Lumps is an Elf Coal Dice Game For THe Whole Family

We love finding awesome and unique stuff for the kid's stockings. Sometimes we even come across cute little gifts to hang on the tree. Every year we have the staples like little baggies of lumps of coal, gold foil covered chocolate coins, the chocolate Santa Claus, candy canes, peanut butter cups, and usually a gift card whatever game the kids play. We like to add in mini randoms that are fun to go along with the holiday theme.

This year we get to work with the Elf Coal Dice game, Lumps. Its kind of like Yahtzee as far as rolling dice and making matches/combined clusters to achieve points to win.

It definitely has a twist. The dice are all numbered but range and shapes and sizes. That really adds to the challenge of matching when all of the days don't all have the same numbers.

The object of the game is to reach 200 points first. The scoring is really easy once you get a hang of it and moves pretty quick. Basically, it's the same scoring is Yahtzee except you can go higher in your numbers of matches, all the way up to eight of a kind. You can play Just like cards. You going to aim for straights, all even, all odd, and so on.

What I like about it is a can be played with any number of players. I think that's really cool because when you have an odd number of people it doesn't matter you can all play.

It's really cute too and goes along with the holiday theme. It's a tiny stocking with a zipper top the holds all the dice and one place. There is a little loop at the zipper opening that an ornament hanger can go on so it can hang up in the tree too if the stocking idea isn't the best for you.

It's a really small set and that's perfect for a stocking or hanging. And it's one of those games as long as you can add and/or match numbers you can play. The whole set it's smaller than my phone (stocking included)  and it fits right in my pocket. Is very convenient for traveling and storing.

 If you are looking for a really cute item to add into anyone's talking this would be it.
 Check out the Lumps, the Elf Dice Game on Amazon.

 I received this product for free to facilitate this review if you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.

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