Worlds Okayest Gamer Men's T-Shirt From

Sarcasm is such a fun way to show people that you care. I love being able to laugh and make jokes with people, as long as it's not hurtful or demeaning. Well, maybe a little bit. At our house, we are all gamers. Aron plays everything! RPG gaming, fight games, sports games, strategy games, pretty much anything digital and he's going to win. It has turned into one of the things he is mostly roasted for. We all know he's a kick-ass gamer so we razz him as much as we can.

A few weeks ago I heard about Crazy Dog T-shirts when I worked with them on a pair of funny socks on and I love everything about them. They have some of the funniest shirts and accessories that are perfect gift ideas for family and friends. With all of the obstacles Aron has been going through lately, I thought it would be a great time to cheer him up with a thoughtful gift. Thanks to Crazy Dog T-shirts, they helped me pull it off in amazing style.

As of right now, he is pretty stationary. He spends about a third of his day prepping for infusions, doing infusions, and resting afterward. He can't walk and can only move around with his wheelchair, giving him some awesome time to sharpen those skills that he has already mastered a hundred times over. No one in the family stands a chance against him in any match, in any game. So, "Worlds Okayest Gamer" is definitely the absolute BEST t-shirt he has gotten in a while! 

I did order it a few sizes bigger than he actually wears for a few reasons. This is perfect for being comfortable and looking good while he's doing it. The material is soft and breathable and super cozy. 

Over at they have every kind of sarcastic shirt and accessory that you can think of. I love it!! If you like to show your love and appreciation with a sense of humor, check out Crazy Dog T-shirts. 

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