How to surprise your spouse with a romantic night out

Make a special night out for you and your spouse. You don't have to be married or a parent to need a night away with your love. You don't have to be in a 10-year committed relationship to want a night away. When you want to make a special night for you and your special person, do it!

I am married, with a blended family. We are a decade in and we need those nights away to remind us that we are more than just parents and supporters. That WE are the pay off for all of those long hours at work. The sleepless nights with crying kids, the reason we try so hard on building a life together. The kids and their success are a great product of our relationship but, we are each other's prize.

Throughout this post, I am using the "spouse" because I have equal men and women readers. I try to keep it as gender neutral as I can but know that the noun I am using is a variable. Anyone can make a special night away for the one that they love.

For everyone, make your partner feel good about being yours. Treat them like they are your arm candy. You are doing all of this to make them feel special. Make sure they know that you tried and they are worth the effort of going that extra mile. Meet them halfway. You can even make it a 60/40 split. The little extra considerations go a long way, I promise.


Think hard about conversations and find the one place your spouse wants to go for dinner. Make the reservation ways in advance. You want to make sure that you are able to get in when you have the time not when they have an opening.


Find a motel that fits your needs and make that reservation. What is it you like to do? Do you want an indoor heated pool? Do you want a made to order breakfast? An in-room hot tub? You know what you guys like, get it! You deserve it!!

Babysitter (If Needed)

As soon as you make the reservation, line up the babysitter. If it's hard to find a sitter maybe you should reserve the babysitter move this up to number 1, definitely keep it in the top 3.  That way you know ahead of time that part will be covered.


Notify your work for the weekend off. Do not allow them to put you on call. You are a valuable asset to their business and they will understand your need for time off, in advance.


Plan other activities for this evening to make it special. These moments come along very far and few between. Maybe the movies or a round of putt putt golf. Whatever it is, have a no stress zone. Relax, enjoy each other's company. It will make the rest of the night better.

Get Yourself Feeling Great

Ladies, get that dress out of the closet. The one that makes you nod and say "you're welcome" or those pants that get a slap your tush every time you walk by. I have only gotten one "Wow" out of Aron in our entire relationship. LOL It was genuine, he really meant it. I have been trying to get that natural response out of him again for almost 9 1/2 years. I doubt it will ever happen again but I refuse to stop trying.

Don't get me wrong, he tells me I am beautiful every day. He always does cute silly stuff to make me feel good but the WOW, I want the WOW.

Guys, get those jeans on. Leave the comfy pants put up for the ride home. I love it when Aron puts on his jeans with a belt and a button up shirt. I prefer casual to dress up but I have only seen him in a suit once at his brother's wedding. He was very handsome. I still prefer his jeans.


Put your makeup and accessories on perfect. For me, it takes several tries. Take the time to watch a few tutorials and practice. It does not hurt to try a little extra harder to prove to yourself that you are worth feeling glamorous.

Be confident. 

When you're confident it radiates as very attractive. This house will be just as happy as you are.

Getting ready for the big night (Optional but super fun)

Don't be afraid to pack a few surprises. Even if it's out of the normal do it. A new adventure is amazing for any couple. Pack a bag of goodies, some of your favorite drinks and snacks and get it packed up ahead of time. It will keep the surprise, a surprise.

HARO has an awesome selection of goodies that would make any night spicy! The sent us a whole goodie bag of fun stuff to try on our adventures. You can order them online or pick them up at your local Walmart. They have a big selection of personal massagers. What we received is a  Vibrating Dual Massager, Vibrating Bullet and aVibrating Ring. Oh ya, these are going to make a huge surprise!!

All of that would be so romantic on a bed set up with a bottle of wine and something a little more deliberate to wear. A cutie outfit, a blindfold, and maybe some more goodies. Use your imagination, it will be totally worth it.

Always remember, Don't be shy. 

You're already sharing your life together. Be adventurous and make those special memories with each other. Even if everything doesn't go as perfect as you imagined it, the effort is totally worth it. It's ok to have the memories of the night you snuck away with each other, had fun and smiled.

I will be sharing my plans and ideas with you guys so please feel free to email me with any great ideas or review suggestions to share.

Have a Happy Valentines Day!! If you go out and surprise your specia someone, let me know how it goes!!

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please free to email me directly.

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