Two Portable Speakers That Will Get You Jamming Out Anywhere

We have been sharing so many awesome tips on traveling this summer. For us, music comes with traveling. We listen to music, we sing, we make up parodies of songs. Every single person in our family has been in some type of music class whether it was singing or playing music, we all love it.

So, it's just natural for us to listen to music while we are in the car, hanging out at the lake, the park, our walks or anything that gets us moving, we like music. I have worked with several speaker brands and Ancord and AncordWorks have proven to cover every need we have!

We have covered waterproof, shockproof, floatable, submersible, and tiny. All of their speakers are portable and Bluetooth. It's crazy how much sound can come out of these little speakers. This is a tiny little party.

The Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is small and surprising. Even though I have high expectations for Ancord to begin with, this still surprised me, in a good way. This is LOUD and clear.   It comes with a cord strap and a charging cable.

Pairing is so easy. I turned it on turned on the Bluetooth on my phone. Clicked the "AW3R1" and it instantly paired. The speaker has a stop/play option on the bottom of it for easy control. The volume and song selection is controlled by your device.

The Sutter bonus feature is awesome. Have you ever wanted to take a selfie that your arms just aren't long enough for? I have. I do it all the time. A matter of fact, I didn't get to be in one of our family pics at Six Flags because I couldn't get in the shot. Well, this awesome little party maker is also a shutter button.

The power button is the control all for this little speaker. Turning it on just push and hold until you hear the sound. Then it is on and ready for playing music, listening to your favorite mp3, or taking pictures.

It is so simple going back and forth between the functions. It's easy as a 1, 2, or 3, second hold on the power button.

This is so simple to use.

One Click Function
In speaker mode-One click play/pause

In picture mode- One click takes pictures

Two Click Function

For shutter mode, push and hold the power button for two seconds. that switches it over and when it's in shutter mode, it's just one click to take the pictures.

Three Second Hold

Push and hold for three seconds to power on. Push and hold for three seconds to power it off.

The AncordWorks Triangle TWS waterproof Bluetooth Speaker IPX7

The AncordWorks Triangle speaker is very cool. It comes with everything you need to take the party to the beach. This is a waterproof speaker that has amazing bass and sound quality.

Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your device and turn on the speaker. Within 30 seconds it will show up on your scan. For my phone, it took less than 10 seconds. Look for the AW20. I like the smart lock feature on my phone. That way it automatically pairs. If you are using the aux cable, it automatically turns off the Bluetooth capability. So Easy!!

The features of this speaker are the 10 hours of play time. Easy to use buttons. Built-in microphone for calling. Super bass. Triangle shape for all direction sound. This is a bigger way to throw out a bigger noise.

The waterproof feature is amazing. The section where the charger and the aux cable ar located are covered by a heavy-duty rubber plug like cover that keeps it completely safe from getting wet. That means tub side or poolside, the music doesn't have to stop. It's awesome. Who doesn't love a long soak or a swim with music?

There are so many situations that a portable speaker would come in handy. A picnic at the park, a hike, doing lawn work, cleaning around the house, taking a bath or shower, and even out biking. The

If you love music as much as we do, liven the party with a portable speaker. You can find both of these on Amazon and both available with free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

 AncordWorks Triangle TWS waterproof Bluetooth Speaker IPX7
Available in orange with black.

The Ancord Micro Bluetooth Speaker
Available in silver, gold, and blue.

I received these in free or reduced price to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly. 
Amy Groves- [email protected]

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