5 Reasons A Watch From Nordgreen the Best Gift

At what point are you bored of getting just jewelry for a gift? Maybe that's the wrong word, I'm not bored with jewelry, I just get it as a fail-safe gift for every occasion. I'm not complaining, it just gets so predictable. So, let's try something a little different. What about a watch? It's an accessory and you can change them up to match outfits and styles. I really like watches but I have never really worn them until recently.

I just had the opportunity to work with Nordgreen on a review of a beautiful watch. It's the Native - Silver | White Leather. It's gorgeous! The craftsmanship is amazing and it is so nice to look at. Everything about it is nice. They are so affordable too ($167 - $212). They are crafted with minimalism and the Danish lifestyle.

I mean really, we don't just wear watches because of the timepiece feature. Everything is so digital these days that it's nearly impossible to be anywhere and not know what time it is. I even googled it and could only find one place that doesn't post a clock. With cell phones/smartphones attached to us at the palm, a squeeze of the side, we know the time, date, and temp for our area.

We wear watches for the style and the way they look on us. We want something that is going to be fitting to our own style and/or to match our fashion tastes. The Native is a classic beautiful timepiece and will go amazingly with nearly any wardrobe. 

Our Chief designer, from Bang & Olufsen, Jakob Wagner, wanted to bring the Native back to the founding routes of a watch with a brilliantly classic look which has been redefined for the modern being.

It has a great fit. 

This watch offers an adjustable band that has 8 precut hole for adjusting. I like that for several reasons. My daughter is always borrowing my accessories. It doesn't matter if it's a bracelet or a watch, we don't have the same size wrists. Bracelets are ok for the most part by watches fit different and need to stay in place.

Easy to set 

The nob on the side of the face is easy to adjust. It stays in place so I don't lose time but it pops out easily to turn. 

Interchangeable Straps

This is a beautiful piece with the white leather strap but as a wearer, you have the option to change it. There are many reasons why we would want to change the strap whether is wear, fashion, or just want another option, it's a possibility. Have you ever had a watch that the buckle broke and the watch wasn't repairable? It's no fun. Accidents happen sometimes. It adds confidence to the purchase knowing that the investment is protected. This watch strap is interchangeable with 13 different colors.

Water Resistant

Ok, we all know this one. Have you ever gotten moisture in a watch and it never worked correctly again. Not the problem with this one. It's water resistant meaning it's rain resistant. I wouldn't submerge it.

Social Responsibility

One of my favorite parts of Nordgreen is their social responsibility. Every purchase comes with a special donation that the purchaser gets to choose.

  • Health
  • 2 months of clean water for a person in The Central African Republic with Water for Good.
  • Education
  • 2 Months of education for a child in India with Pratham UK
  • Environment
  • Preserve 200 sqft of rain forest in Latin America with Cool Earth.

If you are looking for a great timepiece for yourself or as a gift, this makes a great choice. Check out Nordgreen on their website and on their social media for their latest releases. 

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email me directly or the contact button on the right sidebar. 

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