Sharing Land Has Adorable Playsets For 3+

Here at Amy and Aron's Real Life Reviews, we love sharing cool toys with all of you. We have been getting such awesome toys, I miss being little. This is nothing like the stuff I had when I was a kid!!  We just got the Grand Palace from Sharing Land that we think you're going to love. I was in this palace with my daughter's little sister. Yes, we both fit!

This easy to assemble house with the accessories is only 10 pieces and comes with really easy to follow instructions. It's printed inside and out to give the real feel of a Grand Palace! The outside has a pink and purple color scheme with a block pattern castle flags. The interior has everything a fairy princess would need to keep herself, princessy.

There is a vanity, an armoire, and shelves of potions, and even a pretty princess bed. It's so cute that all of the accessories are right there to bring make belief to live. One of the cutest things is the little mouse hiding by the bed has a door under the vanity. So Cute!

Sharing land playhouses are cardboard and they're decorated into themes. The playhouse kits include The Epic Castle, windmill farm, an ancestral teepee, space odyssey, and the grand palace. The playhouses come with accessories too. The wings, a magical scepter, sword, armor, bunnies, and sparkling tiara are so cute too. Everything about this playhouse is absolutely adorable!

This palace has windows that are the perfect height for little guys. Macie is 3 (almost 4) and she was a perfect fit.

These cool little Playhouse kits are more than accommodating for kids and parents to bring out their best ideas for play. What I love about this is their size. Its big enough from more than one child to play.

The design is so easy to put together, The durability of the cardboard is excellent. He's are well-crafted and built to last. This would be a great addition to a child's bedroom, a playroom, or any classroom. The top is the brace that holds it securely in place. It's 4 pieces that bend and a strip with velcro hols it together. No tools are needed to assemble this playhouse.

You can find Sharing Land playhouse kits and their website and also at grommet and uncommon goods online. They'll be available on Amazon coming soon and specialty stores.

Check below for more pictures of playing with the Sharing Land Grand Palace.

 I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]

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