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Fun To Be ONE Giveaway Birthday Celebration

These are the amazing products for our Fun To Be ONE Giveaway Birthday Celebration. I am so excited to be working with all of these amazing companies for our first year celebration. 

Baby Sling- (2)

Belly Wrap- (1)


The Maxx Elite Gentle Warm Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer w/Warm and Steady is a must have in all homes. It's a great gift this holiday season for expecting parents and caregivers. It would even be an awesome baby shower gift. 

This system does everything. "Gentle Warm" Preserve Nutrients has multi functions. 

  • Milk Warmer: 40C/104F
  • Food Warmer: 70C/212F
  • Sterilizer: 100C/212F 
With these awesome temp setting I don't have to boil water for sterilizing nipples. If you have ever over boiled a nipple and it warped, you would know exactly what I mean. 

Maxx Elite keeps the parents and caregivers in mind with their products. How many of you have stumbled through the house blindly asleep to make a bottle in the middle of the night? I can confidently say all of you. This system offers safety features that a new parent can appreciate. 
  • Auto Shut Off,
  •  One Touch Easy Operation, 
  • Can be used on any sizes bottle
  • 15 mins automatic sterilizing time (yay)
  • Gentle Warm Bottle Warming Preserves Nutrients 
  • Steady Warm- Maintains Desired Bottle Temp (Bring it to the bed table!)
  • Fast Heating energy saving
This system even offers emergency shut off.  If steady warm is on for a few hours and the water runs low, when it runs a sterilize cycle 12-15 minutes, or if the on board computer notices that i might over heat, it will shut off. Example; If the sterilization cycle is used 10 times back to back, it will shut off to cool down and will be ready for use after it reaches a safe temp.

BabyPinch Boutique - Prize Pack
BabyPinch Boutique Teethers

BabyPinch Boutique Teethers

Baby Pinch Boutique Wine Glasses

Zubles- Super Cute Reindeer 

BowTiger- Leak Proof Crib Sheets (1)

Stroller Organizer (1)

I was so excited about the Stroller Organizer. This is exactly what we needed for our trips to the park, to town, out of town. This is so easy to put on. It has velcro adjustable straps so it fits both of our strollers. It has so many awesome features. 

The drink holders are wide enough and deep enough to fit anything that I put in there. I can put cups, bottles, and even snacks. Since it has 2 round and 1 square insulated openings, our drinks and snacks stay fresh. This is great for the stuff that spoils fast. 

There are 4 pouches that hold a decent amount of stuff so I don't even have to carry my purse. I can fit my wallet, cards, cash in the zippered pouch with a magnet that goes over the top. My keys, and headphones and even a few snacks in the stretchy pouch. In the detachable zipper pouch I can easily stash a diaper and travel pack of wipes, for the just in case. There is a super handy stretchy pouch on the front that perfect for my phone.

Just to make is so much more convenient, it comes with a baby spoon/fork combo that is perfect for day trips. I couldn't be happier with the organizer. 

Baby seat cover (1)

This is exactly what we were needing. I really don't like the baby going right into the cart because there is no telling what was in it first. This is a nice and cozy fit. It is so convenient and easy to use. All of the velcro makes it stay right in place with out slipping.

If she falls asleep in the store she can rest her little face on something I know is clean and soft. The compartments to me make all the difference. The clear pouch fits my phone, card and coupons and they are securely closed placed. The pouches on the inside of the seat area are perfect for a cup, bottle, or the little toys that keep her entertained.

Baby Sonny Diaper Bag (1)

Baby Sonny Diaper Bag is an awesome diaper bag and fits perfectly everything that you need for a trip into town or a day at day care. The pockets are a great size and easily accessible. 

The strap is nice and wide so there is no digging or gouging even if the bag is heavy. It can carry a lot and even heavy stuff without stressing out the straps or seams. 

The interior liner is soft and this bag even comes with a very portable changing pad. I really like the changing pad because it's waterproof. If there is any mess that leaks pest the diaper, it won't get on anything during the change. Being a mom, I know what kind of messes can be made. 

You can see Baby Sonny on Social Media InstagramTwitter, & Facebook 

VenBaby Reusable Food Storage (1)

I really like this food storage container. It makes storing home made baby food so easy. I can make a whole batch and freeze what is not being used. I got it and used it right away. I wanted to see just how well it worked. I made a box of mac n cheese, filled the tray and popped it in the freezer. It holds just the right amount in the sections.

Its nice so I am not going to have to throw away anything that is extra. I can freeze it right up and know exactly what is going in the baby's tummy. I get so much more peace of mind out of that than trusting a label. This is a soft textured silicone that is super easy to wash.

Omnitots (1 Each)

Omnitots is offering 2 prizes into the giveaway. The Back Seat Car Mirror and the Back Seat Organizer. These are both really awesome products. They make traveling so much easier. The Car mirror is perfect for babies. This is super adjustable. I can see the whole baby. It can go long or short way. 

The Seat Organizer is so awesome. I love this for a lot of reasons. It grows with the baby. What I mean by that is it can hold all of the little things that will make convenience top priority when the baby is little. 

Then all the way up to Cassie's age (9) she can put her stuff in it so traveling isn't so boring or messy. She can put everything in there. Coloring stuff, Drinks, Snacks, her Reader, Headphones, and so much more. 

This fastens on so easy with the buckles. The straps adjust to fit any size seat. I have a mini van and they fit on my seats perfectly. Even her stuffed animals fit in there so easily. I love  the over sized pockets. They hold a lot without letting stuff fall out. 

The zipper pockets are perfect for the small stuff like pencils and crayons. It is completely detachable so she can color in her lap and then stick it back up when shes done. It makes her mess, not a mess. It's so nice to have all her stuff in one spot so we don't have to make extra stops or bend and reach and stretch to get the stuff that fell in the floor. 

The drinks pouches are big enough to hold her water bottle or milk chug. We even keep an extra pair of socks and a shirt in case for spills. It ll fits inside.

You can find them on social media Facebook & Twitter

LullaBaby Baby Suction Cup Bowl With Fork and Spoon Set (1)

These bowls are SO Cute!!  They have great features and are really convenient. They come with lids so that cuts down on waste. I love that. The suction cup base is a nice feature too. There is nothing like finding out the baby is full by the bowl and all of it's contents splatting on the floor.

These are microwaveable and dishwasher safe. That's so awesome for time saving. The lids are nice and secure so I can store the left overs and pre-made bowls without spills.

The spoon and fork set is just the right size for learning little hands that are trying to get the hang of it. 

I received this for free in exchange of an honest unbiased review. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email us directly at [email protected]


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    Jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  16. I am most excited about the LullaBaby Baby Suction Cup Bowl With Fork and Spoon Set.

  17. Super Cute reindeer and who doesn't need back of seat organization!

  18. Love the Bag Nation Diaper Bag it's my favorite but all the prizes are very nice!

  19. Love the Bag Nation Diaper Bag it's my favorite but all the prizes are very nice!

  20. I am loving the Maxx Elite Gentle Warm

  21. I'm most excited about the diaper bag, it looks stylish and can go with any outfit! I'm actually excited about every other prize too, since i'm expecting my second lil one in the spring!

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