Shaking Up Your “Crib”: Getting Your Home Ready For A Baby

Of course, it's very exciting when you're making these big changes to your home in anticipation of the baby. And before the nesting parts threaten to overwhelm you, you've got to look at the entire house and make the appropriate changes, not just by setting up the nursery, but also by making sure that the home is suitable for you. After all, you're making big changes in your life now, and as such, you should give consideration to the overall concept of the home. Not just in terms of its safety, but if it's somewhere that's practical for you, as a new parent. Let's provide you with some suggestions…

Baby Steps

What you need to do at the very outset is completely change your perception of what is safe and what is not. Because children get themselves into corners and cubby holes that you didn't even know existed, you've got to get a bird's eye view, or rather, a child's eye view of what is potentially dangerous. As adults, we could rationalize that there's an electrical wire in the corner so we shouldn't step near it, but this could very well be a chew toy, or something very exciting to a young baby, especially when they learn how to crawl! This means that you've got to think about every potential corner, items of furniture that's sticking out, and other safety hazards.

Creating A Nurturing Space

It depends on how much room you have in the home. If your space is quite small, you could benefit from making a few changes. Perhaps, you could declutter. If you find yourself tripping over numerous items now, it's going to be even more difficult when everybody buys gifts for the baby. As such, these sorts of practicalities need to be thought about right away. And, try as you might, you will be inundated with all manner of toys! Decluttering beforehand is essential, but it's important to keep on top of this as you go. And when it comes to creating a space that's nurturing, not just for the child, but for you and your partner too, you need to think about the color schemes, and what you want to do with the space now. Setting up for the nursery is one aspect, and it may be a perfect shade of pink or blue, depending on the sex of the child, but it's about turning the house into a comfortable environment. This is going to help you, especially when you aren't sleeping much during those first few months!

Making Practical Alterations

Asa baby comes with a whole manner of things, you might be surprised as to how much you need to alter the space. The kitchen is one great example. Because if you have an abundance of items that take up a lot of space, such as that posh coffee maker, or toasted sandwich grill, these things will have to disappear in order to make room for the bottle warmer. And if you've got a space that needs renovating, by all means, you can visualize your new kitchen, but when you are thinking about making drastic changes to the space, you might want to take it slow. Those first few months don't lend themselves well to mass renovations. This is why you have got to get so much done beforehand. But, in addition to making these changes in the kitchen, it's about making the home as effortless as possible in terms of maintenance and comfort. This can mean that there are possibly numerous chairs dotted around, as well as pillows and blankets, but when you are on day 3 without sleep, any place in which to relax becomes a lifesaver. Those first few months are all about convenience rather than aesthetic, and while you might think that you care how you look right now, you won't at all when the baby is born. Think about this in terms of the home.

Getting The Essential Supplies

It's not just about the baby milk, but you've got to ensure that you have the essential supplies in which to survive. As far as your home is concerned, you are not going to have the opportunity to head out to buy things, especially in the first couple of weeks. So, think about what needs doing normally, and stock up on those things. Dishwasher tablets, minimal cleaning items like sprays, as well as an abundance of food in the fridge that can be frozen. The essential supplies will be a lifesaver, especially when you've not been able to have a shower in days. As much as you tell yourself that life would change much when you have a baby, life will be forever changed. And when you experienced the shock of not being able to sleep through for the first time ever, then you realize what the bare essentials are. This is why you need to make your homework for you in this respect, and it's not just about setting up the nursery or providing a few essential supplies, you need to ensure that you've got a space that's practical. So if you have a lot of clutter, be sure to get rid of this. And if you've got a bed that's leaving new minimal space against the wall, so you can't walk around it, you might want to give think about all these little things, because in the middle of the night when you are bleary-eyed, you could very well bump into these things.

Making a home baby proof isn't an overnight job. It's a lot of careful planning and consideration. It's not just about the safety of the child, but the safety of you. If you're tired, your judgment is impaired, but you also need to have supplies to hand to make everything easier, especially during those first few months. It's one of the greatest things you will ever have in your life, but that doesn't mean that it's not difficult. And this is why you need to set up the home accordingly and just so, making sure it works for you.

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