AquaDog by BulbHead As Seen On TV Review

Do you like to travel or go on adventures with your pets? We do. Our little guy Pudge goes with us all the time. He's the perfect size to bring with us. He loves the car and everywhere we go. To town or out of town, he's ready. I don't know how he does it but he can get to the car without even seeing him get out the door. He has got to be the sneakiest Boston Terrier in the world.

Ok so, the problem- water while were gone. We have portable dishes that we can bring with us but then we have to bring everything separately. We need a Pudge purse to keep all of the stuff that he needs.

So, a solution! AquaDog. Have you ever heard of it? I didn't until recently and I knew it would be perfect for us. A water mug for dogs on the go. PERFECT for us!

AquaDog is a water bottle designed for the active canine families. Just thinking about it, how many times do we stop off to get a drink or pack a cooler so we have drinks ready? Because we get thirsty. Little guys get thirsty too. It's not always easy to stop pour water then have to pour out the bowl when he's done. And the worst, filling his dish in the car on road trips and it spilling out in the floor (I love you floor mat) .One swift turn and it's a mess.

He's Pudge, sometimes he just wants to have a lap or two or even just sniff it to make sure it's still there. Who knows, but we end up wasting a lot of time and water bringing the bowl with us.

AquaDog is an easy one handed operation that gets him fresh water every time. There is no mess or spilling.

How it works

  • Fill the bottle up with water. 
  • Squeeze the bottle to fill the top
  • Little Buddy drinks the water
  • Done
This is so cool because it fits right in the drink holder in the car. Not only is that driving convenience but it has a strap that easily loops right onto a backpack or belt loop for hands free toting. This makes 

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