Moosh Moosh has Super Cute Plushies Small - Large

Who doesn't love the super squishy feel of a plush toy? I know we all do! That's why we are so excited to be working with Moosh Moosh to show you guys all about what they have.

For our review, they sent us 3 Clip-on, 3 regular sized, and 3 large sizes Moosh Moosh plushies.

Moosh Moosh plushies are 100% polyester and it was so much fun for snuggle buddies backpack Clip-on, snuggle buddies and even pillows.

The sizing is perfect for simple gifts.
 A 4-inch clip-on is $5.99 
 The 7-inch huggable is $9.99 
 The Ultimate 10 in large is $14.99

We are so happy to add the Moosh Moosh to our gift guide and even more excited that we're adding them into our sneaky Santa mission. On top of all that awesomeness, we get to host a giveaway that will include the winners choice of 1 large, 1 ultimate,  or 3 Clip-on

Moosh Moosh is available online on their shop and in local retail shops like Michaels, Jo Anns, Staples. CVS and more.

For our review, we received the following Moosh Moosh plushies

3 Clip Ons:
Vee The Bee, Doe, and Oswald the Bat

3 Huggables

Dot The Ladybug, Pinky the Pig, and Crush the Shark 

3 Ultimates

Stripey the Zebra, Corey the Puppy, and Freckles

We love the super cute plushies from MooshMoosh. If you are looking for an adorable stocking stuffer or super cute plushie for your special someone, check them out.

Check them out on their website and their social media channels. 

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]


  1. Lol, these little critters are so cute. I'm fond of Spike the Monster.

  2. With my predator loving youngest son... Crush The Shark would be his favorite.

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