Sewing Is Such A Fun Hobby! Do you know how?

What are some things that you like to do for a hobby? When I was younger I took sewing in high school. I liked it so much that I took it as my only elective for my full high school term. It's amazing how many pillows, blankets, and dresses you can accumulate with that much free time.

There's so much more to sewing than clothing and household items. Crafting, doll clothes, cat sweaters, doggie accessories, and so much more can be done sewing. I even made curtains, table clothes, and tapestries.

When I first started learning how to sew I thought it was a pretty cut-and-dry. All I thought I needed was a sewing machine, fabric, thread, and good music. Oh Boy, was I wrong?! There is so much more that goes along with it but, it's a really fun and relaxing thing to go.

There are so many common tools that you'll need while you're sewing but that all really depends on what you're making. Good tools to have on hand are a measuring tape, a pattern for what you plan on making,  chalk, a seam ripper (my most used tool), and wide surface. I always used the floor instead of a table to do all of my cutting.

The more project specific items will depend on what you are trying to produce and what type of material you are using. Some fabrics are soft and slick and work better with a paper backing to keep their place. Other fabrics are thicker and more course and a straight pin will do the trick. Make sure you do the necessary research before you try working with a new fabric so you don't have to buy double for mistakes. You're welcome for that advice by the way. I've had to do that several times thinking my confidence was all that I needed.

Sewing is one of those really cool things that anybody can do. From small straight-edged things like pillows to start with all the way to very intricate designed dresses. It's very possible to achieve. Patience is a virtue and one more piece of advice, don't cut your notches off. They are not silly nonsense parts. Your notches love you and so do your patterns.

When I first started sewing it was because there were no other electives available. I thought it was for elderly women with nothing else to do with their lives than make clothes for their grandchildren. I thought I would hate it. I knew for sure that I would be bored and I would fail miserably. That was ninth grade. By my senior year, I had taken sewing every semester throughout high school and loved it.

Our teacher, a retired seamstress, helped me and 2 other girls make all of the graduation gowns for our entire graduating class. It saved so much money in graduation fees. An awesome company donated all the material and we did all the work. That meant there was no out-of-pocket cost for any students or parents. And on a side project of my own, I created a one-of-a-kind graduation gown I was very proud of.

Sewing is fun and skill. People make and save good money by making things, doing alterations,  and more just by learning how to do it. I just got my first professional grade sewing machine for my birthday last year. It's AWESOME! I can make anything!

What are your thoughts on sewing?


  1. I know how to hand sew, but have never learned how to use a sewing machine before! I really want to get one and learn how though.

  2. I wish I learned to sew.

  3. I'm not very good at sewing. Both of my Grandma's were excellent at it but I did not inherit that skill.