Get Moving and Show It Off with Hamswan F60

How adventurous are you? Do you like to show off your amazing treks through the woods, hiking the trails, or just recording selfies? I just got to work with my very first camera brand. I'm so excited about that. It's the Hamswan F60 this is a waterproof action camera that's WiFi capable. It has a 1080P 2-inch 170 Wide Angle Dashboard Cam with G-sensor Loop Recording. 32GB extension for surfing, skiing, parachuting, diving and whatever else you can think of!

This is just so awesome. I have had so many cameras in my day but nothing quite like this. It came with a whole set of accessories that help make all of those awesome shots possible. Riding on a bike, driving, jumping on the trampoline, swimming and all of the awesome stuff that really needs 2 hands

This is the list of accessories.

Waterproof Case ~ Fixed Base ~ Protective Door (not waterproof ~ Fixed Base ~ Bandages ~ Back Clamp ~ Adhesive Mounts ~ 3M Adhesive tapes ~ Batteries ~ Bicycle Stand ~ Base ~ Adapter ~ Ribbon ~  Data Line~ Wire Rope ~ Switch Support 1 ~  Switch Support 2 ~ Switch Support 3 ~ Cleaning Cloth

The camera itself is so easy to use. The power button on the front and the zoom on the size, it doesn't get easier than that. All of the settings are so easy to go through too. It's not touch screen, the buttons to toggle up and down the list are right on the side and work with the zoom too. It's super simple to use!

The clarity on this camera is unbelievable. Even in full zoom, Everything is so close up and perfectly clear. The sound is spot on. It's just so cool!!

When it comes to connecting the camera to a device, I was a little lost. It says to push the up button in the directions. Pushing the mode button on the front and then pushing the up button on the side makes the wifi screen come up. The camera connects right away and I can watch what is on the 2-inch display right on my phone. It's so cool!

This makes a great gift idea I think. With the nice weather right around the corner, we will all be outside and we want to capture all of the awesomeness. This is a great way to share with everyone. Not just tell them the great stories of how your nearly broken neck was saved just in time by.... or the crappy driver that cut you off and their license plate number is.... or the triple double on the trampoline... It's all here! Broadcast it to the world.

You can check out Hamswan on social media here: Facebook & Instagram

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The Best of Both Worlds Book Giveaway

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The Best of Both Worlds: How Mothers Can Find Full-time Satisfaction in Part-time Work

Book Synopsis:  How can mothers bridge the gap between the worlds of "mom" and "career woman" to find work-life balance? By working part-time. This informative guide tells both stay-at-home and full-time working mothers how they can reengage or redefine their careers while still having time to care for their children. The author--a mother and a former business executive, entrepreneur, and self-employed writer--provides all the information moms need to find the ideal employment solution in today's job market. For some women that means returning to the job market, while for others that means reducing hours with a current employer or changing jobs to obtain part-time work. The author also offers suggestions for defining personal objectives, networking, approaching job-sharing, and starting a business to help land part-time jobs.
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Portable Seat Every Where I Go #SitGo

Loving a manly man is a pretty awesome thing. I mean I get to experience things that I would never be able to if his testosterone wasn't at a borderline poisoning level. Just kidding about that part but he is a real MAN with every sense of the word.

What makes it even more awesome is we get to work with some really awesome companies to help feed his ego I mean help his adventures. So would you like to see what I came across in my blogging?

SitGo - Portable Travel Seat

This SitGo seat is really cool. It is a canister sized seat that clips right to a belt loop or backpack. It's the most convenient way to be comfortable. This is awesome. You know how when you are walking for awhile and you want to take a break but there is nowhere to sit? Now there is one.

This seat is perfect for our trips around town, trips to the fun parks, the mall, grocery store, or anywhere that excessive walking is a must.

This seat holds up to 300 lbs. That's perfect because we aren't dainty flowers. We need something sturdy that will hold us. Honestly, something that will hold and not slip. Falling down is not only embarrassing but painful when you're not expecting it.

This is so cool and adjustable to every height. Each section locks into place with a simple twist. Even after sitting on it with all of my weight, it doesn't jam up or anything.

Okay, so walking you through it from opening it.

Pull out the bottom so it opens up like a "T". The end that has a clip on it, is the top. So pull the bottom out and center the stand.

From there, the stand pulls down in layers. Each layer locking in place with a little twist. There are so many sections that the stand can secure into. That makes it the perfect height for anyone. Really from Cassie's 4'11", 120 lbs; my 5'8", 176 lbs; and Aron's 6'3", 285 lbs, we are all comfortable using this seat.

The end of the stand has a no slip stopper that makes it suitable for anywhere. It is not recommended for slick surfaces.

I love knowing that Aron can have this with him where ever he is and have a place to rest. We don't have to map our route around park benches or worse. not going anywhere at all. This is a perfect solution to an on-going problem.

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5 Reasons Why I Chose Fresh Step® Compact Packs

This post is sponsored by Fresh Step® and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help share Fresh Step but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Fresh Step is not responsible for the content of this article.
Do you have cats or wish you did? We have 2. They are so different and so funny, they kill me sometimes. I am going to give you basics so you can know them too :)

Greyde A.K.A. Grey Baby is the eldest of all of our furry babies. Cassie was in first grade going into second and she asked us if she could have a cat. She had been wanting one for about 2 years since her Livy ran away. We finally decided to say yes when one of my friends called with the great news, she was a kitty grammy. Her baby cat had kittens and she was so excited. Right then, every memory of having a silly baby kitten hit me and I knew we had to get Cass a kitty.

A few weeks later Cass was out for Summer. On the last day of school, we had Greyde at home waiting for her. He was a crazy-legged, round-headed little baby that couldn't stay still. He was a master climber! He managed to perfect climbing a bare leg in no time flat. He could hide anywhere and fly out of it to attack ankles and legs in no time flat! He was the perfect match for Cassie.

Rocky AKA Rock or Rocko, is the baby of all of our furry babies. If he were the first, he would be the only!! Just kidding, he likes to keep it interesting. He has a list of amazing feats that only Rocky can do. He is an avid canine rider, typist, counter clearer, and toe killer. I think this little guy thinks he's a dog. He wants out when they go out, he wants meaty treats when they get theirs, he even eats out of their dishes.

These guys make our lives so interesting. They have their own personalities and loving, caring, sweet and silly ways that we love so much. They are our little babies.

With all the silly stuff they do, the seriousness... The Cat Litter. There is no ignoring it. We need it. It's the next thing on the list after food. As far as importance, it is tied with food.

Fresh Step® has options for us that we appreciate so much! What do you do when you have two feline family members that are not toilet trained? You buy kitty litter! No, we do not have a Jinxy Cat. Our cats are regular litter flinging kitties.
No matter how awkward it is to carry, pour, or store we can't skip it. I hope I don't spill and my aim is right on, but there are accidents. It happens. There are messes that those guys don't make with kitty litter. I swear, it pours like water. It flows so nicely onto the floor finding a crack or crevice it can rest in. But, that's cat mom life. Right? It doesn't have to be.
There are things that we look for in our litter.
#1- Storing cat litter in small spaces
#2- Smell
#3- Clumps well.
#4- Multi-cat Cat Litter.
#5- Convenient cat litter.
We found one that covers all of those requests. Fresh Step® has compact packs that help us with our limited space. It fits perfectly in our linen closet. These compact packs are just the right size to fit next to the towels.

Just to sum up my requirements. Storing cat litter in small spaces -It has to fit because we don't have room. I don't like it just sitting out. (We have no litter storage). Smell, I don't want my house to smell like we have cats. Seen but not smelled! Clumps well. No one likes sifting the litter, let's make it easy. Multi-cat Cat Litter - We have two cats and only enough room for one box. We need something that can keep up with them! Convenient cat litter. It's so hard to carry the litter into the house. It's heavy! The Compact packs make it so much easier!

Which is awesome, before, the only place we had to put the litter is really where ever we put it. It didn't have a home. The containers were too big to fit in any of our cabinets. Now, with the help from Fresh Step®, we don't look so cluttered.

The benefits of the Fresh Step® Compact Packs Clumping Cat Litter are amazing. And the smell, it's Febreze. I love Febreeze and use them for other products throughout the house. It was an obvious choice for me. Compared to well, you know. I love the way it fits in our space.
The new Fresh Step Compact Packs are available in three formulations:
* Fresh Step with Febreze Odor Shield
* Fresh Step with Febreze Multi-Cat
* Fresh Step with Febreze Extreme.
Find Fresh Step® on social media
~Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram~

Check out Fresh Step® Paw Points®
The Fresh Step® Paw Points® program is free to join—and it's easy to rack up the rewards:
1. Join the Paw Points® program.
2. Collect points from purchases, sharing pics of your favorite kitties, filling out surveys and more.
3. Redeem points for free litter, coupons, cat toys and more.

You can also download the new Paw Points Rewards app by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play to earn 50 points.

iTunes Link:

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We are also running a giveaway for Fresh Step Fresh Step Compact Packs. 5 winners will be able to enjoy the same awesome stuff we get to review! Thanks so much for being amazing readers!
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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fresh Step. The opinions and text are all mine.

Food City Offers Indian River Select Brand Juice!

I love having orange juice in the morning. Well really, anytime. I just really like orange juice. My favorite way is by itself but having it in a smoothie is pretty awesome too. My daughter introduced us to smoothies and I have to say, I love them. It's not like anything else it's a blend of whatever you put in it and can be made to please anyone.

It's so nice to shop locally for the brands I love. In the southern states, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee we have Food City! I stopped at the Food City in Blairsville, Georgia on our way home from Atlanta this weekend. They now carry Indian River Select Brand Juice. It's 100% USA.

If you head over to the Indian River Select Brand website, you can sign up for the "Loyal Customer List". You'll receive monthly, printable coupons for up to $1.00 Indian River Select juice. I love coupons and I love sharing them with you too. Every dollar counts.

Indian River Select Brand Juice has 3 different flavors. They are in the refrigerator section and come in 590z containers. 59oz Valencia, 59oz Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, and 59oz Original Orange Juice. This is perfect for us. We are always on the go and getting something fresh that is ready for us to drink right off the shelf, is just what we like!

Another awesome part of the Indian River Select website is they offer great recipe ideas. I didn't know until Aron was telling me, orange juice works great in sauces. Home Made barbecue sauce and Vinigarette both can have orange juice. It really changes it up. It gives a nice citrus twang that only orange juice can do.  

Indian River Select's website offers so many helpful tips on getting healthier. I know I have told you all before about my weight loss journey and trying to get and stay healthy. This is an awesome tool to have. They have a wellness section that talks about The Indian River Select® Brand Grapefruit Juice Diet. It's a proven diet to lose 19 lbs in 13 weeks. That means nearly 20lbs gone by summer!! I want to try it so bad!

They also offer recipes and a parents corner. I love these ideas. Stuff that I would have never thought off including crockpot vegetarian chili. That's perfect with our newest vegetarian. Cassie took a little break but is back on full-time vegetarian. I love this kids' determination!

Indian River Select on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & Youtube.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Indian River Select. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Breakfast Night With Krusteaz Giveaway!

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Breakfast Night With Krusteaz Giveaway!

Deliciously Savvy Is Hosting a Giveaway for Krusteaz in honor of National Hot Breakfast Month! Krusteaz makes it super easy for busy families to enjoy hot delicious breakfasts whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime! I love to have breakfast for dinner with my family at least once a week and Krusteaz Mixes and products are just perfect to suit everyone's needs! Enter to win and good luck!
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Take Different Home Secured Loans To Fund Home Improvement

Take Different Home Secured Loans To Fund Home Improvement

When suddenly your kitchen needs some makeover, or the roof needs some immediate repairs to be done, you may need a considerable amount of fund for the purpose. To arrange for the money, there are several home secured loans which you may take to have the required amount of money in hand. But to avail the best suitable one for your purpose and requirement, you should know the difference, pros and cons of all of it to make an educated and informed decision. Here are some of the types and difference of home-secured loans which you may avail for refunding your home improvement needs.

Cash Out Refinance

When you want to cash out refinance, you have to replace your current mortgage with a new one. By doing this, you get enough cash at the same time to fund your home improvements. The benefit of such a case is that you can take full advantage of the prevailing rate of interest on the mortgage which may be lower than your previous one. You can also have enough money to fund bigger projects like replacing the entire roof of your house. Such loans have a very long payout tenure, usually thirty years, which would also enable you to pay it off over a strategically spread out longer period.

Low Monthly Installments

When you have loans taken out at a lower rate of interest and for a longer period, the monthly installments come down automatically which you do not have any problem in arranging and paying for that specific period. You can also create a corpus by making an emergency fund by curtailing some of your budgets and since the amount is low, it becomes easy to live and accumulate money to pay such low monthly installments. Often, a monthly payment of cash out refinance is much less as compared with other traditional home equity loans.

Costly But Effective

There is an element of cost which is associated with a cash out refinance. You may feel that it is costlier that other traditional line of credit or home equity loans but when you consider the benefits of cash out refinancing in the long run, you will not regret making such a decision. Moreover, if you simply refinance your existing mortgage loan without getting the cash out, you would end up paying higher APR apart from the high closing costs that it contains along with. This might end up in owing more than what you would have owed in your mortgage previously.

Make Careful Calculations

If you make some careful calculations, then you can see the benefit of cash out finance which would now be stretched even for a longer period making it possible and easier for you to repay
back in small amounts. Suppose you have already paid for ten years out of your thirty-year mortgage loan and now opt to take cash out refinance, you do not have to pay it back in twenty years but another thirty years making your whole tenure to forty years along with increased amount.

Credit card consolidation loan reviews need to be checked out when going for such loans in order to go for the right and reliable one. People these days are suffering from credit card issues and they need relief from such worries and tensions. Consolidation loans make things easy and make them under control.

Choosing The Best For Financing Home Improvement Projects

Choosing The Best For Financing Home Improvement Projects

Choosing the best type of finance for your home improvement projects is not a clear cut solution. You have to consider several factors and aspects so as to keep your rate of interest to the minimum as well as keep balance the period of the loan. This would not only allow you to pay off the loan with ease and on time but would also enable you to meet your other financial requirements. All this careful selection and decisive choosing depend on your attitude towards the risk of the interest rate as well as the willingness of the creditor to work with you.

Consider The Options Carefully

When you are eligible for a loan, a common mistake that borrowers do is to choose the highest option without considering the best ones, suitable and affordable and at the same time sufficient enough for the specific purpose. By taking a loan more than required, you often risk yourself for non-payment and fall into the debt trap. As for financing your home improvement projects, you can choose carefully from three available options. You can ask your creditor for an increase in your HELOC, opt for cash-out first mortgage refinancing or payoff the first mortgage with the available equity and then finance your project with a fresh home equity loan.

Increase Credit Line

When you can increase credit line as credit is due, you can have enough money to take on the project successfully. You can now hold on to the low rate of interest on the debt and also you would not have to pay much as closing cost, if you have to pay at all, for such swiping of loans. If the lender agrees to work with you, then there is nothing like this option. Even if you have the potential risk of an increase in the rate of interest which is based on the prime rate, you can take control of it if you pay down the balance of the loan aggressively.

Cash Out Refinancing

Cash out refinancing would pay off your current mortgage along with the release money for the home improvement projects. When the lender agrees to such refinancing, they look into the options of refinancing both the first mortgage as well as the line of credit. There is a point of concern though in such cases as you would lose on the low rate that your home equity line could have fetched apart from ending paying the higher closing cost for the first mortgage. On the brighter side, you no longer have to deal with the interest rate risk on the line of credit by getting a very low rate on the mortgage loans.

Home Equity Loan

This is the final option which is also called the third mortgage as it is third on the line that is to be paid during foreclosure. Though the closing cost would be minimal, the rate of interest could
be higher than your first mortgage. Choosing the right finance entirely depend upon your level of comfort and requirement. Credit card consolidation loan is much needed these days and is a helping hand for those who are struggling with debt issues. Learn about it and make your life easy and tension free.

Loans For Home Improvement Depends On The Size Of The Projects

Loans For Home Improvement Depends On The Size Of The Projects

The loans you want to take should be the loans which you would want and be able to pay. Therefore, you should first know how many loans to take so that you would not have any problem in the future to pay it back. Depending on the size of the home movement project, the loan requirement and the amount should vary. Like for very small improvement projects, you should always pay cash from your pocket. Though it seems to be the old-fashioned and traditional method, mind you there are no further interests added and no one standing at your door to collect the payment.

Categorize Your Project

You should, therefore, categorize your projects into two parts, medium-sized and large projects by considering the type of jobs and the expenses related to it. For such projects, you can get it financed from the banks and other financial institutions. For medium sized projects you should strictly rely on personal and other unsecured loans. But all the time and at all cost, you should be sure of how much to borrow and how much you would be able to pay off monthly. Anything between fifteen to fifty thousand dollars should be considered medium sized, and for such case, you should take unsecured loans. For anything above this range, consider secured loans.

Taking Unsecured Loans

Taking unsecured loans is relatively easy, from application to approval, the entire process is simple. Moreover, you do not require any collateral security to take such loans. The rate of interest is high, though, but the loan amounts are also considerably higher than credit cards. You just have to be sure about the rate of interest, especially the APR, and the tenure, so that you can pay it off with ease and do not have to take debt consolidation loans to pay it off and therefore fall deeper into trouble. Stay away from and shady offer, like payday loans and also compare rates and offers from multiple providers.

Choosing Secured Loans

Secured loans are the best options for bigger home improvement projects only. This should be availed when you find that your home has enough equity and it is best to tie it up with the loan. Such secured loans like home equity loans, HELOCs and cash refinance offer you the best rate which is given for a long time and at a minimum rate of interest. You also get some tax benefits and also can deduct the rate of interest on such loans as well. You can talk to your tax consultant regarding this matter to avail the maximum benefits.

Consider The Risk

When you have a lower interest rate, there are some risks associated with it as well. You may be asked for a huge closing cost and other charges when you want to jump through as such loans take advantage of your property being put as security. Care should be taken that you do end up getting much lesser amount than you’re the equity on your home during such refinancing. Checking out for credit card consolidation is much needed today as it is much popular and useful as well these days. Learn about it and get benefitted.