Celebrate and Outsmart The Season At Food Lion

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Food Lion for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.
As you all might know, we love the holidays. One thing that we don't love is the hectic stressful parts. We love it when it goes smooth and simple and everyone's happy. It is just so much better than that way. We really do love easy! 

This year we are doing our dinner on Christmas Eve so everyone in our family can enjoy their Christmas day with their families. That means a lot of prep time, a lot of food, a lot of mess! There is already so much to do as far as the holiday celebration prep, cooking so much is just exhausting. I'm in no way boycotting cooking, I just like finding help anywhere I can get it. So how do we remedy that?

Food Lion. Food Lion. Food Lion!

We love the Food Lion in Blue Ridge Georgia. We like several of their locations but this one is closest to us, the staff is more than accommodating. While I'm being honest here, the staff acts like they enjoy my presence. They're always smiling. They are not bothered by me asking for help or directions,  I have never dealt with an employee that was too busy to acknowledge me at that location. I don't even have to ask for help, I was greeted by several employees throughout the store.

 We know for sure every time we go in we are totally happy when we leave. I went there today to get some of our pre-made goodies so that way we can spend more time as a family enjoying each other instead of sweating. It was awesome. As soon as we walked in there was a section For more tips on how to Outsmart the Season. There was such an awesome selection of goodies for all of the last minute things. It's so convenient!

Really, everything that we need to get our celebration underway, is at Food Lion. For our crew, food is a huge part of our festivities. We have our big meal but we also get other goodies for the grazing. You know, walk by and grab a cupcake or a hunk of turkey, maybe even a pickle.

Who knows, there's a lot of tasty things going on here! The Food Lion bakery has so many pretty premade desserts that so much time to get to the other stuff. I love the Merry Christmas cake. I wanted to get the cake and have Groves 2018 put on there (yes, they write on the cakes) but, I got cookies instead.

Something else I want to mention, I've mentioned in previous posts, is the Food Lion MVP app. You can clip your digital coupons, find recipes, weekly specials, check fliers, and more.

We have a big family. There is 25 just on my side of the family. That is a lot of celebration! I am so happy I can count on the quality and dependability of Food Lion.

I was able to get the rest of what we needed easily and conveniently without stress or pressure. Just by outsmarting the season with Food Lion's help, I saved time and money,

You can check out Food Lion on their website and social media for their latest flyers and coupons Don't forget to find the recipes with full ingredient lists to try something new this holiday season.
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