Looking for ways to increase your income? Check out these 4 home business start-ups

We all know that the cost of living is going up, but our income just can’t seem to keep up with it. Whether you’re a working mum, or its either you or your partner that goes out to bring home the bacon, I think its safe to say that everyone would like a little extra cash in their pocket each month. Have you ever thought about starting your own little side business? It might sound like you need a big investment to start a new venture – check out this website for the latest information about investments – but it’s just not true. All you need is a little time, imagination and determination to make it work.

Interested? Read on for some super easy business startups you can start at your kitchen table.


We all carry a high-quality camera in our hands most of the time. But if you have a real flare and passion for photography, then why not look into turning that passion into a vocation? Once you know what kind of photography you enjoy capturing the most i.e. landscapes, city life, weddings, studio photography, birthdays, wildlife, business/product shots, you can learn more about how to polish your skills. Take a crash course or study videos on YouTube from established photographers. Once you have a decent camera –get snapping! 

House Sitting
This is a role that requires a lot of trust, but it’s also completely free to set up! House sitters are becoming more and more sought after, as many homeowners prefer not to leave their homes unoccupied whilst they’re away. Build yourself some social media profiles, and start by housesitting for friends and family, the more positive reviews and feedback you get, the more new clients you’ll find.


Gorgeously decadent chocolate cakes, beautifully iced cupcakes, sweet treats and beautiful bakes, people will always want to satisfy their sweet tooth and if you’re an avid baker then it could be you selling them exactly that. Create social media pages and get yourself some followers, sell at local events, bake sales, school fetes, or speak to cafĂ© and restaurant owners and ask if they want to sell your products – with you taking a slice of the profit. If you want to brush up on your icing skills then check out YouTube for some tutorials – and you know what they say, practice makes perfect so get baking!

Start a blog

If there’s a topic you’re particularly passionate about why not have a go at writing it down in the form of a blog? It doesn’t take much to get started, just a topic and a programme to publish it on. From mummy blogs, to travel guides, food and even mental health. Start writing and build content, publish social media pages that compliment your blog and soon enough you’ll have plenty of followers and who knows where that could take you.

What are you waiting for? Good luck!


  1. These are all good ideas. If you have these skills, definitely use them!

  2. How does blogging earn money? I’ve never understood the concept.
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  3. I am a photographer, and for every one paying job (which is always cut-rate) there are 20 more wanting me to do it for free.

  4. These are great ideas! I'm retired, but I've been considering doing something to earn some extra money. Thanks for sharing!