Glam up your Bikini with Luxurious Body Chain

If you have been following paparazzi photos of Hollywood A-listers, you have probably already come across of handful of stars being snapped on their beach getaways. We always look forward to how they flaunt their beach bodies in their most fabulous bikinis and as you browse through these photos, you might have found yourself eyeing on their body chains! Just when you thought there’s no other way to accessorize your bikinis!

Well, we have seen stars like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Candice Swanepoel totally rock these luxurious body chains. You can try it for yourself, too. Its unique touch can absolutely transform your regular bikini to a complete head turner!

Giving your Traditional Bikini an Added Twist

Bikini swimsuits come in many different varieties and one can be an accessory on its own. That does not mean that you can no longer step up your beach game by layering more accessories on it! Body chains have been conquering the fashion world today and the reason is obvious – they are elegant and very easy to style. Body chains are basically just like long necklaces and link bracelets but they feature finer chains to create a more subtle look. In addition to that, the beauty of body chains is its broad selection of designs which allows you to choose the perfect one that fits your preference, body type and bikini style. Some are plain gold or silver chains while others feature crystal stones and beads for added color and sparkle. The elegance that body chains add to your usual bikini makes it more noticeable especially for beach parties.

Wearing and Styling your Body Chains 

Styling your body chains can give you at least 9 fashion possibilities. There are no standard rules when it comes to fashion and so wearing your body chain is still pretty much all about how you want it to look on you. After all, there are many different ways to flaunt a body chain. You can wear it over your bikini just like how you would wear a looped necklace or around your waist area just like a decorative belt. Beaded or crystal-encrusted body chains also make a perfect match to break the monotony of plain colored bikinis. As the links come in flattering lines, a nice body chain can also highlight the shape of your body positively. This can draw more attention to your entire look without looking overly dramatic. Body chains are deemed quite fancy regardless of what type of bikini you’re wearing so there’s no doubt that layering one over your swimsuit can totally transform your look!
If you think matching body chains are only limited to bikinis, well give that one a second thought. Body chains are basically a type of versatile jewelry that you can also wear over a beach skirt or sundress. You are also free to layer it over casual clothing or nightgowns – the possibilities do not stop at bikinis! The key is to be creative and confident with your own sense of style. Go flaunt it whatever the occasion might be!

Opting for Body Chains of the Best Quality

Bikini body chains have become immensely popular in the recent years. Its growing popularity comes with more brands and stores carrying the said accessory. It can be a real challenge to narrow your choices down! While there are tons of different gorgeous styles out there, the quality should always be the number one factor to be taken into consideration. Body chains aren’t your typical fancy jewelry. Think of your body chain as a type of active jewelry. It won’t be sitting still on your body especially if you are going to wear it to a beach party. It is an accessory that will deal with a lot of active movements, not to mention how it will also be exposed under the sun and in the water for long hours. Keeping these things in mind, you wouldn’t want a low-quality body chain that easily breaks and tarnishes, right?

This is exactly why you should carefully choose where you are getting your body chains at. Look for a store that specializes in swimwear and body chains. Additionally, doing your own research won’t hurt! Always take some time to look for reviews and familiarize yourself with the materials used to make sure you are getting only the best. If you are going to depend on Google for this, very popular keywords such as ‘bikini body chain’, ‘body chain for swimwear’, ‘body chain bikini’ and ‘swimwear body chain’ should take you to credible websites that will guide you in choosing high-quality body chains.

Beware of knock-offs and stores that post misleading photos of their body chain products. As it is a growing fashion trend, some vendors will try to trick you by using stolen photos to sell their fake versions. This is why screening through reviews is very important!

Bikini Body Chains for a more Luxurious Vibe

You totally do not need a $300 swimsuit just to pull off a luxurious style in the beach – a $30 bikini body chain should suffice! Even the simplest body chain designs can give your regular or micro bikini suit a luxurious uplift. Here’s a great store where you can buy a micro bikini at prices which start from as low as $10.99… that’s dirt cheap, right?!

Feel free to choose a design that would go well with the style of your beachwear and you will instantly notice the difference. Especially if you are not a fan of heavy and colorful prints in bikinis, a dainty body chain would perfectly complement your minimalist taste. High-quality body chains won’t cost you an arm and a leg so you don’t even have to sweat about its affordability!

Don’t be afraid to Mix and Match

Matching your fashion options is just a matter of symmetry. Take the prints and cuts of your bikini into consideration when it comes to choosing a body chain to match it. For instance, if your bikini features a low cut right beneath the belly button, a triple string body chain should perfectly complement the lower half of your body.

True enough, you do not have to look like million dollar glitter ball just to stand out in the crowd. With subtle fashion tweaks and a personality oozing with confidence, you can definitely rock any type of bikini and body chain you want.

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  1. I have definitely never though about adding a body chain to my bikini before! It looks great! Thanks for sharing!