Easter Basket Stuffers: Magnaflex by Wowwee

We are so excited about our new relationship with WowWee. They are an amazing family company that has exceptional toys and robots for all ages. I am so excited to be showing you some of them this year. Starting with Magnaflex Bendable, connectable, magnetic strips. You might have seen them on TV. I did and was super impressed!

These Magnaflex kits aren't just your regular run of the mill magnetic building pieces. They are shaped to bring to life all kinds of creations. This means limitless hours of fun for alone time or playing with friends.

The sets are for 3+ aged kids. They can play and learn together. I love watching my daughters play with my nieces and nephews because they are all learning from each other.

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How They Connect...

These pieces have a few different ways to make them work which is really cool to me. It makes them so much more appealing. It's not a single sided - one way- type of thing. The ridges in the sides form a zipper with other pieces. The teeth make a nice hold to secure them into place. The magnets are at the tips and in the center so they can bend into their middle and make all kinds of cool shapes!

Creativity is absolutely endless on this! Hours and hours of imagination. The two sets each came with their own awesome collection of pieces.

The Animal set came with 8 Magnaflex strips, 4 white edge black middle disks, and 2 black edge white middle disks. I perfected the owl right away!
The Rainbow Set comes with 24 Magnaflex strips, 6 white edge black middle disks, and 6 black edge white middle disks.

King of the castle.
 Fit for a Queen

Headband for the Princess

Seriously the possibilities never end!! These sets are more than just toys. These are ways to help kids communicate. That may sound like it's a far stretch but, you should try it.

More than just a play thing.

Today, Cass came home from school not so happy with her spelling test. It happens. She gives it her all but, with her dyslexia, it doesn't always show on paper. Taking into consideration her words are not as advanced as the other kids in her class, if she gets a low grade, she is sad.

We sat down talking and she didn't want to talk about the test. Everything but the test. There was a girl at school that didn't get to buy a book at the book fair so Cass put her book back and got a less expensive book so she could buy her friend one. I love this kid. She is so big hearted.

I pulled out the Magnaflex Rainbow Set and was making stuff mindless creations really just to get her hands busy. Then it happened. She was making flowers and spelled it. FLOWER. For those of you that might not know "Flower" is a 4th-grade word. My little munchkin, who is barely on a 4th-grade level had it on her mind that one of her friends could spell it and so could she, she just couldn't write it on paper without messing up a few times.

Her little hands snapped and bent as she confessed to how bad her heart was broken because she is struggling so hard to be like the other kids, She has more determination, heart, and perseverance than most people I know. I love the tools that the Magnaflex Sets have become to our family.

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I received these sets for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about these products or would like to see what else is in our Easter Basket Gift Guide please click HERE.

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