BenQ treVolo Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

How do you listen to your music? We listen to music all of the time just about everywhere we go. With most of our music being digital, we all have earbuds and aux cables that we bring with us everywhere. BenQ has blown me away with their awesome speaker by treVolo. This thing is crazy amazing!!

For starters, I love the freedom of Bluetooth speakers. I can go where I want when I want - wirelessly. Nothing to limit me or keep me in one certain area, I am unstoppable!

I can turn my music on and control it with my phone, smart devices, or just attach it to my computer or laptop by the earbud port and listen to it that way. It's so simple to use and I love it!!! This one has sound clarity and loudness with the convenience of its compact body. It's the perfect addition to our music library.

What's in the box-

treVolo S Speaker
Power Adapter
Quick Start Guide
Warranty Guide

The speaker is compact and lightweight. I like how it opens up and delivers 3D sound. We were listening to it today and our company thought we had speakers in the corners. Nope, it was just the treVolo S.

The major points I love and agree with.

Long play time

We haven't made it to 18 hours of continuous play time but playing it several occasions without charging it, yes, it does. It connects easily to our devices and stays connected. The blue flashing light lets me know it's ready to sync. The sound indicator when connects is quick confirmation that I'm ready to hear my playlist.

Non-Distorted 3D Sound

Yes! This speaker is top notch. The vocal clarity is more than amazing. I am using my best descriptive words here and I don't think I am coming up with good enough words. I couldn't believe the sound quality of the music but the vocals are crystal clear. This is superior sound.

Edgy Everywhere Design

This totally tote-able speaker comes with a carrying pouch that keeps all of the pieces (plug and speaker) together and ready to go when I'm ready to go.

The controls are super user-friendly. The buttons are all on the top and easy to touch. There is a Play/Pause, Bluetooth, Volume Up, Volume Down, Power, and Mode buttons. The mode button switches between live and party sound.

This is the perfect speaker to buy as a personal gift or as a gift for someone special. I know the look on Aron's face when he thought it was for him and I said no it's for me! HA Priceless! This is definitely a winner!

You can check out BenQ treVolo S Bluetooth Speaker on the BenQ Website or on Amazon.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected]

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