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There are so many great products out there for kids these days. Now that it is Summer break, We can enjoy them a little more, a little more carefree. I love it!! I am so excited to share these with you. The little ones in my life love them and I am sure yours will too.

First I will start with Sammy. He is my nephew. I have done reviews with him before but, this I do believe is his favorite to date.

Power Ranger Dino Charge Footwear  come in so many great styles, colors and patterns. I picked out the toe clogs for Sammy. He is 4 and learning his way in this big world. One of my favorite features about these shoes is the toe spacing isn't all the way through but he can tell what shoe goes on what foot by the big toe shape. It makes him feel like a big boy to get his shoes on by himself. 

The strap really helps them stay in place and it is so much better than other styles to give him the independence to be a big boy. The colors are nice and bright so he can wear them with a lot of different cloths. The best part of these clogs is Sammy loves them!!! I am such a proud Aunty!!

Next, Cassie. This is an interactive Space Scouts 12 week program. It's $10 a week, which is so cheap for an adventure. The best part is the package coming in the mail. Cassie absolutely loves getting mail. Something special for her that she can open and is something for her summer break because she earned it. 

The first box came with an awesome metal lunch box. What was even better than that were the activities inside. A code she gets to decipher, cross word puzzle, a sticker puzzle, and a word search. The Constellation Collection Clip, Space Scouts Poster, Wikki Sticks, and the Constellation Card is so awesome. She is really interested and I didn't have to beg her to try it. She was excited and ready to go as soon as she saw what was inside. I love it because it is really fun and engaging but it is also learning. YAY Space Scouts!!! 

The Welcome letter was the icing on the cake. She is a part of something amazing. It is all for her. She is the newest Space Scout. Roxy and Jet are cartoon characters but they are real to her. She is excited. I can't find words to say just how awesome this set is and it is only week 1 box.

Week 2 comes with some even more exciting stuff.   Another sticker puzzle, 2 astronauts, Roxy & Jett magnets, a toy "Bionic Claw", the second Card to add to the ring, a magnet of Roxy and Jett to put on the lunch box from week 1, and Space Scouts stickers to add to the poster.

It is so interactive and easy to get in to. I love it that she has something so educational to play with this summer break. 

What else could be more fun than decorating your clothes? During the school year we run a pretty tight ship. The only room for adjusting in Cassie's wardrobe is the hair bows, shoes, and socks. We don't let her be too distracting or distracted. 

The Easy Peasy Patches are a blast for her to use and so easy! they are machine washable and dry able, fabric sticker patches. They can go on anything cloth. Cloths, backpacks, folders, you name its. 

Cassie was being very creative and use one to cover a little tear in her bean bag chair. As much as that thing gets sat in, Tossed around, these patches have definitely passed the test with us.

You can add them to everything. They are so much fun. I got the American Flag, Scabbie, Girls Backpack Patch, and Conversation Heart. There are great colors and thick. I love these Easy Peasy Patches.  

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A super awesome Summer Break must have is the Car-Go Play Mat/Storage Bag. This is perfect for any playdate, overnight, camping trip, vacation, or anything.

What I love about it most is it's durability. The kids can put anything in here and tote it where they want to. Toys intact. It is so simple. Play on it, pull the strings, and go. It has 2 sides, one with cars and trucks the other with the town. It is great for boys and girls, even better for parents.

The Car Go Play Mat/Storage Bag is great for kids to pack and carry what they want to bring. It gives the little guys a sense of being big with their own responsibility. I highly recommend this product. 

I received these for free in exchange of my honest, unbiased review. 

If you have any questions about this review or any of the products please contact me at [email protected]

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