Grilling Accessories by Yumms Review

Here we are on another beautiful spring time. Swimming. camping, fishing, and my favorite, GRILLING OUT!! We use the grill more than we use the stove in the warm months. We get out there as much as possible in the winter too but, there is nothing like a burger on the grill on a sunny afternoon. 

We live to have the big parties. Family Friends, and Food. That is our celebration. We have a beautiful family, Friends the we feel like are our family, and we all LOVE food. We can cook anything on the grill and be happy to do it.

That is why this is such an awesome review for us. This was on Mothers Day when we had some of the closest people to us here celebrating each other and the beautiful families we have made. All of these Yumms products helped us get through the prep and cook part so we could actually enjoy our company. 

The Burger Press halved the prep time of making the burgers. We fed over 20 people and Aron's burger are amazing. 8 lbs of burger pressed out in a record time of less than 10 minutes. It was awesome to watch him fly through it. 

The Grill Mats are awesome this party we used them for the hot dogs and sausages they are perfect for keeping stuff from sticking and falling through the grates. They make clean up such a breeze. Washing them is so simple. I can use them in the oven to cook pizza on and even line my pans when I cook in the oven. I love these things.

The Grilling Light is so cool!! Just a small graze with the back of a hand and we can turn it off and on. It is great, I love how he shows how to use it in the video. 

We highly Recommend this whole set. CLICK HERE for the giveaway.

I received this products for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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