Upper Bounce is Bouncing Into Our Gift Guide

We have been so busy getting ready for this holiday season that I know for sure what the elves at the north pole must feel like. Not to mention Santa and Mrs. Claus. It must be complete chaos up there. We have had the opportunity to work with so many great brands that it's mind blowing just for me. I could imagine what the kids receiving these gifts are going to feel like.

Our latest is one of the bounciest, active toys so far for our guide! Yes, It's a TRAMPOLINE!! Not just any trampoline but the 12- foot trampoline from Upper Bounce.

I know a first trampoline can be a huge deal for kids and parents. Kids love them and will play on them for hours! I mean hours! Don't worry parents,  you can too. I can't do tricks like the kids can but I can jump.

Safety is always a concern when it comes to such a big toy. Upper Bounce took all of that into consideration.

Safety features include:

Completely covered springs
Completely covered gaps
Tall net
Rubber covers for posts
No exposed edges
Zippered door

The specifications for the 12 ft trampoline include

Total height: 92 inches
Frame height: 34 inches
Net height: 71 inches
Weight capacity: 330lbs
Springs: 72- 6.5-inch springs
Jump surface: 124.8 inches
W Shaped Leg Amount: 6

There are so many health benefits of using a trampoline for all ages.

According to Just Bounce, "Trampoline exercise helps to facilitate the body's natural detoxification mechanism. Rebounding is a unique form of exercise in which a weightless state is achieved at the top of each jump and landing. This shift in gravity benefits every muscle and cell of the body and provides huge benefits to the lymphatic system."

I think that's pretty cool. I didn't know it was so helpful.  Our kids have had a trampoline for the past 11 years. We've had to replace it several times. Through all of the years and trampolines we've had, none have met the standard of Upper Bounce by way of mat and pad durability, net strength, and all over quality.

Upper Bounce offers a wide selection of trampoline sizes. They range from kids mini trampolines
to 16 ft family sized trampolines.

If you are looking for a great gift idea that will keep the kids up and active, this is a great one!

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