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Aromatherapy Bracelets and Essential Oils Plus $50 Amazon gift card GIVEAWAY

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Make Your Table More Inviting With ThermoServ Tableware

Getting life back into focus now that school is coming into the session, is going to be a tough transition. We have let the kids do pretty much what they wanted to do, within reason, for the past few months. Our kitchen has lost its homey feel and is more of a grazing ground than anything. It's hard to plan meals around sleepovers that pulled all nighters and breakfast at 1 pm.

Our serving dishes were somehow traded for paper plates and plastic cups since everyone is always on the go. It's great for convenience and who ever's turn it is for kitchen cleaning but I miss my family dinners and discussing the day with these guys.

Those awesome days are gone until next year. It was fun but, I'm happy to get back into the groove. Since we have done so much adventuring this summer and trying new things, we had a family discussion on bringing new foods into our kitchen to make it better for all of to enjoy the meals we will be sharing together. Why give up ALL of the fun stuff right?

With 2 kids here full time attending school different school districts and on two different schedules, the only meal we really get to have together is dinner. Even at that, it's only 4 days a week because of practices and after school programs.

We wanted to get the kitchen whipped back into shape. I had the opportunity to work with ThermoServ to review a set of dishes and that right there was enough to get the ball rolling. We have the paint and a new table picked out. It really doesn't take much to make an area we all just pass through into a room we all want to stop and sit in for awhile.

The ThermoServ Everyday collection is absolutely beautiful. They offer a few different colors including blue, green, and Canyon Coral. We got the Canyon Coral Cora Stripes and Spirals. This is the perfect service for the four of us. What comes in the box is four 10” dinner plates, four 8”  salad plates, four 12oz bowls, and 4 18oz heavy sham Tritan tumblers.

These are so inviting and looks great serving. They're lightweight and super sturdy. I love it that the whole set of plates and the bowls are stackable so they take up less room in my cabinets. That means I still have room for all of the odds and ends dishes that I just can't seem to part with.

I love this set. If you are looking for a nice set of dishes that will look great at your table, this is it. They are available on Amazon and Steinmart in Kohl’s department stores.

I received this set to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free toemail us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Do Your Boobs Hang Low? They Don't Have to!!

What makes under wear so amazing? I don't mean just underoos but all of it. Bra's, underwear, socks, you know, all of it. I think it all depends on the fit. That's why I want to show you this brand I just heard of. It's knixwear. It's amazing and you will be totally impressed.

For the review, they sent 2 pairs of underwear and a bra. I can honestly say, it's a life altering experience. I have grown accustomed to the tug and shimmy. With all of my under garments. I am an average sized lady. It seems like no matter what I have a bulge somewhere.

I picked the Everyday Boy shorts and Bikini cut underwear and the Evolution Bra.

I know I am not the only woman in the world with underoo's issues. Seriously, any advice out there on how to keep the undies in place would be greatly appreciated.

For my boobs, I am either over flowing the top or bottom. Even if the bra is a 100% perfect fit, all it takes is a step, bend, lean, or any movement at all, I'm busting out of there somewhere, for sure!

The Evolution bra is more than amazing. Gravity has definitely taken a toll on my boobs. My mom told me once that her breast went from a 38D to a 36 Long I laughed so hard. I actually still laugh at that but the reality of it is, it's reality. If I would have ever realized that my top wouldn't stay up top, I don't think I would have ever taken my bra off. In hopes of slowing the process down some.

This bra holds my boobs in place, where boobs are supposed to go without the "tube effect". I still look like I have 2 boobs, not just a puddle of boobs or a spare tire that wraps around my front. That's the look I get with most wireless bras.

This is 100% the only bra that I have ever put on without a wire that I would actually wear out of the house. That is saying a lot.

Now, for my butt, UGH, my at one time nice round tush, is well, not. Just to keep I real with you, I can turn a pair of cheeky cut panties into a pair of plumbers crack thongs. I have NO IDEA, how that happens. The top band of my undies is about 2/3's way up but at the same time giving me a wedgie so bad I have to put my hands in my pants to smooth it out.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror walking through the house the other day and laughed out loud, then cried. Yes, that bad. It looked like I was wearing a belt around my hips, under my favorite jeans. The first thought that came to mind is that I look like a life sized tube of toothpaste, squeezed in the middle by a big fist. So, long story short, those jeans went back to the closet until I can find a better solution.

So, we discussed the fit, what about the moisture? Just to put it boldly, do you have boob sweat? I know you do, we all do. It's summer it's hot out and boobs sweat. Since there really isn't anything you can do about that, the hunt was on for a solution.

This is where the benefits of wearing knixwear come into play. They offer an amazing wicking fabric that keeps me DRY and in place all day. No shimmy or shake down. Just real comfort I expect and it's constant coverage.
That is an awesome passion. I really do love and appreciate when companies/brands care about not just the product but the people those products effect.

You can check out Knixwear and see what awesome products they have to suit you. They have a great line of panties and bras for all body styles. I do love them!

I received these products to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Trendy Smart Phone Accessories from MyBruneiStore

Do you love phone accessories? I do. 15 years ago, I didn't even have a cell phone. I had no need for one. I had dial up internet and it was ok. At that point, it was the coolest thing ever and I didn't mind not being able to use my house phone to search the slow loading pages of information, saving me a trip all the way into town to use the library.

I moved into the city and my life was forever changed, we had NO LIMITS! I had a cell phone, I could talk from the highway without having to find an exit with a payphone. HAHAHA, A pay phone! I actually saw a pay phone at a gas station last summer. I had to stop and show my kids that it didn't just happen in the movies. I felt old but their mind was blown. 

So with all of the technological advances in the world, even my 4-year-old niece had a tablet. We are a world of life at the end of our fingertips. My daughters were so different at their milestone ages. My oldest at 10, "Mom, can I ask you something?" about everything. My youngest at 10 years old and still to this day, "Mom, can I tell you something?". 

It really does blow me away. So, we just roll with the changes. Now that everyone we know has a device at the end of their arm, it's completely normal to love the accessories. I got to work with an awesome store that has so many of the coolest and trendiest accessories. It's the MyBruneiStore

We got several reviews from them in the past including the 2 in 1 UV pen light, super hero t-shirt, and more.

What I have to show you this time are some cool accessories that will go with any device apple, android or windows. 

The Universal Wall Phone Holder is a wall mount that you can stick anywhere so it will cradle your device while it charges. No more worries of "Are my cords long enough? Will someone knock it off the table, desk, or counter? None of those worries at all. 

The back has a 3m sticky pad that super sticks to the surface of your choice. Whether it is a wall, desk, table, or anything, it sticks right to it. 

The other awesome accessory is a Fashion Phone Holder POP Expanding Stand and Grip Socket. I love this. I got it in a pretty giraffe print. How it works is it sticks to the back of the device to be able to hold it easier without slipping. It even works with propping your device so you can hands-free stream movies and videos. The back of it sticks on or it can slide right into a holder. 

These are both so convenient. I received these products at a discount to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Money Savvy Pig Giveaway

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The Cocomocha Brooklyn Bean Roastery Giveaway!

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Helping Kids Save Money the Fun Way #MoneySavvyPig

How do you teach your kids to save? Have you came up with a solid plan? I have tried a few different ways but, I think i have finally found one that will really work. And, I get to host a giveaway on it too so , I want as much feed back as I can get. I think its really cool.

So, of course you all remember the old trusty piggy bank. I think we all had one, in one way or another. Fill it up and see what you can save. Or get it half way full and go to the corner store for a bag of dime candy. I'm kinda sad my kids will never know what that's like. I think the low man on the totem pole is still a quarter at the least, maybe thirty five cents.

It's hard to save when it seems like your money is gone after one tiny splurge. I feel that frustration even as an adult. So what is it you are asking right? It's the Money Savvy Pig piggy bank from Money Savvy Generation. It makes what seems like a life long goals to a kid, break down into smaller, more feasible, and visually pleasing goals. I love it!

Instead of just one goal, it offers four separate goals. It's the perfect personal financial institution for kids, even adults. Seeing the money grow and know what it's for, is a great motivator to fill it up. The sections include Save, Spend, Donate, and Invest.

These are personalize-able with stickers so the money manager (my kiddo) can make realistic goals to suit her needs. Each quadrant has it's own slit at the top and it's own hole on the bottom. That's great for reaching goals and being able to empty each chamber as it needs to be done. I remember my old glass piggy I had when I was little. I had to break it to get it open, sad face.

The tabs on the bottom of the piggy bank are labeled to go to the correct chamber so there is no mistake from the top or the bottom. They twist and lock into place too. No accidental spillage. I love you Duck Tape but I won't be needing you on this adventure.

Personalizing savings is so cool. The Money Savvy Pig piggy bank comes with a sheet of stickers for each chamber. There is a blank oval right above the chamber name to put the stickers right on there. That way, there is no confusion at all. This is a great way to get kids to manage their money.

Oh ya, also has little piggy eyes too. The options are brown, blue, and green. My little munchkin's eyes are blue so she wanted piggy's to be blue too. The super shiny stickers for the money saving reminders are fun designs and there are even blank silver ones to let them be creative.

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to teach our next generation how to manage their financials from an early age, this is an amazing way.

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The giveaway is going to run from 8/16/17 to 8/30/17. You can see it here or on our social media channels. I hope you enter to win. 

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Get Fitter Faster with Robert J Davis

Getting fit is a chore we don't really stick with. I mean really, I have been "Planning" a routine that fits me and my lifestyle for the better part of 30 years. So what do we do? we find a way around the hectic stuff and just do it. I just got a book Fitter Faster by Robert J Davis with Brad Kolowich (certified trainer).

I think I love getting in shape but when the time comes, I am a procrastinator. I get self-conscious of my wiggle and jiggle and then, I get lazy. I have fought my weight battle for a long time in all seriousness. After my hysterectomy, I gained a lot of weight on top of already being a full figured woman. I struggled to do it but when I got it in my head, I lost over 100lbs. I kept it off for almost 3 years so far and to this day, it's one of my biggest self-accomplishments.

I really want to lose some more weight. I have definitely settled into this size. I like it here and I can eat what I want when I want and I stay in this 10 lb range from 170 lbs. I would like to get down to about 155/ 160. I think if I actually get moving more, it will happen.

That's I like about the book is, it's easy to read and understand. It fits into my life. I work from home and all of the exercises in the whole book, I can do right at home, right in my office. There are no judgments. I don't have to worry about anyone staring at my pudge or laughing at how it jiggles.

This book gets down to the real stuff.  The sensitive stuff that no one really talks about. Maybe it's just me but it's stuff I wonder about and not talk about.

There is even a section about sex and how exercise increases blood flow to those sensitive areas making special time well, more special. It helps "IT" along for men and women. It very interesting and good stuff to know. I recommend the reading for sure.

I received this book to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Two New (And Interesting) Kids On The Dieters Block

Losing weight is tough. Duh.
That’s why, every now and then, a new diet program pops up promising us everything and the moon.
Today, we’ll have a look and review two diet programs that have been running for the past few years, and have grown from being just books to full-fledged communities of thousands of active people.
First on the list is the Beyond Diet program, run by nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios.
The Beyond Diet Program Review
Beyond Diet started as “The Diet Solution Program” back in 2009 when the internet had just started bloating with e-books and PDF files.
Unfortunately, the diet solution program sounded like another “me too” program at that time, offering generic weight loss advice that almost all experienced folk, and most amateurs already knew (eat this, not that, etc.); however, what really set it apart was Isabel’s proprietary “metabolism type” method.
According to the Beyond Diet, each one of us has a unique metabolism ‘type’, and that eating according to this type would unlock the secrets to better health, weight loss, and even better fitness.
To be successful with Beyond Diet, Rios says, “You need to do some work. This work entails many small tasks that essentially can be grouped in three main steps: Determine your metabolism type, create your personal meal plan, and learn which healthy foods you should choose. Once you complete these steps, you will have all the tools you need to achieve the long-term results you desire: weight loss and optimum health for life.”

About This “Metabolism Type”
Metabolic typing was the brain child of one William Wolcott.  Wolcott was intrigued by the fact that some people could actually thrive on a low-fat high carb; whereas some others showed horrible results on the same diet.
The same results were observed with people on low carb diets. He concluded in his research that as humans evolved and settled in various zones of the earth, the local culture, food habits, and other factors influenced their metabolism to a large degree.
In short, their bodies started adapting to the habitat they were exposed too.
For e.g. Eskimo’s and most other northern cultures usually survived on fish and wild game since they had a severe lack of vegetables or tropical fruits.
Conversely, cultures that settled closer to the equator had much more dependence on farming, as well as rich variety in vegetables and fruits, thanks to the abundant rainfall.  Most of these equatorial cultures ate less meat and more vegetables.  
Summarizing: Your ancestral heritage can actually have a huge bearing on your metabolism today.

Now, back to the beyond diet, Isabel chimes the same thing. That just as we are all unique in all other respects, our body’s biochemistry requires certain types and proportions of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to perform optimally.
This unique makeup is what Isabel calls your metabolism type. And learning this metabolism type will help us to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner, once and for all, and achieve optimum wellness.
She also claims it will also will help us achieve long-term results without the starvation and cravings that usually accompany most other diet plans.
In general, Beyond Diet says that everyone is a Carb Type, a Protein Type, or a Mixed Type. Requirements for the appropriate ratios and types of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats exist along a fixed spectrum.
The requirements for people whose biochemistries require high amounts of protein for optimal health (Protein Types) are located at one end, and those for people whose biochemistries demand high amounts of healthy carbohydrates (Carb Types) are at the other end.
Mixed Metabolism Types are a combination of these two types, so their requirements fall somewhere in the middle.
Now, even though medical doctors and nutrition pioneers have used metabolism typing for decades, and that many studies have acknowledged it, the extra knowledge that Isabel shares in the program is definitely worth the price she’s asking for it.
The only caveat in the program so far is, that finding out our metabolism type requires filling out of a somewhat tedious, long form, the only saving grace being that it has multiple choice answers, making the process feel fast.

The Community
In 2013, the diet solution program was discontinued and all of Isabel’s program was brought under the one Beyond Diet umbrella.
The biggest update and differentiating factor of the program were the ‘Q&A community’. Isabel created a web only community of beyond diet members on their membership website. Every person who purchased the program is given access to it. As of August 2017, they boast a community of over 896,000 people in there, that’s a number to be reckoned for sure.
We had a look inside this community, and can confirm that it sure is buzzing with activity with members asking questions, coaches answering and a whole lot of “give and take” in there.

What Do Beyond Diet Reviews Say About It?
We couldn’t find many third-party reviews of the beyond diet. Of the few we could find, Bonny Jones, on her Skinny Bonny blog has written a FAQ style review addressing most common questions pertaining to the Beyond Diet. There were just a handful other sites we found that had positive recommendations of the program.
We did find some reviews right on the Beyond Diet site itself, but couldn’t verify their authenticity.

The Beyond Diet is definitely a breath of fresh air in the world of the usual low-carb, low-fat, low-something diets. It is based on solid science, most of its claims are backed by research studies, and the pricing is very competitive, especially when you take into account the huge community of like-minded beyond dieters.
CONS: Incessant promotions after purchase, takes time to show results
PROS: Price, science backed, no severe restrictions, time-tested.

The “Fit Finally” Program Review
“Lose weight in 30 days…”
“Start losing 7lb in 7 days…”
“Lose gobs of stubborn belly fat with our ab roller”
Claims like these are not uncommon to most of us. And although there are quite literally, thousands of nutritionists, “certified” fitness experts and weight loss companies in our country, the mark of a genuine source of information and advice, the one that differentiates the good ones from the rest is - expectations.
Enter the Fit Finally program, a relatively new and unique diet program that focuses more on your daily habits than your diet or activity.
As Betty Hartley, the founder of the program says, “Most people get caught up too much in unnecessary details of their diet program. They waste too much of their time and resources on things that simply do not matter in their everyday life. They forget that the most important thing is not which diet they are on, but whether they are able to stick with it!”
Rightly said by Ms. Hartley, the most important success parameter for any diet is how well we are able to adhere to it. This was actually proven in a study a few years ago.
The Fit Finally program, though touted as a ‘diet program’, is more of a lifestyle program. The foundation of the program is in fact, called Foundation, which is a guide that teaches the user how to adopt and inculcate the necessary weight loss habits.
The other modules of the program are the “Eat 2 Lose” nutrition module, the 8-week bodyweight workout, and a full-fledged cravings control program among other things.
The basic proposition of the Fit Finally program is focussing on eating real foods, getting more active with exercises and activity, and controlling food cravings with the scientific methods.
Though this might sound run-of-the-mill advice, the way all of this is taught to you with a habit-based approach is where the Fit Finally program really shines.
For the one-time price of the program, Betty Hartley does provide many practical resources for the average weight loss enthusiast.
Albeit we were somewhat disappointed in two areas; one, the program is specifically created for women, we would love to see a unisex version. And secondly, the Fit Finally program is relatively new in the ‘market’, so we are unsure how well it works for the masses.

What Do Fit Finally Reviews Say About It?
Just like Beyond Diet, the Fit Finally program is also at a nascent stage so we couldn’t find many third-party reviews of it.
But we did find a couple of bloggers reviewing it, and the general consensus seems quite positive. One of the blogger says “(It) Works really well. Easy to maintain, unlike fad diets. Includes a very effective food cleanse plan”.

The Fit Finally program does seem to have a very unique habit based approach to weight loss. We were surprised to see the inclusion of a nutrition, workout and a cravings controlling program at a price where most other online diet programs charge a recurring fee and/or an enormous upfront fee. The Foundation guide does look good with some really solid techniques.
CONS: Not a big company, only for women as of now, programs are only accessible online.
PROS: Unique habits-based approach to weight loss, practical and easy to begin, value for money.

So there you go, two potential superstars in the ever changing, ever popular diet market. As you can probably deduce from these two reviews, we are not biased towards any particular diet program, not the Fit Finally program or the beyond Diet. Ultimately it all depends on what works for you, your body, and your life.
However, the one thing we can all take away from this post is no matter what diet program you choose (or not); good health and weight comes down to three things:
  1. Eating as many real foods as possible,
  2. Inculcating healthy habits in your daily routine, and
  3. Being as much as active as possible.

For 90% of us, following these three things will ensure we remain healthy, fit and active for the rest of our mortal lives.