Effectively Burn Fat with Health Supplements

Almost anywhere you turn to today, you are likely to find one or more Ads for supplements. These supplements have become so popular that many folks now regard them as magic tools offering different health benefits including but not limited to weight loss.

How true are these claims? This is what we will be seeking to address briefly in this article.
What Are Health Supplements?

Let’s start at the very beginning. Health supplements also popularly called diet supplements are supposed to be drugs or manufactured products that contain certain nutrients that are important for certain body functions. While these nutrients usually occur naturally in foods, an individual may require more of these than they can readily get from their diet.

It is important to point out at this stage that a supplement should not and cannot take the place of a balanced diet. A supplement should ideally supplement only. It should not become ones main source of these much-needed nutrients.

You should also note that the best source of any nutrient is through the consumption of the natural food in which it occurs. You may want to read this article here for some expert explanation.

Types of Health Supplements

There are many different types of supplements. However, according to a survey taken by the Council for Responsible Nutrition some years back, about four groups of supplements were found to be most commonly used among Americans. These included:

Vitamins and Minerals Supplements

The survey found that most Americans who took supplements took those that fall into this category. A lot of them took multivitamins, calcium, vitamins B and B complex, vitamins A, C, and D.

Herbal Supplements

These include supplements derived from plants. Today, we find many different plants lauded for their different properties. Examples include goji berry, acai berry, ginseng, garlic, cranberry and many others. These are promoted for the many different benefits they offer the body.

Specialty Supplements

Supplements that fall into this category include fish oils mainly for their omega-3 and fatty acid contents. Aside from this, probiotics, fiber, glucosamine, and a few others can also be grouped under this category.

Weight Management and Sports Nutrition Supplements

This is a category that appears to be consistently increasing in popularity. It’s now common to see diet pills and supplements advertised as wonder drugs. These pills are sometimes said to magically cause a person to slim down.

Generally speaking, these pills or supplements are usually marketed as supplements that help, reduce appetite, and stop the body from absorbing fat or burn fat faster. There are also reviews about these supplements wherein they are said to help bodybuilders achieve their bodybuilding goals faster.
Can they Help Burn Fat?

To fully answer this question, we will need to examine how these diet supplements or pills work. However, we can say from the get go that the right supplements, taken in the right way can help with weight loss programs. It is important to state this clearly because a lot of people have now come to rely totally on diet pills to take control of their weight loss programs, delivering to them their dream bodies without much effort from them.

Sadly, the many false advertising we see every day regarding a lot of these diet pills are not helping matters. As a way of providing the much-needed direction, we shall quickly look at how these supplements can help with weight loss.

How Supplements Help Burn Fat

There are different approaches to weight management or weight loss. The first is reducing food intake and the other is burning off calories (or food already taken in). Burning of fat is only one part of weight loss. To begin to achieve any meaningful weight loss, the rate at which your body burns fat must be more than the rate at which it assimilates fat. This is why the best approach to weight loss should include both.

There is a process in the body called thermogenesis. This is a process through which the body burns calories to produce heat. This process can be triggered by the temperature of the environment, exercise and diet. Some fat burning diet supplements aim to trigger this process.

There is also another process known as Lipolysis. This is the process through the body breaks down lipids. This is another process that diet supplements may try to enhance.

Like we noted earlier, not all diet supplements directly help in the burning of body fat. Some can only help reduce your appetite for food or the body’s absorption of calories. These need to work together to achieve the best weight loss results. You should visit http://www.dietpillreviews.com for a full review of some of these supplements.


It is important to again state very clearly here that total reliance on supplements for weight loss is a recipe for failure. As the name ‘supplement’ suggests, the products should only be used to supplement efforts made in the areas of dieting and exercise. If you are not properly managing your diet well as well as exercising, your dependence on supplements may end up being an exercise in futility.


  1. Great info as I have been on my journey for a few months now. I hit a wall and have been trying hard to start back up again.

  2. Thanks for addressing this. So many truly believe that all they have to do is take the pill (or mix the powder in their smoothie, etc.), and they’ll look like the person shown on the box or ad. So many have forgot about the benefits and importance of good ol’ exercise and sensible eating. Supplements have their place, and that place isn’t to REPLACE.
    Stop freaking out about the non-gluten, Keto, blah-blah-blah diet stuff. - Eat a sensible, balanced diet. Cut back on the fast food. Stay hydrated. Exercise - even if it’s just walking.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will get back on track and then I fall off again. But I still keep trying.

  4. I definitely know people who have taken 'diet pills' and expected to magically lose weight. Nope. You still have to watch your diet and exercise. There's no way around that, lol. As you said, these things are 'supplements.'

  5. I'm a fitness instructor and runner and take supplements. This is a good article to inform those who are trying to start a healthy lifestyle routine and shed some weight. I take supplements, but always talk to my doctor first.

  6. Great post!!! I take vitamins and supplements. I have medical issues but try to stay healthy and finally able to lose some weight. You really need to know what you are putting in your body is going to work for you. Supplements and vitamins can have side effects just like prescription medications.

  7. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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