Vizio Needs TO Be a Part Of the Holiday Cheer! $100 Off at @BestBuy

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By any chance have you realized that it is already the week of Christmas? I have no idea at all, at all, how it happened so fast. 3 months ago I said I was ready and I would be done by mid-November. That was the biggest lie I have told myself and I don't even know how long.

 So I'm sitting here right now thinking of what I can possibly do to top all of this off come out on top looking like I knew what I was doing.

Okay well, you know me. Have a problem? Find a solution. And my go-to here lately that is not let me down is Best Buy. I love working with them and all if the online shopping there. Seriously, every single one of our kids has a new phone the Best Buy sales. And two of my nieces just in case you were wondering. Oh yeah, that's not to mention the two Instax cameras the two Canon cameras and I have no idea exactly how many accessories.

For a family gift, I have been searching my brain high and low I'm coming up with nothing. My whole family does their own thing all the time. The only one thing do we do as a family as a family movie night. We need to make it cool again. Not the chore the kids have made it out to sound like to their friends. I want it so cool that they 2ant to bring their friends too.

 I just saw the 2018 Vizio P-Series 4K HDR Smart TV and it's amazing. It's a super smart TV as more than a billion colors Superior HDR performance and pain sharp contrast and every frame. P-Series also delivers serious serious smarts! VIZIO P Series 55 Inch 4K HDR Smart TV discovering and streaming high-quality 4K HDR video incredibly easy. And support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant makes the P Series a perfect smart home centerpiece.

The screen is super special on its own. It has an edge-to-edge screen which is really awesome to me, I thought all TVs had to have a big frame. Thank you, Vizio for proving me wrong.

Right now you can get the VIZIO P Series 55 Inch 4K HDR Smart TV for mind-blowing $699.99 (after savings $100 off MSRP of $799).  This is an awesome deal for anyone who's in my boat. This deal only lasts until December 24th, the day I will finally be done shopping for Christmas.

Check out this really cool deal at Best Buy click the link to the right to the page.

For the perfect family night, I can picture it now. All 4 kids and cozy jammies, throw blankets, bowls popcorn, colored cups so they don't argue over whose cup is whose. It could be family movie night bliss!!

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