Moosh Moosh Plushies Are Year Round Favorite

Christmas has been over for almost 2 weeks. Is it just my kids that have already started their awesome Christmas list for next year? Surely it can't just be my kids. This year our kids had several of the Moosh Moosh Plushies in their stockings and as gifts. They have already had so many visits to the website to let me know what they're getting for next year or maybe even for a birthday, or if they can save their allowances long enough? Every single one of our kid's love is in love with Moosh Moosh Plushies.

They have so many reasons they love them. Here are their top reasoning tools they use on me.

Super soft and snuggly

The Moosh Moosh Plushies make great snuggle buddies for all occasions.

Perfect sleepover companion

It's so much easier bringing Moosh Moosh to a sleepover than toting a huge pillow. They are super squishy but even if they are smooshed into a backpack or duffle bag, they plump right back up.

Selfie Superstar

Moosh Moosh Plushies make great companions for the selfie-takers. The look cute hugged up front and enter and look cute as a prop.

Fun Accessories

Moosh Moosh Plushies come in three sizes and the smallest is a backpack clip. The clip is easy to use and can clip onto just about anything.

We can find them locally

Moosh Moosh Plushies have a huge selection online, that's where I prefer to see them. But, locally, several stores started carrying them so it's even more convenient to grab one while we're out. No need to wait on the mail if we don't want to.

They are super popular

Their popularity has made quite an impression on my kids. They thought they were really cool when I had a chance to review them but now that they are seeing them everywhere we go, they think I'm cooler and they want more of them. Yay Moosh Moosh Plushies! Thanks for making me look cool to the kids!

They are cool for boys and girls

A lot of the plushie brands have girl/boy/unisex products but are still more focused on girl buyers. Moosh Moosh Plushies are cool for girls and boys! They have super cute girly girl plushies and monster little boy plushies. We love them all!

If you happened to miss the Moosh Moosh Plushies for the holiday gifting occasion, they are awesome for all occasions. Check out the new holiday edition plushies.

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