4 Most Awesome Chargers You'll Love To Travel With

Do you have certain chargers that you bring with you on trips, while your traveling, I love different kinds of chargers, we have so many! We have in the car, for the car, on the  desk and in the pocket. We are always on the go and need our devices ready when we need them.

I work from home and the kids have games, take pictures, and have to keep up with the latest news from their friends. We have to be able to stay charged and ready for anything.

In this post i'm going to show you 4 awesome kinds of chargers, most with multi purposes and all of them awesome for traveling on vacation as well as being home and local. That's what we need.

I have worked with 1ByOne on previously product review. My last one was for Driveway Alarms. Of course I would want to work with them again.

 A mini portable Jump Starter  Kit. This can do so many cool things. It is so small I can carry my in my purse, in the glove box, tool box, console of the car, or just leave it in it's carrying case.

The carrying case  is so easy to use. It has a nice sized handle that is easy to grip my hand in and it's really light weight so there is no straining or hassle. It is so easy.

This set comes with the mini jumper cables so I can jump off anything smaller than a 5L engine. Like a car, lawn mower, truck, RV, ATV, boat, motor cycle, or even a dirt bike. I can charge any device. Smart phones, tablet, PSP, and laptop.

A feature I really love about this product is it can't be used backwards. I have always had a fear of blowing something up while using jumper cables. This has the spark proof feature that makes my life so much more easy. No ka-powy!

It charges so fast too. It's so good to know I have a reliable charger to fall back on. We bring this with us on all of our trips now.

The IntelliSmart 5A 4 Port Charger is great for our motel room. This is really good for travel but, this is the one that we bring with us everywhere we go. If we are home, we use it at home. On our trips, we bring it with us to where we are staying. We keep our cord in it. We both have our phones, he has a Samsung Galaxy and I have an iPad. This is perfect for our personal trips.

We like to be ready for what ever even if it is just to sit and play our games. We don't like our dead batteries. This 4 port charger, charges the devices at the same speed, fast. There is no lag by adding on more devices.

The QC 2.0 Car Charger is really fast on charging devices. This is another one that can charge anything with a USB. It has 2 usb ports so me and Aron can both charge our devices at the same time.

It doesn't take a long time to work either. Within a few minutes, the battery life increases. I love it. I live 20 minutes from town and even if my phone is dead it still charges. My old car charger wouldn't even charge my phone unless it was at 10% or more.

This will charge my phone if it is dead and powered off. I love it! Another thing that I noticed is I can use it even if my car is turned off. This is the first charger that works this way on my outlet. It is really convenient for when we are not driving.

It's really compact and even lights up blue when it's plugged in. I like that a lot because I hate turning the light on to find my charger when i'm driving.
Another awesome charger is the Limm Portable Charger. This one is very compact. I can fit this in my pocket with my phone. While it's charging. Yes I said that right. I can plug it in, put it in my pocket, my  purse, in the console, pretty much anywhere. It has an adapter so I can charge android and apple devices.

This is so easy when I am out walking or shopping or anywhere that I am not by an outlet. This is perfect for times that I don't want to be plugged in to a wall or vehicle.

Traveling with any of these great charges is perfect for us. They all have their own specific uses. The Portable Jump Starter is great in the emergency bag. The QualComm 2.0 is perfect for the front or back seat because there is usually 2 people in both places and this can charge 2 things at once. Limm Portable charger is great for the part of the trip when we have reached our destination and we are enjoying our adventure.

I received these for free in exchange of an honest, unbiased review. If you have any questions about these awesome products or would like to see your product here on Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]


  1. Nice chargers good information thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice chargers good information thanks for sharing.

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  4. I appreciate the recs. It can be tough to know which chargers are worth buying.

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