Womb to Walking Baby Goodies Is Protecting Kids From Damaging Noise Levels

When you had kids did it slow you down? Did you still go to things like concerts, live shows, or even play your music loud? I know when I had my first daughter I was sick worried about too much noise. I was worried that because she couldn't talk that she wouldn't be able to tell me it hurt her ears.

I didn't have anything back then to protect her little ears from any damaging sounds except my hands. She thought that was fun. She'd sit in my lap, I'd cup her ears, she'd put her little hands over my hands. It was so sweet but not very comfortable.  

It worked great for fireworks and things we could sit down to do. It became a game to her. If she heard loud noises she would run to me and grab my hands and put them over her ears. It was really cute but it limited mobility for the both of us. Reducing the sound without completely blocking it out would have been a great option when she was little.

It would have been great to have some kind of earmuffs to protect her ears so she could get down and do things like dance. This would be the perfect accessory to a day at the races or even an arena show like my kids went to when they were little.

I was so excited to get the earmuffs from  Baby Goodies for my great nephew! He loves music and dancing all of the time and now, he can get into it without the worry of loud damaging pitches.

It's not just an awesome way to help kids stay protected during the day but also the peaceful nighttime hours, car rides or even while they are chilling out in their stroller. Not being startled awake by noise is a great thing for little guys. They can peacefully sleep when the hustle and bustle continues.

What makes these baby earmuffs so awesome is they are adjustable. That means they can grow with your baby and protect them for a long time. Since they are adjustable you won't have to purchase more because they outgrew them too fast.

Comfort is a big deal to little guys. You know as well as I do, kids don't hold back any punches, they don't know how to sugar coat stuff, they just say it like it is. Guess what, he likes it. He likes wearing them even when he doesn't need to, it's so cute!! 

These earmuffs are designed for little ears too. They aren't big and bulky or floppy. The head strap is easy to adjust too. Just hold firmly on the strap and firmly on the earmuff and pull. It works the same from both directions. There are no flaps, snaps, or anything. It's just simple.

I love these baby earmuffs for sound protection for our little ones. It gives caregivers peace of mind and opens a whole new list of adventures, safely for our kids. Good Job Baby Goodies for an awesome and practical product that is designed to last.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves at [email protected]

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  1. Canceling ear muffs what a great idea and seems like something kids certainly can use and is adjustable so they can use them as they get older.