk working on awesome blog stuff. To be honest, my back hurts sometimes.

While reaching out to companies for great gift ideas, I had the opportunity to work with Bayer on a review of Aleve Direct Therapy. This is so much more targeted and easy to use than a regular TENS Unit. There are no wires at all. The unit sticks on with the gel pads and the remote is wireless too. Nothing but reliable convenience. 

Bayer's Aleve Direct Therapy Tens Device (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation) is made for sore and aching muscles. What makes it so awesome is it's drug-free. There is no worry about too much, too little, too close together or mixing it with anything else.

The gel pads that come with the set can be used 2-3 times depending on skin type and a few other factors. This can be used with other pain medicines too so you can rely on a second treatment without worrying about overdoing it. 

Something that is very convenient is, it's ready to use. The batteries are in the box. This is one of those products that you are not going to buy it unless you need it. Being able to open the box and open it immediately is a great feature. No searching through the house for batteries, robbing the tv remote batteries or making a second trip to the store, it's all right here in one box, ready to go.

The safety seal is a nice bonus. I have seen the sticker so many times on products, all the time really. This one has a fastener/rivet to keep it sealed and the pieces in place. Very nice addition to my peace of mind.

Bayer's Aleve Direct Therapy Tens Device makes a great gift idea. So many people have back pain and still have to keep pushing through. Being able to have and in be in control of something so discrete that can be worn under your clothes so much more than convenient. I know personally how much a back ache can slow a day down.

Aleve has also made it possible to save up to $10. There are a few different options for coupons and to get exclusive offers and information.  Sign up online at (24/7) or call 1-800-395-0689 (M-F 9 AM-5 PM ET)

ADT was designed so it can be worn comfortably throughout the day on the user’s lower back, and even during some physical activities (like baking Holiday cookies, perhaps)! • The 30-minute treatment is ideal for quick use, enabling users to feel relaxed, pain-free, and ready to enjoy seasonal festivities. • A wireless remote allows users to easily adjust the intensity of the waveform TENS technology, which utilizes electrical nerve stimulation to block the body’s pain signals and releases endorphins in affected areas. • Whether you’re shopping way in advance or at the last minute, ADT can be conveniently purchased over-the-counter at all major retailers. Gift buyers can pick up Aleve Direct Therapy in their annual drugstore-gift haul for just $49.99 – 59.99.

I received this for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you have any questions about this product, please feel to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]  


Learning to Bake with Handstand Kitchen

We have been gearing up and getting ready to go Full Swing into the holiday season here on Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews. I love our Gift Guide already and I have barely gotten started!! I am so excited over this set, really really excited.

Well, through other posts you may know that Aron is our chef around here. I try very hard and well, it doesn't always show in the finished product. :) If trying made our taste bro's dance and sing then we would have a concert. It doesn't and, we don't.

Cassie is following right in his footsteps. She loves to cook. She is begging for the day she gets to make us dinner all by herself. She has mastered the lunch plate and makes awesome desserts by following the directions on the box. Another talent that I lack.

We are working with Handstand Kitchen on some truly amazing kids cooking sets that any kid will enjoy. They sent us the 17 Piece Intro to Baking Set, 9 piece Authentic Pizzeria Pizza Making Set, and last but not least, my favorite for sure, Cookies for Santa Set!

Each one of these sets is the complete with the utensils for preparing the baked goods as well as the dishes included in baking them. It's so neat!

17 Piece Intro to Baking Set 

Set Includes:
Loaf pan
Rolling pin
Pastry brush, 
Mixing spoon
6 Silicone cupcake liners 
5 Recipe cards

This set has everything needed to getting started in the kitchen. My daughter loves baking and experimenting with recipes. Giving her the freedom to manage the ingredients, prepare the batter, and finally, fill the pans and bake have been so much fun. 

9 Piece Authentic Pizzeria Pizza Making Set

Set Includes:
Pizza pan
Pizza cutter
Rolling pin 
pizza server
5 recipe cards
(Recipes include dough from scratch, whole wheat dough, tomato sauce.)

The Pizza Set is a blast. We love Pizza. Making homemade pizza is something we do as a whole family. Cassie had so much fun and made her very own personal sized pizza. She said hers tasted better than mine because so much more work went into hers. 

I love the pizza cutter. She has used our regular sized one before but I hover because I am afraid she will hurt herself. This one has a cover that is easy to manage and she's not afraid of it. I love watching her confidence increase. 

Cookies for Santa Set
Set Includes
4 Cookie cutters
4 cookie presses, 
Cookie turner Frosting bottle
Mixing spoon
Pastry brush
5 recipe cards

This Set is the special one I have not taken out to show her yet.  This is SO COOL!!! I'm thinking I am going to hold this set hostage until Christmas break. All of the pieces are perfect for the Santa Cookies.

There is a special thing Cassie and my mom has, every year with making cookies for Santa. This is going to make it that much more special. With the help of Grammy, she is going to help Cassie write the recipes for her special cookies. Sugar, chocolate chip, and the most special of all, Grammy's special cookies, Snowman Butts.

I love all of the sets. I think making fun memories in the kitchen is a beautiful thing. I cherish all of my stories from the other side of the mixing bowl.  
In addition to being able to share this awesome product review with you, we are hosting a giveaway for our readers. One awesome reader will have their choice of sets as a prize. 
Intro to Baking Set 
Cookies for Santa Set
Authentic Pizzeria Pizza Making Set 

Please check back soon so you can enter to win your set. 

I received this for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] 

Happy Halloween With Brach's Candy Corn

It's Fall. What do you think of when it comes to fall and the traditions? I always think of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Having said that, what goes along with both of those? Candy Corn. I just sang those beautiful words. Yes, those little tasty corn kernel shaped yummies that make a centerpiece for a table more festive.

Brach's sent me traditional candy corn but also sent Sea Salt Chocolate , Caramel Macchiato, Apple Mix, Autumn Mix, Peanut Butter Cup, Indian Corn, Caramel, and the new ones I have never seen before Double Crunch Maple Almonds.

They are so versatile too. Using them as a decoration on cupcakes, cake, or in your hand, it all goes together. There are so many flavors now too!! I remember when I was a just a little guy, my grama always had candy corn out for us.

When I had the opportunity to share this years' awesome flavors of Brach's Candy Corn with my awesome readers, I had to do it. I was so excited. Man, they really loaded me up too. I had NO IDEA there were so many amazing flavors now. They aren't even just the standard orange, yellow, and white.

Using these awesome candies as a decoration or as a craft is so much fun. We made a few different kinds of cupcakes with yellow and white frosting and made faces and borders with the candy corn. It was really fun to share something I love so much from my childhood with my kids.

Crafts with candy corn work pretty much the same way. They work well with Elmer's Glue and hot glue. The bright fall colors make so many more idea. One thing that I think is a great idea is the extra Christmas bulbs for crafting, will look so cute filled with the mini candy corn.

Fun Facts

  • National Candy Corn Day is October 30th. According to Brach’s, those in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Kansas consume the most candy corn per capita.
  • The National Confectioner’s Association (NCS) reports Candy Corn was invented in the 1880s and started being produced in 1900.
  • According to a survey by the (NCA), 52% of people say it’s not Halloween without candy corn.
  • Another NCA survey found 46.8% of Americans believe when eating candy corn, the whole piece should be eaten at once. However, 42.7% believe it should be eaten by starting at the narrow, lighter colored tip, while 10.6% prefer to begin at the wider, darker colored end of the candy.
  • Brach’s Candy Corn is fat-free and one serving (19 pieces) contains only 140 calories.
  • The NCA says more than 35 million pounds of candy corn will be produced this year, which equates to nearly 9 billion pieces.
I received this for free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. If you have any questions about these products, feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] 

The Best Family Protector and Companion #FamilyWatch

Do you have serious concerns about the safety of your kids while they use all kinds of mobile devices to connect to the World Wide Web? Aron and I love our kids and while we encourage them to explore the world, we have always tried to keep them safe online. Yes, like many parents, we have used parental control apps on the PCs but when our kids started using a smartphone on their own, we needed a hidden mobile spy software. At first, we were skeptical about Xnspy, but now we absolutely love it!

It is a complete software. It has features that offer comprehensive monitoring. The presentation of the dashboard is compact and straightforward. Installing the software is no hassle at all, and the customer services are very impressive. The team is always available to assist and they provide detailed instructions for first-time users.

Hidden Mobile Spy Software Works on Various Devices

For families where every member uses a different device, Xnspy works on all android and iOS devices. Most importantly, it remains hidden and undetectable. Once installed on the target device, the application disguises amidst other programs. Besides, it is so small, it doesn't occupy too much space. Additionally, it doesn't cause the battery to drain too fast. The best part we feel is that it does not conflict with other background apps on the mobile. It works through a web-based dashboard, so you can monitor family members using the browser on your cell phone or PC, anytime, and anywhere.

You can monitor numerous devices from a single control panel. However, you must subscribe each device individually. What we really liked is that it is very affordable. In addition, it allows us to know the whereabouts of our kids through GPS tracking. We can also make sure they stay out of specific venues by using the inbuilt geofencing tool.

Subscription, Download, and Install

To subscribe to the app, you must visit You have different options, like subscribing to the basic ($8.33) or premium ($12.49) versions. Both are affordable, and you can subscribe to the app on the monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Keep in mind, however, that you must subscribe to a minimum of one month, and nothing less.

Once you subscribe, you will receive an email with the download link if the version is for android and jailbroken devices. Installation takes barely five minutes and the instructions are easy to follow. If you still need assistance, you can always contact customer support. For non-jailbroken devices, there is no need for manual installation. Via iCloud, you can monitor the target device.
ou will receive the link and login details to the control panel or dashboard. This is where you will find different monitoring features. We love the simple presentation and ease of access to the dashboard. Keep in mind that for the app to gather information and upload it onto the dashboard, there must be internet connectivity on the target device. You will also need an internet connection to be able to use the dashboard.

Features on the Dashboard

Phone Logs

Once you login into the control panel, you will see all the features the app offers to the right side of the screen. The first thing you see upon signing in is a concise summary of the phone activities. Once you click on the features, you will see the data. For example, when you hit phone logs, it shows all call logs with incoming and outgoing calls. You also see other options like SMS, Gmail, Contacts, Internet History, and Calendar. You can also watchlist contacts and prevent unwanted people from harassing family members.


In the messenger tab, you will see options like Viber, Skype, Line, WhatsApp, Kik, Tinder, and Facebook. Once you click on respective tabs, you will see the list of threads. Selecting any thread will display both incoming and outgoing messages. You can also see call logs in these apps and multimedia shared.

Photos and Videos

You can see all photos and videos stored on the target device through your dashboard. The best thing we love is that it sorts them into the different apps through which the target received them. For monitoring your kids’ activities, and to protect them this feature is very helpful.

Installed Apps

With this hidden mobile spy software, we could see all apps our kids install on their devices and remotely lock unwanted ones. This way, they knew we are watching and we can pull the plug if they don’t comply with our rules


This feature shows a history of places where the target device and person carrying it has visited. With geofencing, we could watch list places so that the app informed us whenever our kids when to certain places.

Call Recording and Record Surround
The app has the ability to record calls and the surroundings. We can remotely turn on the recorder and then listen to the files from the dashboard. We don’t have to hold the target device in hand each time or hide behind closed doors if we want to know whom our kids spoke to and what they said.

Remote Control

This feature comes with three interesting options, which make it even more appealing as a hidden mobile spy software. You can take screenshots remotely, lock the device, and wipe off the entire data remotely. There are numerous advantages of these options. If your family members lose their mobile devices, you can lock them and prevent sensitive information falling into wrong hands. In extreme cases, you can wipe off the entire data.

As caring parents who want to protect their family at all times, we have reviewed this app without bias. You can keep track of your spouse and kids to protect them from threats online using this app. If you have any questions about the product, or if you'd like to try this awesome product, feel free to visit their website. They have a live demo available.

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Silver Stars Bracelet Review

You guys know I love jewelry. I don't try to keep that obsession to myself. I love to share ll of the awesome pieces with you that I review. Well, all of them. Even the ones that Aron gets me. I just got a new piece in for review and I can't wait to show you.

This is one that I personally love. I will not be gifting it to one of the kids or anyone else. I love stars and this has shiny silver stars YAY

I like every part of it. It's a double chain so it looks like there is 2 bands but the come together at the sides with just one clasp. The closure is adjustable with a linked chain. There is an inch of extra chain to give more length for a wider wrist.

It's really light weight but very durable. I have been wearing it for about a week straight and I haven't had any problems with snags or anything.

This is one of those pieces that are elegant and delicate but it still fun and playful. I think a bracelet like this doesn't have an age on it. I would get something like this for my 10-year-old daughter as well as my mom or sisters. 

You can find the Silver Stars Bracelet on Amazon UK which will log in with your regular Amazon account. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

Blogging Tools For Taking Successful Pictures and Video

I'm a blogger. I have so many tools to get through each post and I love them. So, I wanted to share a few of them with you today. One thing that I have done since I started blogging is investing in myself. Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews isn't just a blog of products I get for free to pass the time. This is not a fun pass time, well honestly, it is, I love my job but, this is my livelihood so I take it very seriously and try to have as much fun as I possibly can along the way.

I got a really cool backdrop for a review so, I thought I would share a few tools that I use to make my job a little easier and a lot more professional. The only one of these products that I received for free in exchange for a review is the FISAFA Backdrop.

The rest of them have been purchased for the purpose of my blog. To me, it's the equivalent of a business man/woman buying a new suit or briefcase. It's all about the presentation, right? I want companies to see that I am professional at what I am doing.

Fellow Bloggers and Future Bloggers, don't be afraid to invest a little bit in yourself, it comes back to you!!

So, the Backdrop... This is my first real backdrop and I love it. I can use the 5 ft wide, 7 ft long direction to make it look like there are a wall and floor or use it the 7ft by 5 ft way to make it look like a wall and corner. I think the corner is really cool.

We have very large mirrors in our living room and that's where I do most of my pictures. It's so nice to be able to cover one or both of them up. I'm just thinking the whole time, there are dishes in my sink and no one will EVER know!!

I am here to tell you, having my living room clean is a chore but the kitchen, holy cow the kitchen!  The  counter top is where I usually stash all of my odds and ends while I am cleaning. But, if I'm using this side of my living room, The reflection of my very unorganized fridge top is exposed. With a backdrop- What mess???

The material feels like a smooth vinyl and looks like a colorful wood grain/wood plank. I love it. I love it so much, I have ordered more full-size backdrops and a backdrop stand. I am going to make my office space a real professional working space.

Next, something I love is my camera holder. I use my phone for so many of my reviews. The camera holder pivots on all joints and makes getting the right angel without a shaky hand possible. It holds the phone snug without pushing any buttons. It's really cool.

The camera holder came with my Table Top Photography Studio Light Tent Kit. This is something that helps me out so much. I can take amazing pictures without shadows and also can get the item I am taking a picture of, not everything else.

This light tent reflects any extra light and keeps the "spotlight" effect and the glare off of my stuff. This set came with 2 light stands that each holds 2 bulbs. I love them so much, I bought 2 more extra lights. I am not getting any shadows, just awesome filtered light!!

Another tip I try to use as much as I possibly can is self-promotion. I do review products so I want to show off the amazing samples I received from the company but I also want a little bit of me in it too. What I have and use in my images other than myself are my business cards and my Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews coffee mug. It looks awesome sitting on a coaster in the background and well, I just love it. My sister got them for me and I keep them on my desk all the time.

There are so much more tools that I use blogging and I would love to share them with you. If you have any tools that you use in blogging or have awesome blogging tools you would like to recommend, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected].