What To Get an 8+ Kid for Christmas- #smartmachines #braincrushers

  Do you have kids that want to get their hands on, brains blown and have a great time? I know I do. That's why Smart Machines are exactly what Santa ordered. These are seriously so cool!! They aren't just cool for kids, it really is a great project gift that makes 4 super cool designs.

I received the Green Smart Machine . This thing is so awesome. Level 1 Projects. 237 Pieces, 56 page easy to read manual to help those creative minds along. This has a remote control so they actually move.

It is so awesome to see all of these great ideas in motion. The possibilities are endless. I love being able to say things like how many arms should this one have. What color body do you want to do this time, and her favorite, THAT LOOKS SO REAL!!

These are great for learning and showing a child how things work. The remote control is easy to operate. AND wireless; there are no limits with these guys. She didn't even have to teach me how. That's a first. She is so advanced when it comes to stuff like that, it's me that takes longer to learn. I will take a lesson in creativity from her any day of the week.

These are not gender specific toys either. They're great for girls and boys. They look like boy toys but they are just as much fun for girls. The bright colors are so exciting. The difficulty levels go from easy to hard  so by the time we are done learning all of the models, we can go to the imagination station and set sail my friends.

I am so happy I got to work with Brain Crunch on this Smart Machines Review. I received this product for free in exchange of an honest, unbiased review. The thought on this are 100% my own.

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  1. I love how you can just let your imagination take over and design it how you want!

  2. My grandson just turned 7 and he would love this!

  3. My little brothers would love this!

  4. This looks like a fun day with my nephew. He would love to play such a system.