Finding That Perfect Person Isn't As Hard As You Think

What is your amazing love story? How did you meet your spouse? Everyone knows our story. Me and Aron met 9 1/2 years ago in the laundry mat. I actually love that story. He is my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my twin flame, most importantly, my husband. I don't know what I would do without him. 

When we met, we both had a long stay of lonely time. Both divorced single parents wanting relationships but not having time to find a meaningful one. Thanks to being in the right place at the right time and all of the magical forces of the universe, we met. 

That is the very short version of what is a really long life long story of the many times we almost met. We just weren't ready to meet yet. I appreciate the long wait and how everything played out and fell into place. 

Not everyone has that kind of time. Not everyone wants to be lonely and wait for that perfect relationship. It is so nice to have help. When I was younger Before Aron, I had a lot of help with all of the blind dates. My grama, my aunts, and my friends were all willing to help me find Mister Right Now. I didn't have the resources that are available now. is a website just for meeting your perfect match. It's not just the average dating site to help you find a Friday night dinner date. This is a website for helping find your Forever. 

There are great articles on Russian expectations. What to expect, dating ideas, dating after 40, and other great topics. Just scroll to the bottom of the main page and it's all mapped out.

Another really great perk of this site is it is available where ever you are!

There are 400,000+ profiles in the women gallery. Finding the perfect one by filtering through profiles is so easy. Picking age range, body type, hair color, and even the country you are searching for is just a click away.

This site also offers quick reply from the profile you choose. There is video chatting, messaging, and romance tours. This is so simple to use. 

I hope you find your happily ever after just like me and Aron have. We will be making magic and memories forever!!

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  1. Love your love story. I met my husband many years ago when he worked in a pet shop and my daughter went in to get crickets for our reptiles. My husband and I became friends for years, then dated for years and finally got married. This marriage is completely different from my first marriage.

  2. I just love your story. My hubby and I met at a meeting that was about something completely not romantic!

  3. Great story, I on the other hand have had no such luck.

  4. Loved reading your love story. Without even looking I, too found the love of my life. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I met my husband 37 years ago this coming Christmas. I was going through a troublesome divorce and he had just lost his brother to a car accident. We were both down and decided to spend Christmas together and the rest is history. We have had our ups and downs, raised four children, financial difficulties and most recently his health issues to overcome, cancer, and now my health issues. But we have persevered and are very happy together.

  6. I love your love story. My husband and I dated off and on from my 8th grade year and then through out high school. He was 2 years older, after his senior year he enlisted in the Army and eventually stationed in Germany. We decided to go our separate ways. 4 years ago (16 years after we last spoke) we got back into contact with each other via FB. Eventually he moved me out to Maryland where he works for the DOD. Now I have 2 beautiful step daughters and we were Married this past May. We are so truly happy together! :)

  7. I actually met my husband of going on ten years on :D

  8. I have never heard of this site before. It sound great for those looking for a partner for life. Thank you so much for sharing this

  9. With everyone meeting that of a special person differently these days, being fortunate to find a soul mate in that of one's life may not come easy for everyone. Thus, we all must understand the meaning of a special person without the need of looking solely at that of beauty, wealth, popularity etc. There have been several fish that I have never been able to catch. Though I see them each time I gaze upon the waters of opportunity but that of obstacles (primarily my health) have me stop and just sit and gaze at the happiness that fish brings to others. At times I feel lonely hoping that I might have a special female come my way; though I'm not sure that of what I can offer to her that she might not already have been given.... except that of being the person I am!

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