5 Ways To Deliver The Perfectly Presented Gift

You just got the perfect gift and the party is just around the corner. The big question is what do I do with the gift? Of course, you want to make a memorable delivery. I have been going over some serious wrapping issues when it comes to gifts lately. As I have posted several times lately, Aron's birthday is coming up and now for the gift wrapping.

I have been racking my brain on the different types of wrapping and presentation techniques so I thought I'd share them with you. That's right if I have any conflict, I put it in a blog post. Let my thought hopefully help yours.

Fool Proof Gift Bag

Gift bags are great for really disguising a gift and not letting the recipient have any clue to what's inside. One thing I love about gift bags is their variety of sizes and colors. This awesome set is available on Amazon and it comes in a pack of colors with the cute ribbon handles. As a bonus, the logos on the bags are just so cute!

What makes a gift bag so awesome is anyone can use them. You can doctor up the visual with some tissue paper and make it even more glamorous. I love seeing matching tissue paper to accent the colors on the bag but you can even go with a plain white and it will look great!

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is another idea. To be honest, not all people can wrap a gift with ease. Wrapping gifts with a pretty finish will take some talent. You have to make sure you get nice edges and don't use a whole roll of tape or other adhesive. Some gift wrap is reversible so you get more options of colors and it makes opening it that much more fun.


When you finish wrapping a gift, you can always jazz it up with ribbons. Finding a nice thick ribbon to add that extra layer of wrapping on a gift is a nice touch. There are so many ways to wrap a ribbon on a gift too. You can just wrap the edges or make a stripe across the middle of the box.

Prank Wrap

One thing that I do love is a good prank. Something I have found that really cracks me up are the boxes from fake products and brands. Could you imagine the look on someones face when they think they are going to get an awesome gift but then you show up with Toddler Tamers? Of course, the awesome gift inside is not what is on the outside but the surprise would be totally worth it!!

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt with riddles and obstacles would be so much fun. I personally have never tried this but I think it would be a blast. Having someone get hints and they have to find their gift. That would be a great way to deliver a gift.


  1. These are great ideas. I haven't thought of doing some of these, I love this. Presentation is half the gift giving

  2. I like to wrap gifts for some occasions and use gift bags for others. A scavenger hunt sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. I’m a gift wrapper of gifts, too. I enjoy it and I think it looks better. Gift bags are fine though in a pinch.

  4. I love this. I am not the best at wrapping presents. They really could look beautiful