Super Awesome Gift Idea's: As Seen on TV Products

Do you love to shop from home? I do. I actually love it. I find some of the coolest, I want to have it stuff from the TV. That is how we get some of the best gift lift at our house. Starting in January (LOL) we get our list started.

It's usually Cassie that starts the list by screaming through the house "I want that for Christmas". We don't know what channel or commercial she is watching so that's how it all starts. There is nothing very subtle about her. It's making me laugh thinking about it. I remember when they were littler; all 3 of the little guys would yell "I Want That For Christmas".

These are some of the most AWESOME As Seen on TV Products and I got to review them. The most awesome news ever: I get to host a giveaway with them too :) YAY These are so cool! It will be a great addition to any stock pile of Christmas Gifts or just keep them greedy, they are stinkin AWESOME!

Bright Time Buddies by All Star:  

This little guy is so fun and cute. Cassie loves her. She is a unicorn so of course she's a girl. She's the perfect size to snuggle, bring any where, play with, you name it and this little guy can go. I love it when she loves something so much. The texture is smooth and soft and the lights are nice and bright but they are soft lights. The unicorn glows and changes colors.

No more Mom leave the bathroom light on, the tv on, shut the closet doors, tickle my back until I fall asleep and I need another drink of water because, I know if I drink enough I will have to pee one more time and do all of this again before I actually fall asleep! I love you Bed Time Buddies!!

A great part for me is the upkeep. Since she is smooth and water proof it's pretty much just wipe and go. Even the battery back is easy to use. There is a battery holder in the bottom for 3 AAA batteries (not included) that has a screw to hold it in. It has the pusher on one end and the screw on the bottom so there is no way to put it in wrong. I love that! I am the queen of wrong way batteries.

The Shower Wow by Norman Direct Products:

Another super fun kid gift idea is the Shower Wow. I'm not going to lie, this is cool no matter the age. Colors in the shower are just fun. But from a ids point of view, "I don't want to hurry" is a welcomed statement. Cassie is the kind of kid that wants to take a 2 minute shower and deal with excess soap scum next time. This keeps her in there in the water longer. YAY

The install on this was so easy I didn't even have to recruit Aron to do it. The head is a universal so it screwed right on no problem. I love easy stiff like that. No leaking or spraying out of the side either. That is always nice. I don't even want to tell you about the last one I put in.

Bathtub Drain Wig by All Star:

Do you have long hair or just a lot of hair? This is a great product for drains. I have long hair and so do the girls. We are having to treat out shower lines and stick stuff in the drain ever so often to pull the wad of hair out. The last time it was such a fight and it smelled so bad, I was gagging. I told Aron, there has got to be an easier, less disgusting way to do this.

Then the Drain Wig got here. This is seriously the easiest install on anything. Step one, put it in the drain Step 2 Take it out of the drain in a few weeks. That's it.  So simple and the amount of money we are saving from not having to use harsh chemicals is priceless.  

Also at their website, you can get 20% off who doesn't love a discount!!

Car Valet by Norman Direct Products :

The Car Valet is something I think is so convenient. I do a lot of driving because of Aron'd doctors and the kids schools; I am always looking for something to make my ride easier and safer. I know you are probably thinking how can Car Valet make driving safer. Because I live in a mountainous region. If you live in an area like this or happen to be a sharp turn driver you know exactly how safe it is digging your phone, drink, change, or what ever out from the floor board, under the seat, in the back, (I have a mini van) Ya, its Not. 

This is the perfect size to put drinks, phone, change, and all of the what ever's that you want close and not dumped or dropped. This this is so awesome. 

I received these products for free in exchange of an honest unbiased review. If you have any questions about these products, or would like to see your products here; please contact us by email at [email protected] 

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