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It's summertime!! Were here in it now. No school, no alarm clocks, fun fun fun is all around us. So if your family is like ours, that excitement lasts about 2 or 3 days and the kids are SO BORED. Not only are they SO BORED they are SO SUPER BORED.

Let me tell you, that's always a blast. I spend twice as much time at the desk. It's not because I am working more or getting more done, it's because they come in here 5 thousand times an hour to update me on progress. The progress of WHAT you ask. Everything and nothing at the same time.

This is a recap of one simple conversation with my middle schoolers.

Me: Good morning guys. Get dressed and have breakfast. Throw your clothes in the hamper when you're done.
Kid: I picked up my socks, what now?
Me: ok, did you pick up the rest of your clothes?
Kid: No, I'll be back.
Me: Ok
**5 minutes later**
Kid: Mom, I had a snack, what next?
Me: Ok did you throw your snack wrappers away? Did you pick up your clothes?
Kid: No, I'll be back.
** 2 minutes later**
Kid: Mom, What's for lunch?
Me: Didn't you just eat breakfast AND a snack. It's 9A.M.
Kid: Ya, but I'm bored.
Me: Can you wait until noon for lunch?
Kid: Yes.
Me: Ok go play.
Kid: Go play what?
Me: I don't know what sounds like fun?
Kid: Coloring and stuff.
Me: ok cool, go do that.
Kid: Ok.
(45 seconds later)
Kid: Can we go to the Dollar Tree?
Me: Sure, when? For What?
Kid: Right Now. I want to get new art stuff.
Me: Get the stuff you already have and play with it. You have 3 drawers and a cabinet full of stuff.
Kid: I lost it.
Me: All of it?
Kid: I'm missing green.
Me: What part of the Green? Crayons, pencils, markers, or paint?
Kid: I don't know.
Me: Are you messing with me?
Kid: Nope
Me: Call Grammy and ask when she's coming over.
Kid: Will she bring me to the store?
Me: If I'm lucky!

So, that's a taste of what happens here well before my brain is ready for it. I don't know how I manage to do it every summer without losing my mind. Just so you know, school just got out this past week. I am already ready for Grammy to come to get them for the week. Even an overnight would be fun!

What do I really do? It's Boredom Busters Fellow parents, grandparents, caregivers in general. Do Not lose your mind or your patience. I will be showing you awesome toys and games for kids so they won't go over-bored (hahaha).

E-Blox Starter Parts

What comes in the box?

1 Block foundation plus 24 building pieces.

Every light up piece (6 included) has a letter and a + symbol on it. The letter is for the color. G- green, R- red, B- blue. The + symbol is to let the builder know where to place the block.

They are so easy to play with and set up.

There are so many awesome options to set these up and make cool designs. This one just took a few minutes to put together.

As a parent, I appreciate the "+" symbol being on each block. It makes for a more successful building experience.

Let me know what you think. Would this completely brighten up your kid and their boredom blues? Find the Starter Pieces and other sets on their website.

Power Blox Starter • $32.99 • Ages 8+
E-Blox Stories-The Cave • $54.99 • Ages 8+
E-Blox Stories – The Island • $54.99 • Ages 8+

Just for a little more fun, we are hosting a giveaway in the coming week for the winners choice of these sets (Power Blox Starter, The Cave, or The Island). What would be your choice?

E-Blox Winners Choice Giveaway

6/5 to 6/19
Open to the Continental US
1 Winner 
RV $32.99-$54.99

Power Blox Starter • $32.99 • Ages 8+
E-Blox Stories-The Cave • $54.99 • Ages 8+
E-Blox Stories – The Island • $54.99 • Ages 8+

Click Here  6/05 to 6/19 for your chance to win. 

Thank you to all of the bloggers promoting this giveaway! I appreciate all of you for your hard work and helping our readers get really awesome prizes!

Now for the fun stuff. This giveaway is open to US. There are daily bonus entries so please check back tomorrow. Share it with your family and friends, they'll want to enter to win too!!

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