Womb to Walking Diono rXT Convertible Car Seat Review

Well, everyone, it's here. I mean in my house delivered yesterday, HERE. Now I get to tell you all about it. I'll just start with the one question I was asked a few years ago that I thought was a random, just for the conversation, kind of question.

What are your dream companies and why?

A fellow blogger asked what my top three dream baby companies were and why. We talked about it several times over the past few years. You guys all know my obsession with baby products. It's real. I love reviewing baby stuff and I was able to collaborate with one of my TOP DREAM COMPANIES to do it.

Diono!! I just sang that in my head. And in case you were ever wondering, It's not possible for me to clap and type. I have been my own biggest cheerleader for about 18 hours now. I have called so many people just to rub it in.

So, now you know who the company is, would you like to know why? The superior quality, their passion for safety, and overall amazing products. My sister has the Black Scarlet Diono Radian rXT for my niece Kaya, and it's mind-blowing. I had never seen a car seat like it before.

I just got the Essex Radian rXT for our review. I was so excited, I met the delivery guy at his truck and I carried it in like a trophy. Aron laughed at me, seriously, this makes me happy.

Do you remember when your babies were little or do you have a baby? Are you expecting one anytime soon? As a parent, we want to make sure our babies are safe and secure like they are when we are carrying them. We want them cradled and comfortable from home to destination, right?

The laws and regulations for a baby car seat in a vehicle, safest positions, and weight restrictions have really changed over the past few years.  There really is so much more to it than putting the baby in a seat and hitting the open road. There are so many safety resources out there, the best way to be safe is to be educated.

In our state, a new law is going into effect that changes what I have always known about car seats. When my girls were babies, they were in a rear-facing seat until they were one year old, front facing until they were 3, in a booster until 60lbs.

Now, babies should be in a rear-facing car seat until they are 2 years old, for the safest transport. Personally, I love it. The only problem with most rear-facing car seats is there no leg room. With the  Radian rXT, there is plenty of leg room, superior comfort and easily adjusted straps to give your little one the best possible ride.

Opening the box.

Inside the box, everything is packed up so nice. The excess straps were fastened in place so they weren't flopping around or tangle up, I appreciate that. I don't like untangling straps. The seat was securely in its folded position.

Just so you know, the red strap is velcro, I pulled the handle, turned it from front to back and side to side, nothing. I took a deep breath and calmed down my excitement and had the Ah Ha, moment. it was velcro, I undid the strap and I opened it in seconds.

At the top of the seat, there is a booklet that covers everything you need to know about the seat, how to adjust it, convert it over to a booster, and explains how to fold it back up for easy toting.

Right away, I got the seat adjusted for my great nephew DJ. He's 10 months old. What I think is really awesome about it is, he will never need another car seat, ever. This seat is made for 5lbs to 120lbs. Starting as a rear-facing car seat, it then flips around to front facing and then converts over to a booster seat.

Rear Facing

This seat is so easy to install as a rear-facing. It goes right in the car and it can stay there. It doesn't have to be carried like a baby carrier or anything. Buckle it in and leave it alone. I do remember the days of buckling and unbuckling the carrier every time we went anywhere. Even if it was store to store, not only buckling the little guys into their seat but, buckling the seat into the car.

This seat base attaches very quick and simple. The notches fit right into place and the metal tab fits in the hole. The best part is it only fits one way so there isn't a mix-up :) The base makes it sit perfectly in the car at the perfect angle. The baby has great comfort while the parents get the satisfaction of knowing the baby is super safe.

The seatbelt goes through the tunnel in the base that holds it in place. That means there is no seatbelt in the front of your little guy. My nephew has a carrier and the seatbelt goes across the carrier and his lap, it didn't take long to learn how to get his feet up and over the belt.

The superLATCH is so cool to me, yes, another feature I had not seen on another car seat. This is a strap that attaches to the frame on the car to hold it securely in place.

Front Facing

This seat is awesome for little guys that are getting bigger. The cushions are removable and washable. Yes, that right, no chicken nugget crust is going to get this seat down.

The straps even have cushions so the little one doesn't have any dig marks in their skin. The base is removable for forward facing, and the bottom is adjustable to make sure you get the right angle for you car's seat.

Booster Seat

As far as the booster seat goes, its already the booster. All you have to do is remove the 5-pt harness and use it with the lap belt. It doesn't get any easier than that. There is no break away that you have to worry about. It's continuously the sturdy seat you want to use with your little one.

Carrying Options

This seat can be toted in 4 different ways. This is a great option for parents that have to bring their kid to day care and someone else is picking them up. I had to do that when Abby was little and we ended up buying a second car seat because the one I had was too much of a pain for my grama to wrestle in the car.

The Padded Shoulder Strap and Car Seat Bag are an accessory that can be purchased.Check out the website to find retailer.

This is a great car seat all the way around. It's definitely perfect for the every day user. What makes it so nice is we have 2 vehicles a car and SUV. We can move the car seat from one to the other really easily. Even though it's a big car seat, it's not too heavy.

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We love hearing from you!!

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