Hurricane Spin Broom Review and Giveaway Announcement

Cleaning up the house is something that no one likes to do. It really is back breaking work sometimes. Especially if you have kids, pets, and a job. It takes a lot of work to keep a whole house tidy. What I have just got to witness... It doesn't have to be that bad!

There are a lot of amazing products on the market to help with the workload and make lite of a big task. I have been working with BulbHead on quite a few campaigns lately I have been so impressed with the cool stuff they come up with. I did a review awhile back on a Hurricane Spin Scrubber so, of course, I was super excited about this one.

Sweeping is one of those things I can't skim. I have the kids in and out all day, leaving trails like Hansel and Gretal all over the house. Believe me, it's not necessary, our home isn't that big. The pets leave me awesome chewed up stuff and pet hair that clings to the corners that are a pain to get up.

When I sweep, I have to make contact with the whole floor in the whole house from corner to corner, all at one time or it will be pointless. The dust and hair will float to the next room and settle so I will have to do it again later if I don't do it all at one time.

You know me, yes. A solution. The Hurricane Spin Broom.

This is a super lightweight sweeper. As far as carrying it goes, I can't tell a difference in the weight of my broom and the weight of the Hurricane Spin Broom. It has a few awesome spinning brushes so I don't have to sweep.

The back and forth motion of a broom have a way to twist me up if I get too into it. With the Hurricane Spin Broom, it is an easy vacuuming motion with basically no impact on my wrist, shoulders, or elbow. It's awesome.

Getting it together from opening the box to fully put together was less than five minutes. The handle comes in 3 sections that screw together. They easily twist right into each other and it's self-explanatory. There are instructions but, I didn't need them. The top piece has a loop, the bottom piece slides into the head, and the middle piece goes in between the ends. Very easy.

This is an awesome user powered broom. There are no batteries to worry about running dead. The pushing motion is what makes the spinners go. This is a one-handed operation instead of the traditional two-handed operation that the traditional broom uses.

There is a bonus "rake" that comes with the broom. This is so cleaning the spinners won't leave a sticky mess on your hands. I love that because I don't like getting a bunch of mess on my hands. I can't get over how easy this is to use.

When the job is all done and it's time to empty the trap, all it takes is the push of the button on the back and empty it. It's a mess-less chore.

One of my favorite parts is there is no bending over to pick up the dirt with the dust pan. Do you know what that means? There is no dirt mark to chase down!

Since Aron has been in his wheelchair, he has been so limited on what he can and can't do as far as house chores. He can't stand or walk so that takes away most of it. With the Hurricane Spin Broom, he can sit in his wheelchair and still help out. Having just that little bit of freedom makes a huge difference in his morale. It makes me happy to see him be able to participate in stuff. It's been 10 weeks since the last surgery so he's been having to sit out a lot.

So would you like to hear another amazing thing about this broom? We get to give one away!! One of my amazing readers will get to have one too! Check back on May 17th through May 31st.

If you would like a broom that makes such a great help and really get the floors clean easily, check out the Hurricane Spin Broom from BulbHead. I received this for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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  1. i would love to win this i have back problems and it is hard to sweep the floors

  2. I've had 4 back surgeries and headed for #5 after a drunk patient broke my back! I'd LOVE to have this! Would be SO helpful!