The Importance of Proper Waste Disposal

Just about everyone knows about the importance of recycling, but that’s not the only thing to think about when it comes to proper waste disposal. It takes many forms, including direct discharge to water or land, and sludge disposal. The world has a major trash crisis, as the LA Times reports, and the biggest contributor is the U.S., generating 624,700 metric tons every day.

Waste of all types must be managed properly to minimize adverse effects on both human health and the health of the environment.

Controlling the Spread of Disease

When waste isn’t disposed of properly it can allow diseases to proliferate. It serves as the ideal host for bacteria which will continue to grow, increasing the risk of illness and disease in humans and animals who come in contact with it. When water is contaminated things like toxic chemicals, harmful pathogens or medical wastes, diseases like leptospirosis, cholera or dysentery can spread, resulting in serious health epidemics.

Proper waste disposal helps to protect the health of you, your family members, neighbors, friends, pets and wildlife.

Preventing Injury

Waste can cause injuries when it’s improperly disposed of, such as sharp glass or rusty metal that could result in serious infection and injury. Pieces of plastic often end up choking wildlife and killing them.

Preventing Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater pollution which includes natural pollution like garden clippings and leaves as well as litter and chemicals such as fertilizer, oil, and detergents, end up discharging into waterways as solids, sludge, and sediment. They can be caught in stormwater treatment measures, but oftentimes some manages to get through. The best way to lessen this problem is to prevent pollution from entering the system in the first place. If you need assistance, there are companies that offer Hi Vac services to aid in the removal of sludge, solids or liquids from drains and traps.

Preventing Toxic Fumes

Many people think that the most effective way to get rid of their garbage is to burn it – after all, you may be able to do it right on your property which means you won’t have to pay for trash removal. The problem is that disposing of waste by burning it can cause toxic fumes to be released into the air – air that you and your neighbors are breathing. Plastic is especially harmful as it releases hazardous gasses. By properly disposing of trash you’ll prevent these and other harmful compounds from entering the environment.

Saving the Ocean and Our Marine Life

Our garbage and household chemicals often make its way into the ocean when it’s not disposed of properly, such as pouring household cleaners down the drain. Not only does it harm our oceans and marine life, but when we eat the fish that’s been exposed to it, it can harm our health as well.

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