Check Out The Beautiful Café Matte Collection by GE

One part about my job that I love so much is being able to share great products and ideas with all of you. It makes me so happy when I get emails about with pictures showing off the stuff that I have that you guys have. It makes me feel like you guys really trust my opinion and advice. So, I just wanted to say thank you for including me in your life as much as I have included you into mine.

This fall we have some really cool reviews and some really cool product information that we get to share and I hope you like it just as much. We just got some really awesome sale info on the Café Matte Collection by GE at Best Buy. Have you ever been to their store looking for appliances? It's not just electronics for those of you that don't know, they have a lot of really cool stuff. 

The Cafe Matte collection comes in Matte White and Matte Black seamlessly complement premium cabinetry and flooring, setting the stage for mindful layers of warmth, depth, and personality. With custom options for the handles and knobs. The customizable appliance selection gives you the opportunity to show off your personality. It’s time appliances had a personality. Yours.

The Café brand gives the consumer options to change their handles and knobs to different finishes that bring their vision to life. It's so awesome when you see in your mind what you want your kitchen to look like and when it's done, it looks that way too! Personalization is an awesome touch to every creative chef. I love entertaining when my kitchen is the way that I want it.

The color options include Brushed stainless, Brushed black, Brushed bronze, and Brushed copper. The finish looks great on the appliances. It's amazing to me how a detail like that can make such a difference. The brushed knobs and handles really compliment the finish of the Cafe collection.

Each piece has a smudge-free finish and looks amazing with any color cabinetry. I love the look of these appliances. It's so inviting. These pictures make me think of family dinners and celebrations. It's so inviting and comforting. I love the look and the functionality.

Did you know that these products have Google assistant? There are so many things that you can do right from your phone or with your voice using Google Assistant. It's so cool! From any room in the house, you can also ask the Wi-Fi–connected range to change the oven's temperature, set it to preheat, send you a notification when the timer is finished, and more. It's so much more than awesome. With my current kitchen set up, I am cooking while I am cooking. If I go do other tasks, I will forget completely that the oven is on.

What is your favorite combination? Check out the whole Café Matte Collection by GE available at Best Buy. 

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