Womb to Walking RockAbye Rockers Review

For this Womb to Walking, baby gift guide we have been working with some of the most amazing companies. RockAbye Wooden Rockers are one of these amazing companies. They have something so special I was so excited looking at all of the cute designs and the seating options.

I was allowed to pick 2 of my most favorite and they just arrived the other day. Oh, My Goodness!! They are so SWEET!! My voice got higher pitched like I was talking to a baby when I got them out of their boxes. It is serious cuteness overload! The Sailboat and Beatrice the Bunny.

First of all, I have 2 amazing announcements to go along with this review.
#1: Everything is half off!! They are $159 and with the after the holiday blowout sale, they are only $79.50!! I LOVE sales like this.
#2: We get to do a giveaway!! Yes! One of you will be receiving your very own RockAbye Wooden Rocker.

So, let's talk about special features. These guys can be personalized. Right on their wooden rocker, you can add in the letters you want. With space available for 11 letters including spaces, adding in that special first name, nickname, or last name. We had ours personalized for our Great Nephew, DJ.

The design is absolutely amazing! They are so sturdy. They are definitely made to hold up to active little kids that are learning and loving life. These are recommended for up to 3-year-old kids but they can support up to 80lbs. That is way more than the average 3-year-old. 80lbs will cover an average 8-year-old in case you are trying to get the weight visual. Like I had mentioned already, these are built to last!

Not that these little guys need any extras because they are so awesome already, they have more!  They each offer conveniently placed buttons for learning songs that teach ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes and more. Some other special features include the textures that squeak and crinkle.

Our first pick is the America the Sailboat Play and Rock RockAbye. We got is Personalized for my great nephew DJ. He has got to be the sweetest, cutest baby I have seen in a long time. He's going to LOVE IT. The buttons are right by the wheel.  Everything about it is perfect for learning little hands.

The design is so awesome. The rockers are rounded and they have a flat spot on the ends to keep it from rocking too far forward.  That's an awesome feature for safety, The seat in the design is awesome. With a back on it that gives more stability to the rider. I love these rockers.
The second RockAbye rocker is equally as adorable. This Beatrice Bunny Play and Rock is a bunny pulling cart. She is so cute!! Her special buttons are on the back of her head for her learning songs, counting 1-10, shapes, and more. Beatrice is so soft and plush she's like a big stuffed animal. The carriage has a wooden back for extra support. My niece Kaya loves her so much. She's so cute to look at and play with. The smooth rocking motion is safe and sturdy.

I want to share something from the companies website that I find amazing and proud to be a supporter.
Rockabye has a mission to redefine the classic rocking horse for a new generation of babies and toddlers.  With fresh cuter than cute designs, the highest quality fabrics from around the world, high quality North American maple hardwood, hand crafting in our American factory and “Made in the USA”* quality make Rockabye baby and toddler rocking animals far and away the highest quality, best selling, safest rocking toys in the world.  One of many examples of this “Made in the USA”* advantage is we use a special water based American made Sherwin Williams brand lacquer to seal the wood that is baby/toddler safe unlike imported rockers that have used oil based flammable lacquer manufactured overseas by unknown manufacturers in many cases that have even been publicized as having unsafe levels of lead in paints and lacquers on toys.  Rockabyes cost a little more than rockers made in other countries but we think you will agree that they are worth it for at least the peace of mind that they are built, assembled and inspected by American workers of the highest quality new safe highest quality materials.  We put in the extra time and money to create a product that we would want our children playing on before we ask you to have your precious baby play on it.
I love these RockAbye Wooden rockers. I wish I would have had them for my girls when they were little. These are heirloom quality rockers that are sure to make it through what these kids can dish out. They are so sturdy and built so solid. The fabric is wonderfully textured and soft to the touch.

You can find RockAbye on Facebook and Instagram

I received these for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about these products, please feel free to reach us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We love hearing from you!!!


  1. Oh-my-goodness-how-cute-can-these-be?

  2. These are so stinkin' cute!!! The bunny one would be perfect for a first Easter or really anytime. I love them!

  3. i am getting one for my grandson