Air Dragon by BulbHead Review~ So Cool!!

Abby just got her drivers permit. It's so awesome and so scary at the same time. She is an amazing driver and so far hasn't made me cry at all except for the fact that she IS old enough to drive. How that 16 years snuck up on my is still a question I'd like an answer for. 

Keeping her prepared for anything that may happen while she's on the road is a huge responsibility of ours. Making sure she knows how to check the oil, water, tires, and keep the gas above 1/4 tank is stuff that I can't stress enough. 

We have an "Emergency Road Side" bag that we keep in all the vehicles just in case there is something a little extra thrown into the plans. 

Flat tires are always a big concern for me because we live in such a rural area. We have so many areas where service is bad and calls can't be made and old country roads that are completely unavoidable in our travel. 

We just got to work with BulbHead on another AMAZING review that takes our emergency roadside kit to a whole new level. This is the Air Dragon from Bulb Head. It is SO COOL. 

The Air Dragon has its handheld design is comfortable to use and only requires one person which is great because we are trying to teach Abby to be self-sufficient. Help is great but, someone else isn't always going to be here when tragedy strikes. With Air Dragon, we know she has something that she can confidently use when she is out there on her own. 

So, what the Air Dragon is, is a handheld portable air compressor that compresses air without a tank or a bulky machine to make it work. It comes with other pins so inflating tires isn't the only thing that it does. 

Filling balloons, air mattresses, pool toys, kiddy pools, sports equipment, and anything else that may be inflated! How cool is that?! 

One of the features I really love on this thing is the set and go PSI. Set it to the desired pressure and it stops itself. There is no stopping to check, keep going, keep going, oh, I've gone too far, let it out, Crap that was too much, add some more. That's what happens to me anyway.

I will never forget my first flat tire. I was 17 and just got off work. I noticed my tire was low so with a hope and a prayer, I went to the gas station to get air. It was the big machine that was a part of the car wash. I dug out four quarters to get the air and saw that my tire was getting lower and lower, it was going to be a flat not just low. I freaked out and called my mom- Had to dig out another four quarters to use the pay phone yes, a pay phone. 

With her coaching me through, I realized I had the air nozzle on backward and let the rest of the air out. I was lucky I didn't deflate it off the rim she said. I sat in my car, cried, and then finished adding the air to the tire. Guess what, it was fine. My tire wasn't going flat. I felt like a complete idiot. That's where I get the motivation to make sure Abby knows what she is doing. 

What comes in the box:
Car Power Cable (14 feet)
Pressure Hose
Ball Adapter Pin
Balloon Adapter Pin

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