The Perfect Travel Bag By Pursetti Is Available on Ebay

Today marks the busiest shopping day of the year. We officially have a month to get everything ready for Christmas. We have so many adventures to cram into one month, convenience is a necessity. We have to get through this month of amazing sales, plans, traveling, and more, Santa is coming guys.

In this post, you'll find an easy-to-follow checklist to get through this holiday season with ease. Let me know if I've left anything out.

The Perfect Bag

It all starts with the perfect bag. The perfect bag for you is very important. Your bag is really important especially when you have a busy schedule. It's nice to have the bag packed and ready to go in case you have a shopping or traveling trip after work or school.

 I just got to Pursetti zip top organizing utility tote bag with multiple exterior and interior pockets.

This bag is so cute and the color design doesn't make it feel like a tote bag it feels like a designer bag. I can get everything for an overnight stay including an extra outfit, toiletries, PJ's, and all of my portable work accessories.

This bag would also make it a good choice for a gym bag, a school bag, and even a diaper bag.

The exterior pockets are wide enough to comfortably fit any little notebooks, pens, pencils, glasses case, calculators, cell phone, chargers, and keys. The solid packets are perfect for privacy and easy access. They are wide enough to put extra items in and my hand, easily. They don't lean out and allow those items fall out or flip over the top. The mesh pockets on the ends are great for water bottles, shampoo bottles, or anything like that. They have an elastic top to keep everything securely in place. The interior of the bag has 5 additional mesh pockets for keeping all of your goodies organized and easy to get to.

I love this bag, it's a great bag for all year and all situations. it's easy to carry by hand or shoulder. The zipper top keeps everything inside and the nylon straps are comfortable, even if it's a heavy load. 

 An extra outfit 

An extra outfit is always good for a quick an adventure. If you're heading out right after work or school, you'll have the extra change of clothes so you can shop comfortably.

I can always concentrate on finding a good deal when I'm more comfortable instead of worrying about how I look or how my clothes fit. When am I uncomfortable I have a tendency to shop for clothes for myself instead of gifts for everyone else. Which is not really a bad idea but, it isn't the objective. 

 An extra pair of shoes 

An extra pair of shoes is always important when you're trying to go on a last-minute run for gifting stuff. We went Black Friday shopping this year. Well, pre-Black Friday shopping for the first time, this year. Without comfortable shoes, I would have been crawling and surley run over my fellow shoppers. Shopping shoes aren't always the same shoes you wear out or to work. Your shopping shoes are your friends they have good arch and ankle support. They will definitely get you to that Blue Light Special and to the checkout with time to spare.

 Easy to access snacks

Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. You cannot stand in line for 6 hours and make it check out in an additional 3 hours while worrying about starvation. You have to be hydrated and well-nourished to make it through an incredible sale successfully. Easy to open snacks are a must! We saw with our own eyes a woman being pushed through the store on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance and crying. She didn't even get to check out.

 Stash Cash

Shopping with a budget is an amazing thing to accomplish. I've even done that successfully once or twice in my life. But, those little stash dollars behind my ID have really saved me. You never know when you might see that one impulse buy that will be a total game-changer on Christmas morning.

That's my top 5 items for the checklist. a bag that's comfortable to carry everything, an extra outfit, extra shoes, snacks, and stash cash. Am I leaving anything out??

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