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What style do you like to wear? Everyone has their own "thing". Every time I go shopping I see things and think of that would look great on mom or Oh, Jamie would like to that. or Wow, that is perfect for Abby! With everyone in my family, I can see the clothes on the rack and think of who it would look great on.

I just had the opportunity to work with AlohaYM on a review of one of their tops and I am here to tell you, it is the perfect style for my mom. She is so trendy but at the same time, she just looks good in everything.

The top is available in 3 styles and several colors per style. I got a long sleeved style and it's PERFECT!

Short sleeve- 2 pattern

The short sleeve is a 1/4 sleeve with a solid color. The solid color covers the top of the shirt and horizontal stripes on the lower 3/4. There is a see-through decorative breast pocket. The length is in the top of the thigh range depending on height.

Short sleeve 3 pattern

The short sleeve 3 pattern shirt has the perfect appearance of the layered look. It has the same solid color at the top the torso is horizontal stripes and the bottom is solid white. This shirt is in the hip length range.

Long sleeve 3 pattern

The long sleeve option is the one that I chose for the review. It has 3 patterns on the body of the shirt as well as on the sleeve lengths.
The top is a solid color. There are 6 colors to choose from. The middle has horizontal stripes in a grey and white pattern. The bottom is solid white. I love the design on this!

The tops fit is as expected. I ordered a size large. My mom is a size medium but prefers a looser fit, she got it!

I know ordering clothes online can be very scary at times. Especially when you see something that you really really like. No one ever wants to feel that disappointment when the package is opened and the clothing not fitting.

Everyone has their own insecurities when it comes to clothing. For me, I like it when my tops cover my snaccidents. My middle section is a tad (well a lot) out of shape. It's really no shape. I like something comfortable that isn't going to show off all of my bad decisions.  This shirt is flattering to everyone's body shape.

Another great feature of this top is is goes well with so many kinds of bottoms. Leggings, skinny jeans, and even shorts!

I love this top. If you are looking for something flattering, and stylish, this it.

I received this product for a reduced price to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected] 

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