Best Gamer Gift Of All - Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas #EliteAtlasPCGaming

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Gaming has completely evolved over the years. It's so much more intense than it was when I was a kid. I still love the role-playing games, conquering the world and all of that, yes, that's me! There are so many options to kick that up a notch, Online gaming is one of those.

I'd like to think we're a pretty modern family. We're open to all of the new technologies and communications among other things. We have a blended family. Aron and I each have 2 biological children and sadly, we live a few states apart. We get to visit including summers and holidays but there are more ways to bridge the gap.

For us, gaming, yep, I said it. is an amazing way to bridge the gap.  It's amazing how much a headset and group activity can spark a conversation that would otherwise be not had. Instead of waiting on phone calls, or holiday visits, a game allows for family togetherness, group activity, and awesome conversation plus teamwork.

We just had the opportunity to work with Turtle Beach on a review of their gaming headset that is nothing short of amazing. The Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas set a new benchmark for esports audio on PC. The sound quality brings the game to life and makes me feel like I am actually in the same room with all the kids together. It's AWESOME!

The Elite Atlas is so comfortable and good looking. It's sturdy and fits everyone in the house. It has a metal headband with a suspended pad, ProSpecsTM glasses friendly design, and upgraded magnetic memory foam ear cushions featuring athletic fabric and synthetic leather working together to block out external noise. It's perfect for pro players and hardcore gamers.

The audio performance is outstanding. It's pro-tuned 50mm NanoclearTM speakers deliver immersive Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound and the removable high-sensitivity mic with TruSpeakTM technology for flawless communication with teammates.

One of the best features for me is, they can go with us everywhere. The 3.5mm and PC-splitter cables that connect to any PC setup are included in the package. I love that because we all have our own computers that we play on. That means that everyone can enjoy the Elite Atlas, even when we are traveling.

Personally, I love the comfort options on these headphones. Each piece is designed with the wearer in mind. The headband has a stretchy strap that goes across the top of my head to keep it in place just right. The metal frame never touches my head directly but ensures the headset will stay in place.

The earmuff part is so comfortable. It's very cushy and hugs my ears, like a cup. The extra cushion helps to keep out all of the distracting noises and keep my noise to myself. As an added bonus, the pieces pivot for the best fit. On top of all of that, each side extends for even more comfort and the perfect fit. So from my head size all the way to Aron's head size, it fits!

Now, for the microphone, yes, complete awesomeness. The post plugs into the base of the earmuff and is adjustable to fit around to your mouth to hear you better. I love it that it stays in place and doesn't try to bend back. Even while wearing it for 2 hours(+) this morning it didn't lose it's shaped or have to be readjusted.

If you are stumped on what to get your favorite gamer, the Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas gamer headset is perfect. It's accommodating for moderate gamers all the way up to professional gamers.

Check out Turtle Beach on their website and social media for their latest products and information. Click the links or search  @turtlebeach or #turtlebeach. To see the awesome headset I got search for #EliteAtlasPCGaming 

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