Not Parent Approved Is The Perfect Card Game for 8+

How much time do we as adults spend online? I work online, I play online, even when I'm doing household chores, grocery shopping, and yes, sometimes even using the bathroom, I am online. The only activity that I do completely without a screen in my face, is sleep. Since I am being completely honest here, I fall asleep reading sometimes and I wake up during the night when my phone goes off to answer emails. There is a fine line in the media world from dedicated and loyal to being obsessed and addicted to technology.

That being said, have you noticed the normal time our kids spend online? My kids are totally into online/screen time. For the positive part, they are both doing school work online. My oldest in dual enrollment for high school and college and my youngest doing all of the work online. That is normal for us. In addition to that, they play online. My oldest is a gamer and my youngest is a social media buff. Even when they aren't directly on their screen time, they use their phones for music, GPS, timers, recipes, you name it. Everything they need is on their devices.

I know that is the world we live in, there is nothing we can do about slowing technology and I wouldn't want to but, there are some lost loves that I am making sure my kids know about. Life experience is very important to me too. I'm ok with my kids enjoying all of the advancements in the online world as long as they are still enjoying real life too. Simple stuff like traveling, board games, flea markets, and dine in restaurants, not only delivery.

At home, we always use board games for family nights and power outages. They are so much fun!! We just had the opportunity to work with Not Parent Approved on a tabletop game that will get all the kids laughing. This game is recommended for bigger kids (8+).

This game is like a kids version of Cards Against Humanity. Pre-teens and teens would love this game. Players can get creative by filling in the blank cards with their own questions and answers. The recommended gameplay is 4-10 players and the time range is 6-60 minutes.

What I Got

For our review, we received the whole line up of the Not Parent Approved cards.

1 Not Parent Approved Card Game

  • 455 cards- includes question and answer cards
  • Game Rules booklet   

1 Expansion pack #1

  • 20 Blue question cards
  • 60 Red answer cards

1 Expansion pack #2 -

  • 20 Blue question cards
  • 60 Red answer cards

1 Expansion pack Blank
  • 20 Blue blank cards
  • 60 Red blank cards

How to play the game

The directions for the gameplay are super simple.

Everyone draws 7 Red Answer cards.

Everyone Burp, the best burper gets to be the Burp Boss.

The Burp Boss changes with each round.

The job of the burp boss is to present the question card. then each player gives their best answer card. The Burp Boss rates the answers and gives the winner the question card. The question card is worth 1 point. When the game is over, the players add up their points, most points win.

The one thing that makes this game so cool is it can be played anywhere.  The game length is decided by the players. What I mean is, if the kids bring it to school on a free day, they can play for the free period. If they want to play for hours they can. It's very open-ended. This would be a fun way to get kids interacting in a classroom setting too. 

If you are looking for something that will reduce screen time for the kids (and you too) and have a blast doing it, you will definitely want to check out Not Parent Approved.

You can find Not Parent Approved on Amazon and on Social Media. 

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I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]


  1. Interesting sounding game, I have never heard of it before! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like the perfect game for us. Our kids are older now but I think they'd still love it! lol

  3. Just bought this game. Let's see how it goes. This Diaper bag backpack is amazing.