Sneaky Santa Mission 2018- Thank You For Supporting Us!

We have so much going on to get ready for this holiday season. Not only are we working on our Holiday Gift Guide, but we are also working on our Sneaky Santa Mission for the second year running. I love being able to share such cool stuff with you guys to help you get ready for your gift giving. What I love even more is making a difference for someone that really deserves it.

Last year, we were able to pull together a beautiful miracle for a local family that could really use a hand. The gift of giving was more than welcomed and made such a huge impact on the recipient. We were able to pull together sponsors from 14 brands in just 2 weeks to make a difference and keep the miracle of Christmas alive.

Just a little back story so you know and understand why this is so important to me.

When I (Amy) was 10 years old, my family fell on some very hard times. Christmas wasn't an option that year. We were more than poor.

One day, there was a knock on the door. I was nosey, I followed my mom down to open it. There were no people. What they had left, changed my life forever. There were bags of gifts and food. Not just a little but a lot! There was something for everyone. My mom cried, I cried. This amazing and beautiful act from strangers made a Christmas miracle in my life. I have never and will never forget what these strangers did for our family.

In with of all of the goodies, there was a card. The card had a note about us not trying to figure out who it was and don't worry about repaying it. The only thing is that when we were able to pay it forward.

That put a dream and a goal in my mind that played over and over for years. I visualized loading up my car, finding the perfect house, and dropping off a holiday changing miracle for someone that needs it. An awesome family going through a hard time that just needs a helping hand.

Last year, we were moved after hearing about this woman's story through a mutual friend. She was a hard-working lady that assumed the responsibility of her grandkids. Her bills were paid, she had the necessities covered but the extra things that made the holidays special weren't going to be there.

This lady makes me proud and I don't even really know her. She raised her kids and now is raising a whole new generation single-handedly. That's the kind of person I wanted to restore the magic of Christmas for. Guess what, we did.

We arranged it on a day when the kids were out visiting and our connector had set up a visit. They showed up and we pulled in just a few minutes later. She looked so confused. She had the look on her face that said what are you doing here.

We came in and carried in a Christmas Card. Inside was close to the same message that my mom received all those years ago. That all of this was done with love and to pay it forward when she had the ability. We put a gift card to cover groceries and whatever she needed to make dinner awesome with all of their family's favorite goodies. We were all crying as I told her why all of this was happening.

We told her we would be right back and again the confused look on her face. We all went out to the car and started carrying in all of the gifts that we had gathered. There was A Lot! It was amazing! The look on her face the hugs and grateful comments. It filled us with the spirit of Christmas. The giving and receiving were at it's absolute purest.

All of that being said, were at it again to be able to help more families. This year, we would like to help 2 families. If we can spread the holiday cheer a little more, we would love it!! We reached out to several companies to invite them personally to make a Christmas miracle and the turn out has been awesome!

You can check out our turn out last year here - Sneaky Santa Video.

You can come to check out our Holiday Gift Guide to get some great ideas for your everyone in your family, friends, and co-workers.

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