The Best Gift Ever!! The Real Fake News- The Book

Do you put books on the coffee table or in the bathroom? How do you feel about gag gifts? Me personally I love them. It's so much fun to get a really funny gift for someone specifically that you know will enjoy it.

What about a gag gift for a reader? What about for the social media buff? What about that super suspicious conspirator in every group? This is the perfect gift for all of them!

We all know that one person did see something on Facebook and they actually believe it. Even if it's so absurdly absurd they will still swear that its true because they read it online.

 We just had the opportunity to work with the Absolutely Positively Genuine Real Fake News. It's amazing, to say the least. What I love so much about it is that it only needs a tiny bit of truth to be the real fake news. One example of that would be "Former FBI Director Comey Alleges Sexual Harassment by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg".

What about this little story...
Kim Jong Un and Actress Madeleine LeBeau Wed – England has William and Kate, Harry and Meghan and now North Korea joins the community of nations as they celebrate the marriage of supreme leader Kim Jong Un to the lovely and talented actress Madeline LeBeau.  An intimate gathering of 1,297,618 guests and press from around the world are there for the joyous celebration.  There were so many people in attendance that Sir Telsunn was forced to disguise himself as a leper in order to have enough room to witness this stellar event.

 Can you imagine the headline The Science Guy Blames Global Warming for Drastic Drop of UFO Sightings. It's just so funny every title is hilarious. It reminds me of those little articles in the magazines at the grocery store check out! I will never forget the first article and picture about Bat Boy when I was about 12 years old.

This makes a great gift for anyone. It's definitely one of those books that I could see on a coffee table or the bathroom counter. You know it will get read over and over and giggled about later.

The whole point "it's simple quick easy hard to prove and hard to disprove and the prospect that it could be true makes the possibilities even more fascinating." Is something I have to agree with.

Honestly makes me wonder was some of the headlamps come from and the real news. How long does it take to disprove something before they can prove it true a broadcast? This stuff is so funny!!

If you are looking for a gift they'll be truly enjoyed the real fake news it is it. Even if you want to get this for yourself it's really really funny and an awesome read.

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