Space Is Cool As Fuck Book Review

When my daughter was in her teens we got her one of the coolest telescopes I had ever seen. It was huge. It was so much more than the neighbor watching kind. We got her a book of the constellations and it had a built-in map of the stars. As a parent, I was high fiving myself for years after that. That telescope and book was the bar that I set for all future gifting.

Now that she's an adult with a sense of humor and a love for space and the things that happen way out there, I love getting her gifts that relate to that. When I had the option to work with Space Is Cool As Fuck, I was ecstatic! In case you are wondering what that is, it's a super cool book that revolves completely around space.

Thumbing through, the titles alone make me want to read it. It's written just like how someone would regularly talk and makes even the most boring seeming topics sound interesting. When I was in school, I loved science and space. Learning about it was awesome. Some things were so unexciting, it made them hard to learn though. If my books were written like this, I would have been able to relate through the descriptive writing and learned a lot more.

Me thumbing through the book before I gave it to my daughter turned into me reading the whole thing cover to cover. There are so many cool sections and topics covered. The titles made me want to read them just to see what they might say! The graphics are also really cool.

For anyone into sports, the first picture of the book is all of our planets in size comparison of sports balls. I have honestly never thought of it that way but it really makes a lot of sense!!

  • Mercury is a Golf ball
  • Venus is a Tennis ball
  • Earth is a Baseball
  • Mars is a Cue ball
  • Jupiter is a Basketball
  • Saturn is a Soccer Ball
  • Uranus is a Volleyball
  • Neptune is a Bowling ball
  • Pluto is a Marble

This book is full of so many cool space facts. The thought of the Galaxy Smash is super cool. It's millions of years away from happening but some of those cool night sky episodes would be really cool to see!

Did you know that there are Exobiologist and their job is to figure out how likely alien life is? That really is a cool career choice.

This is truly entertaining. It's put together in a way that makes me want to keep reading it and googling more just to learn more. To be honest, that says a lot. I love learning new things but it takes something amazing to inspire me to want to learn it.

In this book, they touch on every topic related to space. From stars, black holes, and The Big Bang theory to even the cool telescopes. How our universe began and how it will end.  How every tiny piece was created. What it's made of, and all of the other universes out there. It's so cool!

The images and illustrations in this book are so awesome. The art is awesome the actual photos are inspiring. It's amazing just how much awesome information is in this book cover to cover. Even the chapter titles are interesting. They make me want to read them.

Some of the chapters include:
  • Just How Big Shit Really Is
  • Saturn, You Big Beautiful Bastard
  • Matter (What the Fuck is all this shit?)
  • Holy Shit There Are A Lot Of Exoplanets
  • Futuristic Shit
  • How The Fuck Do We Know That
  • Bill Nye KNows Exactly How Fucking Cool Space Is
  • The Appolo Turd Transcript
  • Time Travel and Wormholes

and so many more...

If you are looking for a book that is 100% entertaining, "Space Is Cool As Fuck" is it.

I received this product for free to facilitate this review. if you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 

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  1. It really does look like an interesting read. I'd like to read it.