Our Traveling Tips For Our Trip to the Zoo Must Have Products, Everything from Organizing to a Travel Sewing Kit

How many of you travel regularly for work or leisure? We want to go to the zoo this spring. The only bad part of it is we have to stay over night when we do go. That is all too much to put in one day with all of the travel time. I will definitely be using these awesome travel organizers when we go. Maybe, Hopefully, next month. :)

I love keeping my cloths nice and unwrinkled when I travel. This is one of the coolest cloths organizers I have ever used. It is the 15 Inch Packing Sleeve by Dot Dot. This organizer is great for a weekend trip. It holds up to 7 shirts or pants. Minimizes wrinkles and maximizes space. Maintains your privacy during security inspections, keeps clothes organized, and includes a folding board.

The best way to keep my jewelry organized is the Jewelry Organizer by Specialty Styles. It is so great for keeping everything in it's place. There is straps for necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Even a strap for earrings. I love the earring strap, it keeps my earrings in place without loosing the backs. This makes my jewelry stay in its place and I don't have to worry about losing it. Another great thing is, it is small enough to fit in my glove box or in the drawer under my seat. I don't have to worry about it being exposed and stolen. 

One of the things that is great for us when we are out of the van and walking around is the Wheelchair Bag Back Pack by Pembrook. I know all of you can relate at one point or another you have had to push someone else that is unable to get where they are going on their own. Whether it is a stroller, wheelchair, or what ever, it is almost impossible to get where you are going smoothly with your arms and pockets loaded down and trying to steer the device where it is going. 

On Halloween this year, I had Aron's lap piled up with stuff and my arms were full of Cassie's stuff and trying to push Aron's wheel chair. We were limited because of the stuff I had to carry and push. This wheelchair bag would have given her at least another mile of Trick Or Treating. 

It is awesome. It has 2 adjustable straps to go over the handles and a very large pocket to free up my hands and I feel safe with the bag being on the back of the chair and in front of me, I don't have to worry about it getting stolen or anything. It holds comfortably my purse and all of our drinks. 

One of the smallest things that are just not thought of that much are the travel soaps. Another great product is the 1.25OZ Travel Sized Bottles by  DotDot that have a super awesome suction cup on the back so you don't have to hunt in the shower. The best part is I don't have to keep buying travel sized bottles. These awesome little Bottles have already paid for themselves. They are colored or clear, and have a space for labeling. They are leak proof and totally worth it. 

Big Size Insulated Lunch Bag/Cooler by Sacko is AWESOME. It is perfect for family outings like the park, zoo, road trips you name it. There is enough room in this bag to comfortably fit supplies for the whole day for all of us, not just me. 

It saves us so much money by packing our drinks and snacks and bringing them with us than it is to stop at the convenience stores along the way. Not to mention how small it folds up when we are not using it. I love this bag/cooler.

What fun is a trip without the memories? How about the Celphie Bluetooth Wireless Long Selfie Stick. This is so much fun. I'm not kidding. How many times have you had to flag a stranger over to take a picture of you and the Fam so you have a great snap shot of a stop a long the way? I know I have then didn't get to smile good because of the worry I had over the stranger swiping my camera. 

No more worry there. We have this awesome selfie stick to bring with us. It is so portable and charges on my phone charger, has a bluetooth button so there is no funny stretch at all to get an amazing picture to share our memories. The kids love it too. The can work it on their own, We all Love It!!!!

One thing I don't like to go anywhere without. My Quick Stitch Sewing Kit. It is perfect to bring with me everywhere. It is the best portable sewing kit I have ever had. It has everything in it. A seem ripper, thimble, measure tape, 12 colored thread, buttons, needles, threaders, scissors, and even a safety pin. 

This is one of those things that if I do go somewhere without it, I'm going to blow a seem. I know it's going to happen. This kit is perfect for any emergency or project. 

These products are so awesome and I cant believe how much easier they make my traveling. The more time I can spend with my family and not spend worrying about stuff and space during our family trips, is priceless to me. I need my family time away from the house and the daily grind. 

I received these products for free in exchange of an honest, unbiased review. My opinion is 100% my own. 

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