My experience with Sea Smile Dental and Dental Departures

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You never appreciate what you have until it’s gone, and this is certainly true when it comes to your teeth. I never thought I would be wearing a denture in my 40s but after losing a front tooth in an accident this is exactly where I was. As if this wasn’t bad enough (and yes, I know things could have been worse), the best option to replace the tooth with a dental implant was quoted at a whopping $6,500 by my dentist in Melbourne—way too much for me to afford at the time. So, much to my embarrassment, I was given a denture. Not that I have anything against dentures as such, but I didn’t feel they were for me at my relatively young age—and this is the scenario that eventually led me to get my dental implant in Phuket, Thailand.

Taking The First Step with Dental Departures

I have been to Phuket before, but it still took me many hours of research when I discovered Dental Departures and the Sea Smile Dental Clinic in Phuket. As you would expect from someone who is more than a little fearful of going to the dentist, a leap into the unknown and opting to get my dental care in Thailand was more than terrifying. However, the whole process is made so much easier with the comfort of having Dental Departures as your partner to ensure all the arrangements for your dental care are in place.

Although I’d carried out my own research I found the information available from Dental Departures invaluable and being able to search for clinics in my chosen destination of Phuket simplicity itself. The beauty of Dental Departures is that they have already carried out many of the checks that us ordinary mortals wouldn’t know how to, making it easy to choose a dental clinic backed with the reassurance that Dental Departures have already independently verified their quality.

After deciding that Sea Smile Dental Clinic in Phuket was the place I wanted to get my dental implant I tentatively used Dental Departures’ online chat facility to find out more. I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. The agent was courteous, helpful and above-all knowledgeable about the Sea Smile Clinic and the dental implant procedure. I was aware that I would need two separate trips to Phuket to complete my procedure, as once the implant is placed it needs time to embed into the jaw and provide a secure base for the false tooth.

I can’t tell you how supportive Dental Departures were in answering my questions and in providing information far beyond dentistry to include hotel recommendations, current special offers and an impressive local knowledge of Phuket itself. Once I decided to take the plunge I emailed over my recent x-rays and within 24 hours I had a quote from the Sea Smile Clinic for my dental implant at $2,900—a much more manageable price for me! After sorting out suitable flights I booked my appointment at the Sea Smile through Dental Departures, and am pleased to say I have never looked back.

The Dental Implant Procedure at Sea Smile Dental

The treatment I received at the Sea Smile Dental Clinic more than lived up to my expectations. The clinic is modern, hygienic and looks the part. However, it is the staff who are professional, knowledgeable and approachable who really put you at your ease, with nothing being too much trouble. I felt valued as a patient with any of my apprehensions dealt with patiently and with understanding. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. My implant procedure was carried out without a hitch by Dr. Udsana Tanapathomchai, who is a super-qualified, exceptional dentist who I can’t recommend enough. I had a top-quality implant from Nobel Biocare, and I have to say that I wasn’t uncomfortable either during the procedure or afterward and could pretty much get on with just enjoying my holiday.

7 months’ later when I found some good deals on flights, I scheduled another appointment through Dental Departures to have the second and final part of my implant procedure carried out at the Sea Smile—the attachment of the false tooth. Once again, the process was painless and I am overjoyed with the result and being able to ditch the dreaded denture once-and-for-all.

Was it Worth it?

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