e-Reading LED Task Lamp | BenQ ScreenBar Plus Review

It's that time again! Back to school time is all about preparing our kids for the adventures that are about to happen. My daughter is starting her last year of high school and it's been a crazy exciting time. I can't believe it, my little baby is almost an adult!!! This school year is already posing many challenges. We are looking at dual enrollment for the first time, Yikes. Thankfully, Ben-Q is already offering easy helpful solutions to the heavy workload.

Dual enrollment means some class time and a lot of computer time. I want her to succeed in everything that she sets out to do. With that being said, making her more comfortable while she's taking her classes is very important to me. I don't want her to feel any unneeded stress or regret for speeding up the high school experience.

Being online for school is just like being online for work. That means that I am working on a computer screen all of the time. I may appear to be working for a few hours per day but, I spend countless hours preparing my articles, editing images, researching facts and so much more. Not to mention the hours I get lost is funny animal videos on youtube. That causes severe eye strain. Thanks to Ben-Q, I don't have to worry about that.

The e-Reading LED Task Lamp | BenQ ScreenBar Plus is perfect for all types of computer screens. Since it balances and there is barely any assembly required, it is really nice for students and people like me that work online. It's so simple. less than five minutes from opening the box to using it.

How it works.

The Bar Light from Ben Q is a solid bar light that balances right on the top of the computer. It only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen. That is amazing for someone like me, that has a lot of screen time. Even if you don't have a lot of screen time, it makes an awesome balance with the lighting. It's even great for someone that doesn't want to disturb others that may be working on other projects or even sleeping. My bedroom desk is right nowt to my bed, I don't know how many times I have woken Aron up by the lamp shining in his face, oops, sorry, babe.

The Dial

The controls on this light are all on the dial. It's so easy to use because the dial is right next to my keyboard. The first bar light we reviewed has all touch operation. This light is the same in a lot of ways but the power control is all on the dial.

The dial is simple to operate.

Light Sensor- allows for the auto adjust to work properly
Auto Dimmer- Allows the light to dim to the perfect light
Brightness Adjustment Indicator- the light lets you know which function is on.
Power/Dial-  press to turn on or off, when on rotate to adjust lighting
Hue adjustment Indicator- the light lets you know which function is on.
Brightness/Hue Adjustment Switch allows you to toggle between the brightness and hue adjusters

A Balancing Act

The balancing system is the perfect counterweight for even lightweight screens. It rests right on the top of the screen and aims straight down to hit all of the right areas on the desk. I love being able to type without using the lamp or the computer screen as my only source of light.

The power cord connects to the back of the bar. There is a convenient hole to plug it in through so there are no bent or kinked wires.

Power Source 

This is a unique and brilliantly thought layout. At the same time very simple power plug. It's USB so you can run it right off of the computer that you're using. I love that option. Whether it's my desktop or all in one, it plugs right into the USB port on the tower or the back of the monitor.

The way that my desk is set up, My tower is set on the shelf below my desk so I use a 5 plug usb power source for all of my desk stuff. This is perfect for the bar light.

Because of the wire placement on the bar, I never have to fight with the power cord running in front of my screen. It goes right behind without a problem.

Quality and Reliability

BenQ offers so many options with lighting for your home or office. We worked with them on several reviews and have never been disappointed. You can check out our review of our E-Reading Genie Lamp.

Check out BenQ for all of your office lighting needs. They have dependable high-quality lighting that lasts forever!

Check out BenQ on their website and social media to keep up with all of their latest products and sales!
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  1. Oh, I need one of these. Our lighting just really stinks. I mean, what builder decides bedrooms need no overhead lights??

  2. This is awesome! I love that it sits on the top of your monitor, allowing for the perfect lighting! I can definitely see how it would save your eyes. Thanks for your review!

  3. that is such a nice light,,i need a good light for my computer desk

  4. Very interesting. I'm intrigued by the fact that it doesn't give a glare off the computer screen.

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